Math for Professionals: Your Ultimate Guide

Find the Best Careers in Mathematics

There are Amazing Career Opportunities in Maths As a subject, mathematics is filled with concepts that require both patience and discipline. Understanding maths means that you will have a good knowledge of systematic problem-solving and the analytical skills that are required to go with it. In-depth education in maths cannot be underrated for many reasons […]

19 May 20216 minutes reading time

Finding he best methods for teaching maths is important, especially for pupil who have dyslexia

Maths for Kids

Maths for Children: Tips and Tricks to Master Mathematics As a parent of a toddler, you have already started thinking about how fruitful your child’s future will be. You are already hoping that he or she will excel in mathematics and in time pursue a career in the mathematical field that allows him or her […]

3 May 20217 minutes reading time

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Take Mathematics Courses in South Africa

Can Having a Maths Tutor Help South African Students? "Maths is just not a subject I can grasp!" You often hear your children utter these dreadful words. As a parent, you may feel that you cannot help your child with maths as you too are not a "maths person". Then you dwell on the belief […]

24 Nov 20207 minutes reading time

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How Maths is Used in Our Daily Life

The Application of Mathematics in Day to Day Life For so many of us, the importance of mathematics at school is questionable, because we simply have mental blocks against it. Unfortunately, these blocks originate in the formative years of learning when we literally don’t spend enough time understanding maths terminology or are intimidated by the […]

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Need help with Maths problems?

Discover loads of great articles to help make this subject more accessible. Find tips on maths revision, matric exam prep, maths for kids and how to make maths fun. Learn about the history of Mathematics and how it impacts our daily lives. Find your perfect Maths tutor on Superprof.

If you’re looking to teach maths, find information on everything from lesson plans to how much to charge. Join our network of Maths tutors around the country.

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How to Learn Mathematics Without Anxiety and Fear

How to Master Maths Without Fear and Anxiety You would not be alone if understanding mathematics has caused you many frayed nerves and tears. When it comes to the study of mathematics it is quite common for many individuals to feel a high degree of anxiety and fear, especially around exam time. Unfortunately, this can […]

16 Oct 20207 minutes reading time

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Learning Mathematics on Your Own

How to Study Maths on Your Own “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” –  Pablo Picasso   Picasso clearly recognised that one has to continually be attempting new and, sometimes, difficult things in order to grow and improve yourself. A quote like […]

16 Jan 20207 minutes reading time

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Using Playground Math and Fun Alternatives for Successful Teaching

The First Step to Successful Math Tutoring Is Convincing Learners That Maths Is Fun! So maths isn’t number one on the list of all time favourites, but it tops the charts when it comes to the subjects that are on an average performance decline. For young and old, math is a dreaded challenge. Whether it’s […]

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Making sense of the coordinate plane is the job for a geometer

The Beginner’s Guide to Geometry

Your Complete Guide to Beginner’s Geometry We hear geometry-related words all the time: ‘what’s your angle?’ and ‘everyone should eat three square meals a day!’ and ‘she ran circles around me!’, often with little thought to how fundamental those shapes are to the discipline called geometry. So ubiquitous is geometry to our daily lives that […]

25 Nov 20197 minutes reading time

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A Complete Guidebook Through the World of Algebra

The Beginner's Guide to Algebra "The pure mathematician, like the musician, is a free creator of his world of ordered beauty." -Bertrand Russell Mathematics is an essential academic discipline that has many different topics worthy of studying such as geometry, trigonometry, and algebra.  In today's article, we will examine a lot of necessary information about […]

28 Aug 20198 minutes reading time

basic operations include multiplying, adding and subtracting

The Beginner’s Guide to Arithmetic

Everything You Need to Know About Learning Maths Whether it’s basic elementary grade math or pre-algebra, many students in the UK struggle in arithmetic every year. While some teachers have turned to more creative approaches in teaching elements in reading and maths courses, sometimes students and adults alike need a bit of extra support. Luckily, we've […]

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From mathematical physics to vital theorems

Who are the Most Famous Mathematicians?

The Greatest Mathematicians of History Over the course of history, many mathematicians have created numerous theorems and have succeeded in proving them through the process of experimentation. Prime numbers, differential calculus, analytic geometry, algebra – all of the history of math can be seen to run in parallel with the history of sciences. Being a […]

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math can help you gain confidence and improve.

What Do I Need To Buy For High School Maths?

Which Math Equipment To Buy For Class? High school math is a big step up from middle-grade math and the difference will be noticeable in a student's life. Courses change, programs too, math teachers change, even schools change in many cases. Theorem, equation, probability, algebra, arithmetic, mental arithmetic, trigonometry, Square roots, Mathematical modelling, inequalities, Complex numbers, […]

27 Feb 20197 minutes reading time

Introducing The Remarkable Numbers In Mathematics

Introduction To The Special Numbers In Maths Maths has existed since the dawn of time, according to the discovery of the Lebombo bone which is a baboon fibula that is over 35,000 years old. It is perhaps the first calculation of the calendar or menstrual cycle as it is a tally stick with 29 marks on […]

26 Feb 20198 minutes reading time

Where can I find a maths tutor?

How to Solve Maths Problems

Maths Help with Equations, Variation and Sign Tables Maths can cause problems for children and adults alike. Do you panic when you have to solve a quadratic equation or have to think about graphing? It turns out that even physicists have worries when it comes to maths and algebraic problems! How good are you when […]

24 Aug 20177 minutes reading time

Mathematics in the ancient world

How Did The Concept of Maths Begin and Evolve?

The Evolution of Mathematics through Time Are you curious about maths, from KS2 through to GCSE and degree-level, and what these have to do with Einstein and algebra? To understand how we got here, we need to follow the long journey from antiquity, from the time of ancient Greek and Arab philosophers. Join us as we […]

28 Jul 20177 minutes reading time

How to make lesson more fun and easy for kids to learn

Mysteries in Maths: Learning made Fun

Mathematics in Culture: What's So Interesting about Learning Maths? Mathematics is defined as “The abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics), or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering (applied mathematics).” Confusing, right? For years pupils have seen maths as merely a set of ideas such […]

29 Jun 20178 minutes reading time

Mathematics is a great advantage at the card table

Reasons to Learn Maths

Why Learn Mathematics? Here are Six Everyday Reasons Why Learn Maths? Like many of us, you may not be too keen on listening to your maths teacher and your maths education may not be filled with inspiration. Apart from the fact that the National Curriculum and the school system impose maths lessons on us, what […]

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How do I get better at maths?

Tips to Improve Your Maths Skills

Maths Tricks to Help You Succeed in Maths Studying maths at KS2, GCSEs, A Levels, or university? Or are you just wanting to brush up on algebra or geometry? Are you finding trigonometric functions, systems of equations, or calculus really difficult? Do you just need some maths advice? Whether you're desperately looking for how to […]

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Find the Right Maths Tutor for your Maths Lessons

Maths is a nightmare for many students.

However, it’s a subject that everyone has to study during their time at school. A lot of degrees will require at least some knowledge of maths and many careers also require a decent knowledge of the subject.

The first important maths exam most students take in South Africa is the Matric Maths final and they’ll be expected to know things like Pythagorus’ theorem, trigonometry, exponential functions and logarithms.

If you continue to study maths at tertiary level, you’ll end up moving on to more complicated topics like multivariate calculus and differential equations.

For those who studied maths a long time ago, it might be quite useful to get a few maths tutorials in order to catch up.

Why Should You Take Maths Classes?

Even though there are decent online maths courses covering topics like algebra, trigonometry, and geometry, they’ll never replace a quality private maths tutor.

When should you get private maths tutorials or academic support?

As soon as you can!

Is your child struggling with probabilities? Are they not sure what an exponent is?

Do they want to study maths at university and need some help?

Would you like to brush up on your maths skills?

A maths tutor is the ideal solution for improving your maths skills.

A qualified teacher could help stop your child from falling behind, correct their mistakes, or help you brush up on applied maths or another mathematical subject.

They seem like magicians but maths tutors are passionate about every aspect of maths and love to help others become more confident.

How Do You Find the Right Maths Tutor?

Whether you opt for online maths tutorials from a qualified maths tutor or from someone studying maths, their teaching approach is important.

Teaching private tutorials, especially maths tutorials, requires patience and a well-rounded teaching approach.

The maths exercises offered can cover topics like derivatives, matrices, logarithmic functions, scalars, asymptotes, linear systems, and binomial distribution.

In-home private tutorials can help students improve their mental arithmetic, study for exams with revision materials, or even act as an intensive maths course for those who need to brush up on certain aspects of the subject.

There’s more to it than just helping them with their homework. A tutor needs to have a rapport with their student if they want them to progress quickly.

Maths help needs to be comprehensive. The private tutors on our platform offer personalised tutorials based on their students’ needs.