English is a very important part of the South African curriculum and many learners have great difficulties with it. This can have a major impact on the child’s academic performance and his or her self-esteem.

This is only one of the reasons that English tuition is so highly sought after.

From Grade R right up to matric, more and more learners are seeking private tuition across South Africa.

The reasons for this are obvious.

Any aspiring English master will have several challenges to overcome, including the rules of English grammar, unusual spelling and even handwriting.

Has your child been battling with his or her English homework?

Some learners find it difficult to come to terms with the complicated features of the language, as well as the practising of writing and reading all in a day at school.

For this reason, a growing number of parents are enlisting the services of English tutors and tutoring companies to provide the confidence boost their child needs to progress academically.

Private tuition offers wonderful benefits for students, one of them being that they are taught according to their individual needs.

This results in the tutor considering his or her student’s strong and weaker points to adjust the course content to suit the student and his or her style of learning.

Of course, this does not presume that all tutors have the same method or slant to teaching.

Each student must be central to the form of tuition he or she is receiving. However, as important as it is, it’s not always simple to find the tutor who best suits you.

Book on grass
Open a book and let literature open up your world. (Source: Unsplash)

Crucial to any parent or learner, is finding a tutor who can assist with particular problems the learner is encountering, such as answering comprehension questions or spelling, at a level suitable to the learner.

Students and parents don’t always know which way to turn when seeking the help of a tutor.

Don’t give up hope!

There are numerous paths you can follow to ensure that you select the tutor who is suitable for you.

It is a known fact that extra tuition does cost quite a bit – fortunately, with our guidelines on how to choose the best tutor, you’ll soon have a number of suitable, affordable candidates to choose from.

Why Private English Tuition?

There is an array of advantages to participating in a customised private lesson and it’s quite easy to experience!

It is a widely mistaken notion that private tuition is only for the well at heel, for academically challenged learners or students whose parents are pushing them to excel.

This is simply not true.

These private lessons are available to any learner who wishes to advance his or her skills, whether he or she is struggling at school or not.

With private tuition, learners can really get in touch with themselves as learners, without any of the pressures experienced in the classroom.

In these private sessions, students are exposed to their own individual learning strategies as well as their levels of self-discipline, laying the foundations for adult learning.

Age should not deter you from seeking a tutor!

If you are seeking assistance, help can be found for all learning styles and levels.

People seek one-on-one English lessons for a wide number of good reasons, so let us examine these!

two open English books
To expand your English vocabulary, read, read, and read some more. (Source: Unsplash)
  • Customised Lessons

Large classes prevent children receiving quality, personalised instruction. This could be the root of many children’s academic problems.

If the delivery of information doesn’t fit in with a child’s learning style, he or she may perform poorly and their grades and general well-being at school may suffer as a consequence.

The individualised style at the core of private tutoring sessions, focuses on problem topics while helping learners to improve their grades or simply gain confidence in a particular area of the language.

  • The Value of English in Everyday Living

Adults all too easily forget that learning to read and write was difficult. These are, however, fundamental skills we utilise daily. Difficulties with this may impact on children’s lives way into the future.

Things that may appear easy, like cursive writing or reading aloud, can be daunting for some learners. Private tuition can then support them and relieve their anxiety so that they can pay attention to more complicated aspects, such as poetry and literature.

  • Be Encouraged

Private tutors not only offer invaluable assistance to learners seeking to advance their skills, but also nurture their curiosity by sharing their love for the English language.

In private lessons, students are offered glimpses of content they may not, of necessity, be exposed to in the classroom, such as poetry or theatre.

Exposure to the arts related to English may motivate students to investigate the subject at a deeper level and take charge of their own learning to a greater degree.

Let’s Choose the Correct English Teacher for You

As demand is growing for, particularly, English tuition, ever-increasing numbers of English tutors are availing their services and heating up the competition.

This is great news for would-be students, who can now have their pick of a tutor who meets their criteria.

On platforms like Superprof, we realise that it is sometimes more difficult to choose a tutor when a whole range of options are on offer, especially when having to make a vital decision.

That is why the site includes filters in the search feature, to trim down your choice, before you contact a tutor.

There is quite a wide range of criteria to consider when searching for a tutor, such as their geographical proximity, the levels at which they can teach, when you both will be available, whether you’d prefer online lessons and what the learning outcomes would be for you, the student.

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Your tutor may determine the outcome of your learning. (Source: Unsplash)

Tutors Have a Wide Range of Experience, Not Just Teaching

Some may have been lecturing at varsity level for many years, others might be gifted matric learners or varsity students.

Every advertising tutor's offering is somewhat different.

An experienced teacher, with many years of experience, can effectively hone in on a learner’s weaknesses and all aspects of their course to give them an overall grasp of it.

An English undergraduate may identify closely with the student, as someone who has just progressed through the South African school system. Their knowledge of how the education system works and what examiners are looking for may be just what the pupil needs to be successful.

Once again, the decision should be based on the needs of the student.

For Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN), it would be prudent to identify a tutor who has experience for teaching a learner who has dyslexia, for example. Such learners are capable of understanding schoolwork when it is taught in a way that suits their style of learning.

The difference is the appropriate teaching style!

There are many tutors who have LSEN experience and promptly do a baseline assessment and structure a learning programme taking the learner's needs into account.

Pupils often seek the help of a tutor once they’ve tripped up in class. With appropriate assistance and ongoing practise, they can gain belief in themselves and, once again, be determined to do better, in spite of their challenges.

The Best Way to Find an English Tutor

Before the emergence of the Internet, tutors were found by browsing through newspapers and magazines, looking on notice boards and by enquiring from people you knew.

Nowadays, with the proliferation of social media and online advertising, tutors are reaching a vastly wider audience, without joining a tutoring agency. This, obviously, means that there are far more tutors for you to select one from, each with his own, particular teaching style.

Tutoring companies, specifically for learners seeking particular grades in an exam, can be helpful. These companies provide worksheets and textbooks which are course-specific and standardised. These are used along with the learner's daily classwork.

The first place to start searching for a tutor, these days, is on the Internet.

There is now an expansive assortment of platforms like Superprof, with tutors from around the world offering their services. Many will chat with you online prior to the commencement of teaching sessions.

The added security of procuring a tutor on the Internet is an important benefit.

young girl on dad's shoulders creating binoculars with fingers
The right tutor may nearer than you think! (Source: Unsplash)

A layer of safety is added when a student contacts a tutor online, as opposed to directly, because many websites authenticate the qualifications of their tutors. Site users can then have faith in them and not waste time unnecessarily.

There are also many options for those who prefer traditional offerings or seek someone living close by.

Local newspapers do still advertise tutoring services, including contact and pricing details. Posters and leaflets are also pinned up at local shops and on community notice boards.

You can, in a sense, conduct an interview with a would-be tutor by simply making a phone call!

No matter what method you apply, ensure that the tutor is qualified to teach at your level or has the right kind of practical and teaching experience.

If these checks are carried out, you can guarantee value for money and, very importantly, a quiet, peaceful mind.

What Does English Tuition Cost?

The average price per hour for an English tutoring session in the South Africa is R100, but this figure can rise to R174 to R200, depending on where you are located.

Students in Cape Town can expect to pay R120 to R200 per hour, while in Johannesburg, the fee could climb to R250 per hour. Tutors in Port Elizabeth charge anywhere between R15 and R80 per hour.

As reflected above, average prices are higher in larger cities than in smaller cities and towns, due to supply and demand. You have a far greater selection of tutors to choose from, implying greater demand, which means that tutors are able to ask more for the expertise.

Because demand and competition are lower in rural areas, hourly rates are far lower than in the big cities.

In large, built-up areas, the skill set of the many tutors is diverse which is to the prospective students benefit.

This again implies that the tutors can tender a higher level of instruction which drives up the average price.

However, using the tips mentioned above, you are sure to find the right English tutor for you.

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