Which Option Is More Fitting for You?

The media is full of celebrities who use fitness trainers and gym workouts to get their bodies in shape or ready for the next role. Most of them have their own personal trainers and Instagram is full of celebrity fitness trainers who use their home gyms to show you their take on the latest exercises you can do at home. Getting a personal trainer is a popular option for most, but some people still prefer the classic gym workout and taking group classes.

Making the decision to start a new fitness plan is certainly a good decision regardless of the route you follow to get to a fitter and healthier version of yourself.

But you might wonder how if you’ve never even seen a gym bench. How will you know whether you would prefer a home workout with your own personal trainer or a gym workout with group classes and a more social environment?

To start a new fitness routine could be quite challenging and therefore finding the most suitable and enjoyable option for you is a good start in setting you up for success. We’ve written this article to look at the pros and cons of both options to help you decide.

Personal Trainers Are Qualified to Help

Professional fitness trainers are trained and qualified to assist people in achieving their fitness goals. They understand the human body and their knowledge of anatomy and physiology equips them to put together the perfect exercise plan that is specific to each client’s needs.

Their world is all about fitness and they work with clients daily to help them achieve their different fitness goals. Whether you have a home gym where you can do a home workout or prefer a gym training session, the perfect personal trainer is equipped with a host of experience to put together a fitness plan that suits you.

Personal trainers are great at getting you motivated and their knowledge will ensure you execute exercises safely to prevent any possible injuries.

They will put together a schedule and plan to ensure you warm-up correctly and while giving you the necessary stretches after each sessions to speed up muscle recovery. A personal trainer can also help you by gradually strengthening certain targeted muscle groups while building your fitness. This might be necessary if you have a very specific goal in mind, like running a marathon for the first time, where you will challenge your body in new and exciting ways.

Picking the right personal trainer to suit your needs is what will set you up for success, but we will delve further into that later.

At this stage you would most likely know whether you like the idea of getting a personal trainer, but the question remains whether you think it would be best to meet them at the nearest gym in a group class or whether you would like them to give you an individual training session in the comfort of your own home?

Don’t panic if you do not have a home gym or exercise equipment, the right personal trainer will show you how to exercise at home using what you’ve got.

A personal trainer will help by giving your the correct stretches and warmups / Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

The Type of Trainer That Will Suit Your Fitness Goals

A personal trainer can be your secret weapon in achieving the fitness goals you've set yourself.

It’s important that you not only check a potential trainer's experience and qualifications, but also ensure they are someone you want to spend time with. The personality fit between you and your trainer will make your training much more enjoyable and productive, so see if you can find the right chemistry and build a relationship with someone who will keep you inspired.

Every trainer and fitness instructor has different skill sets and areas of speciality.

Some coaches are skilled at helping their clients to lose weight while others find more enjoyment in crafting the correct plans and diets to help their clients build muscle. Are you clear on what your personal fitness goals are? Define these clearly as it will it will help you in your search towards finding the perfect fit. It will also guide your personal trainer in creating a plan that suits your personal goals.

Now consider how much you are willing to spend when searching for a trainer. You will be able to find the average hourly cost of personal trainers online. Lastly, ensure you discuss the duration of each session and your prospective personal trainer’s scheduling with them to find out whether they will be able to train you at a convenient time.

The Pros of a Personal Trainer at Home

You now know most of the benefits of having a personal trainer, but would you prefer a home workout with a personal trainer or a gym session or even public class? Having your own personal trainer giving you a tailored home exercise routine means you have their undivided attention. They will create a schedule that is customised to your individual fitness needs, but because they are always present they will adapt and tweak it to suit you even better as you go.

You might want to include specific types of exercises from group classes in your home workout. Maybe you are interested in high intensity interval training and having your own personal trainer makes the incorporation of those moves into your home workout possible. They will also advise you what exercise equipment you will need to invest in.

Having your own trainer means there is a professional to ensure you are doing the exercises as safely as possible.

A fitness expert in the comfort of your own home also means you can have the benefit of their knowledge without even leaving your house. Firstly you will save time as you won’t have to travel to the gym. Gyms can get quite busy during peak hours and you won’t have to fight for a gym bench or exercise space when you exercise at home in your own time. Fitness specialists and science are making continuous fitness discoveries and you will also save time as you access this knowledge through employing the services of a current and knowledgeable personal trainer.

If you want to get the most out of your new personal training program, you might have to re-evaluate and tweak your diet. A personal trainer will be able to give you recommendations and advice around nutrition, and how the right foods can energize you to be ready for your new training program. Similarly, a nutritional plan is fundamental if you want to lose weight so ensure you make your new trainer aware of that goal and that you fully commit to it if you want to see real results.

A trainer at home also provides more flexibility around scheduling as you can organize sessions that will fit into your busy schedule. In a gym you will have to attend group classes at the scheduled time and might even have to arrive early to ensure you book your space.

One down-side of getting personal trainer when you prefer a home workout is the fact that they are limited in the amount of exercise equipment they can bring to your house. You can overcome this by ensuring you discuss your needs with them and they will then inform you whether you would require a home gym with a gym bench or any other exercise equipment.

A trainer will help you gym at home with the equipment you have / Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Group Classes at a Gym

Gym workouts are great if you are someone who likes social environments and want to meet people. With a variety of group classes and exercise types you can pick a class that suits your personal preference. Whether you prefer yoga, boxing, Zumba or high-intensity interval training, there will certainly be options that appeal to you. Going to a gym will also give you access to exercise equipment, gym benches of all sorts and spaces for relaxation and stretching.

Medical aids in South Africa incentivise their members with additional benefits and this might be one of the reasons why you are motivated to join a gym. But be sure to check-out what savings your medical aid would be able to offer before joining a gym. One challenging aspect in choosing group gym training is the fact that your motivation would remain your own responsibility. Getting to gym after a long day’s work is tough and unless you are financially invested and have a booking with a personal trainer, it could be easy to skip a day ... or even more.

One major downside of joining a gym is the fact that you won’t get personal attention unless you pay additional fees for a personal trainer based at the gym. Gym staff have to deal with many clients and won’t alwaysbe able to attend to you when you need them. Gyms also have their own appointed personal trainers and you will not be allowed to bring an outside trainer to the gym.

Gyms tend to be busy and you are lucky if you can go during off-peak times / Photo by Rodrigo Sarsfield on Unsplash

Making a Decision

Whether you choose a home workout with your personal trainer or to join the local gym, there are several ways to bring fitness into your life. You just have to choose the type of environment that will get you to perform at your best and then decide whether you’d like to benefit from a wide variety of exercise equipment or prefer personal attention.

We hope you a fitness trainer that will make exercise enjoyable and will suit your personal goals and needs. There’s nothing wrong with starting your exercise routine at home with a trail personal trainer. He or she will be able to put together a workout using a gym bench from your home gym or any exercise equipment you can find. Some are great at putting together body weight programs for people who exercise at home.

It’s therefore smart to explore these options before you sign up for any costly gym membership contracts. You can check out a platform like Superprof for personal trainers in your area to get you started.

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