Welcome to the "Windy City" Port Elizabeth or rather Nelson Mandela Bay. While we are known for our strong winds, we are also known to be a friendly city.  Our small city of PE is now home to 1.2 million people and you could argue that there surely is someone in this city who is willing to lend a helping hand when you need it the most. If you feel that you are a high school student struggling with mathematics, remember that in PE we believe that, "life's a beach". So hop onto your surfboard and get ready to catch the next wave, knowing fully well that a PE-based maths tutor has your back. You don't want to go through your days feeling overly stressed because of maths homework that you cannot seem to complete simply because you don't understand what the question entails, so ask for some help or opt for getting a maths tutor. So you might be wondering how you will find the most suitable tutor for you?

What do you need to consider when searching for a tutor and can having a maths tutor really help?

Well, as the saying goes, "If the shoe fits wear it!" You will find the right tutor for you because the right tutor will instantly fill the shoes of a guide, mentor and instructor, making you realise that maths is more than a bunch of numbers.

Finding the Perfect Person to Give you Maths Tutorials

There are so many people living in your small city, all of whom possess different skills. Out of the million people who live in the place that you call home, there could be hundreds of people who are mathematically inclined and skilled at providing maths tutorials for your age group. With such a large number of people being capable of giving tuition, it's hard to choose who will be the best fit for you.

Firstly, you must assess your own situation. You may have been struggling with maths for a while and have already looked for a maths tutorial centre in PE. After having attended a few classes, perhaps you realised that working in the same space as other children is not the best option for you. Maybe you feel as if your voice gets drowned out in a larger tutorial centre and you often hesitate to ask questions when you are in doubt. If this is the case, then surely you need to find the perfect private tutor for you.

Adding and subtracting
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You may be looking for a particular person to be your maths tutor and provide you with one-on-one attention. A good starting point would be to decide what you would like to get out of your tutorial lessons. If you are finding concepts impossible to grasp, perhaps you want to work with a professional tutor who will make understanding maths easier for you. If you feel that you want to advance your mathematical skills and move ahead, you may want a tutor to stimulate you by giving you enrichment activities and questions varying in levels of difficulty to try.

You also need to think of the maths level that you are functioning on and what maths concepts you need to master to ace your exam. A foundation phase student will require help in the basic order of operations, whereas if you are a high school student you possibly need help with transformational geometry or trigonometry that extends far beyond understanding the cartesian plane. There are also several other factors that you need to consider:

  • How often you would like to meet with your tutor
  • The method which that you would prefer to get tuition (at your home or online)
  • The rate that a specific tutor or tutors charge
  • The availability and flexibility of the tutor you choose
  • Your tutor's qualifications
  • A tutor's preferred teaching method and style

Once you have taken all the above-listed aspects into consideration, you can set out to find the tutor who will help you excel in maths. Once you find a tutor who meets your criteria, you need to ensure that the tutor creates an optimal learning environment in which you feel safe and comfortable to ask for clarification or say that you do not understand something openly.

Numerous tutors for you
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A Tutor to Help with Maths Homework

Once you have decided how you will select a tutor, you need to consider the cost of your chosen option. If you factor in the cost and are still determined to see a private tutor regularly so that you can get assistance with your maths homework, then you may have to settle for either online tuition option or for a one-on-one private Maths tutor who charges feasible rates.

If you are certain that a tuition centre is not the route for you, you ought to remember to carefully plan your budget as one-on-one tuition can be a more costly option. Then again, since you want to reap the full benefit of the maths tutorial relationship, private tuition can be ideal because of the fact that the tutor is focused solely on getting you to thrive. The personal attention that you will get for an hour or two daily will surely lead to some improvement in your mathematics mark. You also want a tutor who can make completing your homework seem like a breeze, and if maths homework help and exam preparation are what you require the most, then a private tutor route is the best one for you. Again, if you feel that you will still reap the full benefit of learning at a maths tutorial centre, the option is yours.

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So, What Maths Tuition Options Are There in Port Elizabeth?

Kip McGrath

Situated at Newton Park in Port Elizabeth is the Kip McGrath centre. The tuition franchise has been a leading centre in providing remediation help for the last 40 years and continues to withstand all the strong winds of the present time. If you are a Grade R or a Grade 12 student, you can step into the Kip McGrath centre and be assessed to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Using your assessment as a guide, a qualified tutor will work with you to develop your full potential in mathematics. All learning gaps are believed to be bridged at the Kip McGrath centre.

Master Maths

The Master Maths centre is located in Mill Park in Port Elizabeth and offers interactive online maths classes as well as in-person face to face maths lessons. The Master Maths franchise is all about the idea that learning maths requires much more than worksheet completion so they approach their maths tutorials by using the blended learning method. They advocate the use of a technological program to teach the subject.


So if you are not taken aback by maths centres, perhaps you are ready to look for a private maths tutor. The Superprof site connects tutors and tutees by putting all the power into your hands. Once you decide that you are ready to start taking private tuition lessons, you scroll through the website. You are able to specify your exact location and the subject that you require tuition in. You can also get a full overview of every single tutor listed on the site. It is much more comfortable choosing a tutor who comes well recommended by others so it may put your mind slightly more at ease to know each tutor is given a recommendation from other students (past students and present students).


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If you want to do an online tutor search, you can also browse through maths tutor adverts on Gumtree. There may be an overwhelming number of tutors advertising their maths tuition skills on this platform so you may want to find a few tutors who are eager to give a demo lesson first before you settle for one of them. You can also use word of mouth recommendations to narrow down the search slightly.

Free Maths Tutorials

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of options available at your disposal, remember you don't need to leap immediately. Choosing the perfect tutor for you is a big decision and requires you to think wisely before you act. In the meantime maybe surf the web to find free online tutorials that will get you in the maths mood and give you a taste of what you can expect from maths tutorials. You can visit sites like Khan Academy which comes highly recommended by many learners.

You can also take a trip to your local library and find some maths-related books or study guides in the nonfiction section. Depending on your personality, you can get enthusiastic about maths by doing some fun reading like reading the book entitled, "Minecraft Maths" which will surely get your creative juices flowing and making you think of crafty maths games that you can use to learn complex maths topics. There are many fun online maths games that will provide some form of exciting learning. Mathletics is one online game that you can convince your parents to purchase for you. However, if you are keen on learning more about this maths game before you purchase, you can even play the free trial.

Working by yourself and with a maths tutor is the best way to obtain maths success in Port Elizabeth!

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