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Primary School English Lessons for Kids

It is that time of year when the results for trials are out and parents begin to frantically panic for their children's matriculation examinations. The truth is that your worries for your child begin from the time that your child starts his or her grade one year.  Grade one children are expected to write exams […]

30 Oct 2020 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

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Practice for English Language Exam Questions

English is possibly the most prevalent language on the globe and yet, it’s only an exclusive official language in a handful of English-speaking countries: Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA. However, much like South Africa, there are plenty of nations who recognise English as one of their official languages. And here in South Africa […]

29 Oct 2020 ∙ 9 minutes reading time

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Learn English With Private Lessons

English is a very important part of the South African curriculum and many learners have great difficulties with it. This can have a major impact on the child’s academic performance and his or her self-esteem. This is only one of the reasons that English tuition is so highly sought after. From Grade R right up to […]

30 Jan 2020 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

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Enhance Reading Skills in English

No matter your native tongue, anyone will tell you that the best way to improve your general communication skills is by reading. If there is a particular area you wish to focus on improving, for instance if you feel the need to expand your vocabulary or work on your writing skills then the first step […]

15 Jan 2020 ∙ 13 minutes reading time

Find English Language and Literature Support

Our tutors can help you master the language of Shakespeare. Whether you’re looking for language or literature support to help you excel at school, or need a tutor to help your children improve their reading and writing abilities, you’ll find everything you need here.

Superprof is the platform of choice for English tutors of all levels. Check out the profiles of our tutors.

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Enhance Your Written Communication

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, all of us need to read and write with some level of skill if we want to succeed. Although verbal eloquence in your mother tongue (in this case, English), is an invaluable skill, in the long run it won’t be enough. It’s expected that a well-spoken […]

13 Dec 2019 ∙ 13 minutes reading time