The numbers start to confuse you. Questions 1 to 10 makes you want to pull your hair out! What is the "breakdown method" that you are expected to use? Are you expected to use multiplication or division to solve the story sum in front of you? We have all had that maths exam that made us feel as if we were stuck in the midst of a storm. Maths may very well seem like a Tsunami has hit and you are drowning! Its time for you to take your maths paper by storm by calling upon a maths tutor in Johannesburg to assist.

You may be a child whose only stress is writing a maths exam or you may be an adult who decided to rewrite your matric maths paper to get a better mark. Irrespective of who you are and how much you possible despise maths, getting help in the subject may be your solution.

Don't dwell on a maths problem that seems far too complex for you to solve individually, don't go to bed with your mind still thinking about all the unanswered questions on your maths paper and stop stressing that you will never succeed at the subject, get a tutor who will turn all your negative feelings about the subject into positive feelings.

Finding a Maths Tutor

Where could you possibly find a suitable maths tutor and can maths tutors really help?? Well, the answer is that there are great maths tutors available almost everywhere that you may look in Johannesburg. Getting help for a subject like maths is easier than you may think. By just searching on Google, you will find that you have the option of several tuition institutes in and around your area. You don't even have to venture too far away from home to seek the help that you need. You will also see that in the Johannesburg area, there are many internationally renowned mathematics franchises that have sprung up over the last few years. All the many maths centres advocate diverse methods of teaching the subject. At various mathematical tutorial centres, you can learn maths in different ways using a variety of brain developing tools that have been researched to help. You can, however, opt for a private tutor to teach you mathematics straight from the book that you are working with at school. While certain parents and children feel that a mathematics programme will work better, other parents and children are all for one-on-one attention that merely discusses the core of mathematics as it tested in exam papers.

Abacus maths method

Using the abacus to mentally calculate |Source: Crissy Jarvis-Unsplash


Known as the unique and scientifically proven brain development programme, UCMAS encourages very young children to enrol at one of their centres in Johannesburg. The idea behind UCMAS is to develop the brain of children when their brain is still much like a sponge, ready to soak up any information fed to it. This method is suggested for children of a very young age as opposed to the high school child. It involves teaching maths in a child-centric way, understanding that each child is different and hence learns differently. UCMAS uses information dating back to the early civilisation days to justify their use of an abacus method to teach mathematics. Initially, they begin by using a real abacus to get children to understand the abacus and think of counting in a concrete way. Thereafter, as children advance, they think more abstractly- being able to calculate mentally using their mental abacus. This method is set on allowing children to think much quicker and react rather instantly too when solving all types of maths problems.

Don't let maths make you pull your hair out
Solving maths problems may seem too difficult |Source: Unsplash Joshua Hoehne


Another commonly known maths programme taught in Johannesburg and all over South Africa is the Kumon maths programme. The Kumon method was developed in 1954 by Toru Kumon from Japan and has been brought over to South Africa to make maths learning fun-filled and different. Unlike UCMAS, children can enter the programme from a very young age or at an older age. The difference between the Kumon method and ordinary tuition is that learners are assessed first. Once learners are assessed, learners are placed on a certain level. It is on the respective level of a learner that a Kumon tutor will teach, repeating all aspects needed to thrive on this respective level before allowing the learner to advance on the next level. The Kumon way of thinking is such that it encourages young learners to work on their own. It is believed that when learners work on their own, they build more confidence in themselves. Therefore tutor interaction at a Kumon centre is kept to a minimum. Children tackle worksheets and get faster at solving mathematical problems through rote learning of certain calculations and memorization of certain methods.


Using a maths programme may be the way to learn the complex subject for you, or it may not be. Many students feel that they lack confidence in their own abilities to tackle complex maths sums. For these students and older students who may not benefit from enrolling in a specific maths programme, one-on-one private tuition is the way forward. The Superprof website allows you to search for your dream tutor at no charge at all. You will see that Superprof tutors offer private classes, group classes, classes at your home and even online classes. In this way, you can choose a tuition option that suits your budget, schedule and personal preference. The benefit of choosing Superprof is that you can ask the tutor to work on aspects of the subject that you are struggling with only or you can get your tutor to re-explain any of the content covered as part of your school curriculum.

Superprof is a successful service that was founded back in 2013 and is reaching new heights by growing in South Africa too. It is for this reason many Johannesburg based tutees have already put their faith into Superprof and opted for private lessons.

Maths textbooks
Use your resources wisely when studying maths |Source: Unsplash

How to Pass Maths?

So you've enrolled in a maths programme or roped in a tutor to help you, is it enough to pass maths?

Well, to pass any subject much of the added effort needs to come from you. Firstly, if you feel anxious every time that you open your maths book, you will never pass at maths. Always approach your work positively. Feel enthusiastic every time you open your Classroom Mathematics textbook. Opening your book while you are in the right frame of mind, will be fruitful for you.

Keep on track with your classwork and syllabus. Here your tutor will be a valuable asset for helping you to revise content learnt at school and your tutor will help you tackle past papers. Working in accordance to the maths curriculum for your grade is best as catching up or cramming many concepts before you write is never an ideal solution.

Be an enthusiastic worker and strive to achieve. You do not only need to work on the subject with your tutor or in the classroom. Go a step further and take the ball in your own court by watching Youtube videos or visiting Khan Academy online to learn concepts and revise the formula that seems far too complex.  There are many resources available at your fingertips so use them to your advantage.

Mathematics Lessons for High School Students in Johannesburg

Surely you know that at a high school level, maths is all about practise, practise and more practise. So where exactly can you seek additional help? The truth is many high schools around Johannesburg offer catch-up classes or remedial classes at the school premises after school or on Saturday mornings. If your school does not offer either catch-up classes or remediation classes, the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre has created a School Secondary Improvement Programme (SSIP) in an attempt to better the Grade 12 marks of South African learners. The way SSIP classes works is that qualified teachers are employed to teach about 240 learners all across Johannesburg. Teachers are given well-created notes and high school children are able to learn for free on alternate Saturdays and Sundays.

Get support in maths
Get support in your maths learning journey |Source: Unsplash

For students seeking improvements in their core subjects, SSIP classes are surely the way forward and a means to better your understanding of subject content. Interacting with diverse educators who bring their own ways of teaching to the fore is also beneficial. For a subject like mathematics, it is best to learn from a few good teachers. One teacher may explain a method in a more understandable way than another teacher. Therefore, we suggest that you should attend as many free classes as possible when you are in high school.

Maths Centres, Maths Tutors and Maths Support Classes

In conclusion, getting help in a subject that seems overwhelming will surely do the trick. It doesn't matter whether you decide to go to a maths learning centre, get your own private tutor or attend weekend support classes, as long as your confidence in the subject improves, you surely will win your battle against mathematics!

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