Have you been in a situation where you have the basic understanding of the common rules of English, yet you still haven’t mastered it?

Chances are that perhaps you lack the motivation to take you to this level, or it could be that your previous approach to learning the language is preventing you from reaching your full potential?

One thing that is guaranteed is that having the right English skills is vital in your day-to-day communication, just as it is in achieving academic excellence. The need to have a good command of English cannot be underscored enough as an important part of every student’s academic success.

Anyone struggling to achieve an advanced proficiency level should consider working with a private tutor.

But, how do you connect with a private English tutor who can help you advance in your English skills and speak the language like a native?

This article aims to be a guide to finding the perfect English tutor and discusses considerations such as why you might want to work with an English tutor, what to expect from your English tutorials, and how to find the perfect tutor that suits your needs and interests.

It is one thing to have a private English tutor, but it is a completely different matter when you find the English tutor that perfectly meets your specific interests and desires.

Below we will outline 7 advantages of having the right English tutor, who offers lessons that are tailored to your specific needs.

One-on-One Tutoring Compared to the Traditional Classroom 

The traditional classroom set up is designed to achieve the goals of the national education curriculum. While this is not a bad thing, it has emerged that most students go through the system with the only goal of passing their exams, and many of the important aspects of the language are not acquired.

When details such as forming strong communication skills, knowing how to form opinions and use these to advance academically are overlooked, students will struggle more in the post primary school years. Most students in secondary school and university still experience problems writing essays.

A tutor is more flexible than a schoolteacher and can work with your schedule. Your tutor will take concepts you have already learned and review them with you until you are comfortable. They use revision activities, games, dialogue scenes and other methods to help you understand concepts taught in class.

When you have problems understanding a certain topic, your tutor will help you review that topic until you understand it well. You will need to tell your tutor in which areas you have difficulties and they will use this information to ensure that your private lessons will target these concepts.

Englih dictionary
A dictionary is handy, even with the predictive text and spell check features on smart devices. - Source: Unsplash

In short, your teacher introduces the concepts, but it is your tutor who will break down them down and ensure that you fully understand them.

Needs-Centred Training

Unlike being trained by a teacher who has to deliver a predetermined syllabus to a large group within a restricted time limit, your tutor ensures that your personal interests and goals are met.

If you are facing certain challenges in class, it might be difficult to ask for personal help from the teacher, but with a private tutor, he or she will give you all the attention you need, and help you get past the problem.

Choose Your Own Tutor

One of the advantages of having a private tutor is the freedom to select someone who suits your study plans.

At school, no one has the option to choose their own teacher and method of teaching, since the teacher’s goal is to stick to the syllabus and cover topics within a set timeframe. While there are advantages to this strategy, for some students it has certainly failed to produce good results.

How do you succeed in English outside the classroom?

How do you ensure that you have a tutor who fits in perfectly with your study plan?

A good English tutor will guide you in finding the approach to revision and studying that is best suited to your learning style and, ultimately, toward achieving success in your studies.

Invest in Your Education

A tutor is not just committed to helping you excel in English and become better at speaking and writing, but also to ensuring that you reap the benefits of your investment.

The traditional classroom will explain the theoretical aspects of the language, but helping you to employ the theory in actual, candid conversations and in your essay writing is our English tutors’ commitment.

notebook and pile of books
Work hard and you will reap the benefits. - Source: Unsplash

With an easy search on a platform like Superprof, you will find a tutor that suits your needs. You even have the option to select several tutors who fit into your budget; each one helping you with a different aspect of the English language.

Raise Your Confidence in English

There are certain things that an English tutor will do to set students up for success. The first of these is creating an environment that is conducive to learning and which allows students to be confident in themselves.

Once they have found their confidence, the student will feel comfortable in expressing their opinions and their difficulties and, in the end, they will gain the ability to easily navigate the obstacles presented by the English language.

Whether they are thrown in at the deep end, or the shallow end, the belief our tutors have in their students gives students the right motivation to learn fast and excel in their studies.

Stay Ahead 

It is important that students are on par with their teachers in order to follow through and actively participate in class. However, this is not always the case since some students process information at a different rate and in a different manner than others.

Getting a private tutor is not only a good way to help involve your child in their studies and help them better understand their school courses, it has also been proven to produce better academic results.

With this in mind, hiring a good private tutor is surely a great way to help your child keep pace with what is required of them, and to boost their overall performance, not to mention their personal growth.

Success in Your Exams

Passing the matric English final exam in South Africa is crucial for young people aiming to pursue tertiary education and also for those who will enter the job market directly.

girl with school backpacj carrying books
A tutor may be the final key to exam success. - Source: Unsplash

The few hours of English training offered at school are simply not enough to match the input required of students in order to succeed in the national exams.

Finding a good English tutor is a big step towards attaining this goal for many students and their parents.

When the exam period is approaching, many students wonder how to effectively prepare, without having to worry about the enormous workload accumulated throughout the semester.

The good news is that there are plenty of skilled native English-speaking tutors who are willing to walk this path with their students and help them prepare thoroughly.

The world is your oyster! And your success in English is as easy as finding the right tutor to guide you through what seems impossible.

So let’s start by getting you some help in selecting a good tutor to boost your English skills!

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