A healthier lifestyle and having your own personal trainer is something most people would benefit from. Whether you seek someone to motivate you, help you with your technique or train you for a specific special day in your life, there are hundreds of fitness trainers and specialists to assist you in your health and fitness quest.

Fitness is critical if you want to live a longer.

Not all personal trainers can offer you the same service and some are better at helping their clients to achieve certain objectives than others.

There’s a fitness trainer to suit your needs

Most fitness trainers will get a qualification and during their years of practising they will discover a field they are passionate about. Some choose to focus on weight loss while others are passionate about helping ordinary people live healthy lives.

There are even personal trainers who specialise in muscle-toning type training or weight training for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason, many trainers choose to specialise in one or two areas, and there is more likely than not a personal trainer out there who will be perfect to help you in what you want to achieve.

Want to lose weight, build muscle or just be healthier? There’s a fitness trainer who specialises in just that.

Clarify your own personal objectives first to get the perfect fit. People start a fitness regime for different reasons and having clear motives will help you to find that specialist who caters for your needs, will help you make the most out of your practice and help you achieve your goals. The objectives you hope to achieve with your fitness plan may be one or a combination of the following:

  • Weight loss or getting to the ideal weight
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Muscle toning and body shaping
  • Cardiovascular fitness (sometimes on doctor's orders)
  • A new hobby that’s beneficial for your health and fitness
  • Social engagement and becoming part of a community.

Fitness Trainers to Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight is an ongoing battle for most people who feel they are overweight. It can make them depressed and they continuously look for new and innovative ways in which they can shed that extra, unnecessary weight. Weight loss is, however, no easy task and many struggle from one diet to the next, losing motivation each time they stop a particular plan.

The real secret to lasting weight loss is consistency and a sustainable change of lifestyle.  Most people who have managed to achieve success in weight loss programs have done so with the help of a community and/or specialists to get them through. Some personal trainers are well-versed in finding techniques and programming to help their clients with weight loss.

Not only will they utilise their training and qualifications to adapt a fitness program to your goals, they will also evaluate your current capabilities and fitness. Combining this with their expertise and the latest research developments in weight loss will help them to craft a unique fitness program around weight loss to suit your individualised needs.

Remaining consistent in a fitness regime is challenging and the correct fitness trainer will ensure they keep you motivated and fired up as you gradually work towards achieving your target weight. It is always easier if you know someone is at your side and the commitment you make to book sessions with a trainer will make it less probable to skip sessions, knowing that someone is waiting for you.

A weight loss trainer will also recognise the importance of you diet. They will be experienced in creating nutritional plans to assist their clients in weight loss and will ensure you eat the necessary foods for energy to get you through your exercise plan. They will tell you what a calorie deficit diet entails, how you can benefit from it, and guide you around balancing the types of food you eat to shed those kilos.

Make sure you remain focused on your goal, don’t just fall for the latest weight loss product promising you the world. With the right personal trainer by your side you will remain motivated to lose the weight you hope to.

Stop dreaming about weight loss and make it happen with a personal trainer / Photo by Alan Ko on Unsplash

Build Your Strength and Tone Muscles With a Specialist

Many of us have an idea of the ideal shape we would like to be in. Magazine covers and social media are full of men and woman with toned and muscular bodies and you might be inspired to gain some lean muscle mass, but how would you approach this fitness objective?

Weight training or strength building is a fitness science on its own with discoveries and innovations influencing it daily. It helps to know what your recovery time needs to be, how you need to adapt your diet, what types of exercises you need to do and also the amount of repetitions. Luckily there are personal trainers with a lot of experience who research this excessively and build a life around helping people to build the aesthetic body they would like to.

They understand the human anatomy and physiology and know exactly how to train and stimulate muscle fibres to increase their size and volume.

Did you know that there is a process bodybuilders follow where they first focus on muscle growth before they move over to a phase of cutting fat and toning?

With a wide range of techniques, your personal trainer might let you do High Intensity Interval training (HIIT), super-sets or drop-sets to mention a few. Most of them will also change your program around every 4-6 weeks to ensure that the muscles remain challenged enough to continuously stimulate growth.

But, you won’t have to worry about researching and knowing all these technical aspects if you get your own fitness trainer as they will perform the research and apply the various techniques to fit your needs.

Strength training, or what is sometimes called resistance training, is also advantageous for people with injured muscles who might’ve lost the full function of those muscles because of the injury. Doctors and specialists will help them to rehabilitate those muscles as close as possible to their original condition. A personal trainer can step in and help the process of strengthening theses muscles after the initial rehabilitation phase. It is also scientifically proven that resistance training helps our bodies to not only strengthen the muscles, but also to increase bone and joint strength.

Weight training can place a lot of stress on our bodies. With this comes an increased risk of injury and the last thing you would want is to injure something like your back and be out of action for months. A weight training expert will apply the correct warm-ups to ready your muscles and, most of all, ensure you execute exercises safely and correctly while you build those muscles to become stronger.

Muscle training requires a lot of knowledge on how to protect joints from injury / Photo by Valery Sysoev on Unsplash

Choosing a Life of Better Health and Fitness

At this stage of your life you might take your moving without effort for granted. To worry about being out of breath or struggling to do simple daily tasks is usually something that only the elderly need to worry about. But more and more young people are starting to realise just how important it is to look after their health from an early age.

Maybe your reason for getting a personal trainer is as simple as becoming a fitter and healthier version of yourself.

This means that you might not necessarily be that focused on looks, you just want to be the ideal body weight and have a healthy heart. Have you already thought about how you can tweak your diet and would love to have someone give you advice around your plan, together with complementary exercises to strengthen your body and heart? We can assure you that there is a fitness trainer out there who specialises in the area linked to your health and fitness goals.

If you want to have a healthy heart and just get the endorphins going (the hormones that make you happy), preparation and participation in a half-marathon is something you might want to consider. A fitness trainer can create a program that is specifically suited to that. With a focus on cardiovascular strength and endurance, they will help you to gradually build your fitness and motivation to a place where you feel comfortable tackling such a challenging task.

Maybe you just want to move better and with more ease, and your personal trainer can bring mobility training into your program.

Mobility training is an exercise methodology that focuses on the conditioning of muscles and joints to help you move effortlessly. This means mobility training will help you increase the range of motion of certain joints and muscles which will help you to be better at performing everyday tasks like lifting boxes or condition them to prevent injury when you slip and fall. With a personal trainer you can bring all of these innovative sport science routines into your everyday practice while working towards a healthier body.

Your trainer will use a combination of exercises to work towards your fitness goals / Photo by Becca Matimba on Unsplash

Moving forward

Whatever goals you have around your health and fitness, there’s a personal trainer in your area that will specialise in that. With platforms like Superprof you can search and compare fitness trainers to see how suitable they are and whether they are the right person to assist.

Don’t be discouraged if your goals are a bit unusual. Start a conversation with potential trainers who have the foundation of what you are looking for, tell them about your interests and how you would like to tweak the ‘standard’ exercise regime. A good personal trainer will tap into the latest innovations and combine those with their skills and experience to put together the perfect plan for you. One that suits your needs while keeping you motivated and grounded in the realities of tackling a fitness plan.

Congratulations for choosing a journey to improve your health and fitness and happy training!

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