You might’ve tried a new exercise program a couple of times. Celebrities and some of your friends make it look so easy. They love doing aerobic exercise, some of them live for the next race or competition. But even though you know enough about the benefits of exercise, you know even before starting that you might probably fail.

You’ve tried several approaches and somehow still end up demotivated and discouraged. We know that fitness can be challenging task, but luckily we also know that there are excellent specialists in the field of fitness that can assist you with this difficult task.

Maybe you are tired of trying to lose weight and want to finally make it a reality. You want to get in shape for your wedding or a special vacation or maybe you just want to feel better about yourself when looking in the mirror? Your fitness goals and dreams are possible and actually more probable with the help of a qualified fitness professional who has your health and fitness at heart.

In this article you will see how a trainer with a passion for fitness could be your ticket to a healthier, better version of yourself. We will explain just how a personal trainer can help you through providing constant motivation, how they can inspire you while cultivating a passion for fitness, but most of all show you how you can learn to love your body again.

Not Another Exercise Program or Fitness Disappointment

We all know the story too well, we start a new exercise program with the best of intentions. We head out and buy the latest equipment, fitness gear and gym clothes.  Some people even spend money on creating and installing their own home gyms. But our new resolutions and drive to become more fit start to falter and fall flat in a couple of months.

We struggle to remain motivated, our diets fail and overall we just end up feeling worse about ourselves, tearing off that picture against our wall reminding us of the perfect body we were working towards.

Why does this entire process go wrong? Is there really a way that you can fall in love with some type of aerobic exercise, stick to a programme and actually like to exercise?  Before we look at how a fitness trainer can become your secret weapon to creating a fit and healthy body, let’s first look at possible reasons why people tend to fail when they tackle new exercise programs.

woman sleeping on train
Do you struggle with energy and motivation to get into your training? / Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

How Do We Lose Our Focus on Fitness?

One of the biggest problems we develop if we fail to stick out a new exercise program is the resulting thoughts of hating the idea of doing any physical exercise. It’s a slippery slope as they say … You miss training session because you had a tough day and arrive home dead tired. You think you’ll get back to it tomorrow, it’s just one day right?

Tomorrow arrives with a sudden and unforeseen social obligation. The day thereafter with additional work pressures and before you know it, half the week has passed without you doing any exercise. You end up cramming what’s left of your program into a couple of days to make the most of the week and when you weekend arrives you finally crash completely exhausted.

The week repeats itself with more and more obligations placing increased pressure on your new exercise plan. But this process also has an exhaustive effect on your thinking and eventually becomes a downward spiral that leads you to think, "What’s the point, I’ve missed so much already?"

The self-criticism and chastising starts and what started out as a motivated and inspired version of you gets dragged into a slump of disappointment and maybe even resentment towards yourself. Some of us make this even worse by finding some comfort in eating, something that worsens the problem and make us frown even more when we look in the mirror.

Let’s look at a couple of the challenges that could creep in and highjack your exercise program:

  • Old negative behaviours and thinking patterns surface. One example could be your lost trust in yourself to see any fitness program through
  • A tough and tiring day. You arrive at home thinking the last thing you want to do is exercise
  • Invitations and other social events
  • Family demands and needs
  • Work obligations, deadlines and pressures
  • Tired muscles from previous days
  • Extreme weather like a cold winter's day.

Do not become despondent if this is you and any of these became some of the reasons your previous fitness plans fell apart. All these are old thinking patterns and reasons that can be overcome. Read further to find out how the right fitness trainer can help you to get rid of these and change the things that hold you back.

What Happens in Our Bodies?

Our bodies operate as one system and our physical bodies and our minds constantly influence each other. When we exercise our bodies it naturally lowers the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in our bodies. Our bodies will also respond by starting to release endorphins.

These happy chemicals trigger our brains to feel more positive for up to 24 hours after aerobic exercise.

So the chemistry in our bodies essentially leads us to become a happier version of ourselves.

Even though we might experience some stiffness we feel our thoughts become clear during and after exercise because of the increased oxygen in our bloodstream and brains. The cardio exercise pumps more blood through our bodies to start the detoxification process and also helps us sleep better. In addition, we start to see initial changes in our bodies where we feel muscles firm up or we might even see slight weight loss within the first weeks of training.

After the first couple of weeks the hormones and immediate appearances of our development starts to plateau as our bodies grow accustomed to the new fitness program. Slowly and silently our bodies start to influence our minds back into those old negative thinking patterns. We start to find those well-known excuses like crowded gyms or cold winter nights and slowly they start to hold us back. These cognitive patterns, in turn, start to have a physical effect on our bodies and we end up ‘too tired’ or not in the mood for any fitness program.

How do we ensure that we stick to our exercise plans and bounce back the moment we realise our old patterns are starting to emerge?

This is exactly where a personal trainer comes in, they will illuminate the road for you by pointing out counter-productive habits. Let’s delve a bit deeper into how exactly a personal trainer can help you.

model of brain
Exercising creates chemistry in our bodies to make us feel more happy / Photo by David Matos on Unsplash

What a Personal Trainer Will Do for You?

Personal trainers are qualified and professionally certified to assist people in achieving their fitness goals. With experience in working with clients around their different needs and exercise demands, they know exactly how to put together an exercise program to aid you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. This will take all the guess-work out of what exercises to do and where to start.

Their training in anatomy and physiology provides an informed academic foundation on which they create their fitness programs. They will ensure they follow the correct approach to start you off gently while building you up towards achieving your goals.

Your personal goals and experience will lead this process and your personal trainer might choose to include aerobic exercise, strength training, cardio exercises or even a combination of all of those with the latest fitness techniques. With a solid understanding and experience of your body, they will ensure you execute exercises correctly to maximise your results against your set-out goals while they try and minimise your chances of injury.

Most fitness professionals know very well that adopting a healthy lifestyle requires much more than just physical exercise. A good personal trainer will try and gain additional skills and experience that will empower them to help their clients achieve their goals by all means possible.

Nutrition and how to ensure your diet complements your fitness plan is something each professional trainer would thus consider. They are generally well acquainted with meal plans suited for the fitness area they specialise in. So whether you want to lose weight, need some guidance on the latest supplements for muscle growth or simply want the advice of someone who is knowledgeable around the best food types to sustain your energy, the trainer suited to your goals should know how food will fit in with your new exercise program. Most fitness trainers are well connected and will introduce you to dieticians, nutritionists, or other diet experts if they feel they don’t have the necessary skills.

A fitness trainer with experience will also provide guidance and perspective around your personal goals and the reality of achieving those. This way they will help you to set achievable goals that are realistic, something that is imperative if you want to ensure you remain motivated.

people preparing healthy food
Your diet should  be adapted to fit the needs of your new fitness plan / Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

A Trainer Helps to Keep You Committed

A great personal trainer will become your ally. They will stick it out and use their experience and energy to try and nudge you towards success. Unfortunately, he or she cannot do the work for you. You must make a full commitment, continuously invest through hard work and arrive ready to work when meeting up with your trainer. The good news is, the right trainer will make this commitment so much easier.

It’s less likely that you will miss a training session if you know you have someone who truly has your interests at heart waiting for you. You will not be missed if you skip a session or a week at a gym, but personal trainers are invested in your success.

Their interest in your fitness will ensure they follow-up to see where you are and they will offer massages and assistance in stretching to help you relax and enjoy it more if they are training you on location. They realise that they offer a service, that your success is their success and will always try and ensure you rise above stumbling blocks on your way.

Their Passion Could Be Infectious

Finding the perfect fit when looking for a personal trainer will make all the difference. The best personal trainers live and breathe fitness and they have an unwavering passion for people. The right trainer will inspire you, understand you and will feel like a close friend in no time. They will know exactly how to push your buttons to get you to go a bit further without annoying you or being a slave driver. Their passion will motivate you to continuously strive for better and feel the desire to discover the same amount of passion they have for fitness. They might even introduce you to a new sport or passion you never even considered so try and participate in the process with curiosity and an open mind.

Their approach to fitness should energise you and usually a personal trainer will find ways to make the process as enjoyable as possible. He or she will take the think work out of exercise, incorporate the correct warmups for your practise to prepare your body and ensure you recharge your energy levels faster – anything to make you perform better and achieve more. Hopefully you can find a trainer that won’t allow you to give up on your health and who will do their best to keep you focused on your goals.

person holding sparkler
You trainer should spark a passion in you / Photo by Kelley Bozarth on Unsplash

How a Trainer's Motivation Works

One of the toughest parts in fully embracing a new lifestyle of fitness is to remain motivated and focused. Personal trainers are not trained psychologists, but they do understand the key aspects around getting people motivated. They work daily with people from different walks of life and have gained invaluable experience around keeping them motivated. Their love for people will also ensure they have the emotional intelligence to understand how different motives drive people and the methods to apply to assist them.

Personal trainers will help you by clarifying your goals and intentions. Are you getting into fitness for the right reasons or just to please your partner or society? They will develop a roadmap to plan your fitness development and will gradually get you to achieve one goal after another. During the process you will achieve small wins which they will celebrate heartily, building you and lifting you up towards bigger and more impressive personal achievements. This process will, in turn, build your confidence and you will continue going towards the peak of your performance.

Identifying your self-defeating thought patterns, behaviours and attitudes is another thing a personal trainer can help you with. They will also help you by placing them in perspective and help to get you back on track once these start to negatively influence your progress. Some might even be trained in cognitive therapies or methodologies like NLP, incorporating techniques like visualisation into the process to ensure you keep your eye on the prize.

personal training session man and woman
Personal trainers work with your body and mind / Source: Pixabay

Time to Become a Better Version of You

We hope that you are already inspired enough to start reaping the rewards of exercise. Understanding the benefits of how a personal trainer can become a key contributor to your success is a great start, but a full commitment might be hard if you have never really experienced anything positive out of past fitness explorations. To make sure you are ready for the challenge, we will share with you some of the biggest lifestyle advantages of exercise.

Build Confidence by Trusting the Process and Sticking to It

Sometimes the going can get tough and we’ve already covered how our mind can start to play games, telling us things like it’s not worth it. Has your trainer given you some aerobic exercise or cardio exercise that you hate? This is when you have to trust the process and believe in the experience and skills of your personal coach.

Their methodologies of motivation and celebration around your wins will hopefully inspire you enough to get you through times where you feel some things are a waste, just keep your head in the game and have faith. Once you push through you will start to see results and not only learn to trust the process more, but also your trainer and their skills.

Start to Believe in Yourself

We’ve all heard of people with more life experience declaring that one of the most important things sport has taught them is the art of discipline. Discipline is something that can be quite painful and elusive when you start out, but an honourable and rewarding quality that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Attitude is everything and you can refer to the hundreds of sports movies out there that will testify how self-belief got the most unlikely underdogs to rise from the ashes.  Not only do they end up winning, they also overcome most of their own personal challenges and circumstances in life.

Remember that your trainer can help you celebrate those small wins. This will build your self-confidence and you will believe more and more that you can do it, empowering you in such a way that it will positively influence all other aspects of your life.

happy woman on train
Want to feel confident about yourself again? / Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

Reconnect and Love Your Body

Looking in the mirror you might feel that you could never love your body. Accepting our bodies is a challenging and tricky road for most of us, but by taking care of yourself and ensuring you follow a healthy lifestyle brings a completely new dimension to how you view your body. These two work together and gradually your investment in your body will also lead to gratitude and better self-acceptance.

You will look in the mirror and see the positive changes as you lose weight and firm up. The right trainer will make you realise that not all bodies are created equal and hopefully you will fall in love with the real shape of you as it emerges.

With the right personal trainer you will also discover your body anew. Our bodies can show us where we hold stress and tension, how we are different to other people and surprise us at the limits we can push them to. Your physical exploration might also get you to appreciate your body as you learn to control it better. The process of exploring limits, managing your energy and dealing with recovery will, with some luck, spill over to other aspects of your life.

Find New Interests or Friends

Your journey to a better self would most certainly bring new and interesting topics to the table. If your personal trainer manages to get you interested in something new and implants a passion for fitness, you might end up participating in various fitness competitions, exploring nutrition and other wellbeing techniques yourself. You might even decide through your cardio exercises that you love running and end up entering marathons resulting in meeting new friends and establishing new friendship circles.

The possibilities of what fitness can offer are endless. Just keep an open mind and stick it out, as the journey might lead you to unknown territory and people to guide you on your way.


Returning to a place where you truly love your body and embrace fitness is no easy task.  It is, however, possible with fitness experts and personal trainers who have a passion to guide you in the right way.

With the help of your personal trainer you can get back into cardio exercises or aerobic exercises that are adapted to where you decide to train. With the help of platforms like Superprof you can also find and compare personal trainers in your area without even leaving your house. If you feel you have not found what you are looking for you could consider arranging training sessions with a coach via Skype. Don’t forget about your nearest gym, where you will find fitness specialists of all types.

The perfect personal trainer will not only be your secret weapon, they will become your friend. Fitness success is in you, you just have to go out and find it and there’s a personal trainer to help you get to those goals you have always dreamed of.

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