So, how much does English tutoring really cost?

It is a fallacy that tutors all charge high rates. That is, thankfully, not true and there are also plenty of tutors offering quality, affordable tuition.

There is a large, diverse group out there offering extra-curricular support and private tuition.

Any student seeking academic assistance at any time in their career, has a wide selection and prices to choose from too.

Some tutors, for instance, work through tutoring companies. These companies are comprised of several tutors who interact with their students at learning centre.

The student can choose whether to learn one-on-one with a tutor or learn in a small group. The teacher is, however, chosen for you, not vice versa.

For individuals who would like to exercise a measure of control and select their own teacher, there are numerous opportunities.

Because no formal teaching qualification is required to tutor privately, matriculants and varsity students advertise their availability to tutor.

Tutors with no experience may sound dodgy, however, they often charge far less than qualified teachers and are closer to learner’s real experience of school.

A simple way to find a local tutor or on the Internet is to utilise an online tutoring platform like Superprof, which tutors use to market themselves and get in touch with students.

Platforms such as this, which save you heaps of effort and time, offer a successful way of locating a tutor who matches your learning needs as well as your budget.

What Are The Charges of Tutoring Companies?

The hourly charges for individualised tuition differ from one tutoring company to another.

These organisations are registered businesses and, so, they face costs such as rent and taxation.

A positive aspect of using a tutoring company is that each tutor is guaranteed to have passed their chosen subject at matric level, as a minimum, with a good grade.

This verification is helpful to parents, but tutors may not necessarily enjoy the way these companies work. The full fee is not paid over to the tutor as the company has overheads to pay and, so, parents may be paying somewhat more than if they had found a private tutor online.

The ideal English teacher for you might be just a stone’s throw away!

So, if you want save time or want to pay a reasonable price for tuition, peruse what some companies charge for English tuition.

Tutoring CompanyFeesApproximate Average Price per Hour
KumonR660 / month

registration fee of R550
Teachme2R1 300 / month

No registration fee
Skillup TutorsFrom R150- 350hour         No registration feeFrom R150

Student Teachers and Their Prices

Matriculants and under-graduates can earn some good pocket-money through tutoring, although they are limited in what they are able to teach. These tutors’ ability to earn is also restricted by their own levels of education.

train tracks and empty station
Changing your perspective makes all the difference. (Source:Unsplash)

A matriculant can, for example, assist learners who are at primary or high school, but not necessarily other matric learners.

So, what does English tuition cost if facilitated by a student tutor?

  • Undergraduates charge between R50 and R180 hourly (Average R135)

What Do English Lessons Cost Through Superprof?

Tutors from around the world can advertise their services on Superprof, an online platform.

Superprof values the sharing of expertise and assists its tutors to set up their profiles so that these showcase their skills, in order for them to successfully connect with the right students.

In addition, Superprof confirms and validates the qualifications and profiles of its tutors to ensure students experience a safe and secure search for a tutor.

With Superprof no commission is charged – so do browse at your leisure!

On average English tuition with one of Superprof’s many tutors costs R181.25. The tutoring rates range from R140 to R250.

Superprof's tutors are so diverse that there are price bands to suit every pocket. Anyone can therefore benefit from excellent tuition that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The Tutoring of English in Schools

Colleges and schools often create their own tutoring programmes where older students mentor younger pupils.

For instance, Matric students may assist primary school pupils with their grammar, spelling or essay-writing skills during lunch break or after school.

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Some schools offer one to one tuition. (Source:Unsplash)

Sometimes pupils learn better from another learner, who can relate closely to their experiences of the same education system.

Pupils’ confidence – a vital factor in the success of a learner - can be greatly boosted by this form of mentoring.

English Tuition Alternatives

English Tutoring Associations

These associations make it possible for everyone, especially those with limited resources, to have access to personalised assistance with English. a These organisations help children with English homework and provide aid to adults whose daily lives are a struggle due a lack of English proficiency.

The aim of tutoring associations is to ensure that no-one is left behind at school - irrespective of his or her situation - that they experience fewer complications and have greater opportunities in their everyday lives.

Ikavayouth has as its mission to make it possible for disadvantaged youth to rip themselves out of the cycle of poverty and into tertiary education or employment. The organisation is supported by the Western cape Government, as well as several individuals, foundations, trusts, corporates and NGO partners. Of its 500 learners who enrolled, 81% passed their matric exams, with 68% achieving Bachelor’s passes. Impressively, Diepsloot achieved a 100% pass rate, with a 94% pass tertiary eligibility.

Ikavayouth motto:

The future is in our hands.

YOUPSA (Youth Potential South Africa) is an education NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) which operates in the province of the Eastern Cape. This organisation impacts on the lives of vulnerable children and orphans who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, alcohol abuse, violence and crime. YOUPSA’s programmes aim to increase the child’s motivation and capacity to learn, improve attendance and graduation rates.

English Learning Resources Online

Children can be encouraged to do normal English practise through playing games online.

The Internet has an abundance of sites with spelling games children can play, and many exercises and worksheets which can be downloaded.

Learning is best when it's fun. (Source:Unsplash)

The Web is very well-liked by teachers, who regularly utilise its services. They set homework on sites where children can play interactive games and complete worksheets which the teacher can then track and monitor.

Kumon is a website designed to assist children of any ability to progress to their full potential and become enthusiastic learners. Through completing worksheets and being guided by an instructor, at a level suited to them, they build ability and fluency one small step at a time.

Prices will vary depending on your situation and the English tutors themselves.

However, what is most important is that the learner’s needs are being met and that they receive the best possible accompaniment on their English learning journeys.

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