While it is the Achilles heel for many a student, maths is actually fun for others. This has perpetuated the myth that there is such a thing as a mathematical brain. The truth in fact is that almost everyone is capable of reason and logic and that it is more about the strategies used to learn math than can either trip us up or make it enjoyable.

It’s important to note that whether it is basic mathematics or more advanced levels, the majority of the population has the ability to conquer maths! Studies by Prof Jo Boaler reveal that 98% of the population are able to even grasp advanced maths.

The trick is to find creative ways that inspire how to learn maths from the beginning. And when it comes to kids learning math, there are many ways to do this.

As we grow older, there many options for those who either have a fear of maths or have been left behind during the foundational stages of how to learn maths from the beginning. There are many free online maths courses, or one could sign up with a private maths tutor for one-on-one tuition that is either online or face-to-face.

Online Maths Games That Make Maths Fun   

Did you know that some websites from the first part of the millennium, are still as popular as ever when it comes to making basic mathematics fun?

Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that maths should start with a positive frame of mind and what better way to do this than to make sure that maths is fun.

Studies have shown that kids learning math do well with games that help them to overcome Maths mental blocks and take the pressure of the formal curriculum. When the subject is approached from this angle, maths is fun, and the greatest benefit of all is that learners are motivated to keep practicing.

When it comes to learning basic mathematics, using methods that are entertaining, but still use the same objectives of those that are needed in the classroom can be highly effective, especially when it comes to how to learn maths from the beginning.

If you have never used maths games to supplement basic mathematics learning, you could check out a number of South African websites that prove that maths is fun.

guy using black smartphone apps
Online Maths resources can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection. - Source: Unsplash

The aim of MathsBuddy for instance is to be cost-effective, build confidence, and be convenient. Developed by experienced maths teachers, this is a platform that can even be accessed on a smartphone. For kids learning math, the games to enhance arithmetic and accuracy ensure that maths is fun.

In South Africa, it is also worth checking out Maths Educational Toys Africa, Maths Clubs, Living Maths, and Kumon Maths.

When looking for ways on how to learn maths easily, games and online resources can be an extremely beneficial way to supplement what is either being learnt in the classroom, or even with a private maths tutor.

Some of the important outcomes that you should look for in online resources could include the following:

  • Targeted games and workshops that are grade specific
  • Video tutorials
  • Step by step revision instructions
  • Opportunities for self-testing
  • Games that will refresh your memory
  • Practicing through games to reinforce knowledge
  • Ability to focus on a particular area of maths by topic or grade

All of these are ways to monitor your basic mathematics and to be an aid in how to learn maths easily. Find out how your multiplication and division skills stack up. You will also be able to find out how to improve and even look ahead to see what is coming up in your school curriculum.

Sites like these should be able to take you through everything from fractions, algebra, geometry, and much more. And if you are one of those learners who somehow got lost along the way in your maths education, you can easily go back and find out how to learn maths from the beginning.

So whether you want to practice your addition and subtraction, big maths word problems, geometry, fractions, or ratio, these helpful resources will prove to you that maths is fun.

Online Maths from Anywhere in the World

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is that it brings the best of everything to your doorstep, regardless of where in the world you may find yourself.

So, even if you are in South Africa, you could check out some of these popular UK and US websites that will show you, through games, how to learn maths easily:

  • BBC Bitesize: offers math resources, including games, learner guides, video tutorials, and worksheets for all levels. It also offers self-testing.
  • Math Playground: an American website that offers fun videos and interactive games.
  • Hoodamath: a maths game site that offers resources for children as young as kindergarten age. Topics are arranged in easy to find categories.
  • Sushi Monster: aimed at ages 9-11, Sushi Monster is a popular game to sharpen important basic mathematics skills. Children practice multiplication and division against a clock. The idea is to feed the monster with sushi (numbers) from the table provided. You can only unlock the next level once you have answered all the monster’s 14 questions correctly. This is an excellent way to improve fluency in multiplication tables. Every level is rewarded by a star which is not only an excellent method to motivate improvement, but children can also come back later and improve their scores once they have improved.
  • Gojimo: this is a free game on both Google Play and the iOS App Store aimed at advanced High School Children.

 Spatial Awareness Games for Kids Learning Math

There is no doubt that spatial awareness using 3D puzzles, is one of the most important methods for how to learn maths from the beginning. Busy Shapes 2 which is aimed at children from ages 4-8 is an online game that aims to improve logical thinking skills.

The game works by making sure that you pass the object through the hole of the matching shape. Each level is made. Levels become more challenging as holes begin to move around. For example, the user may have to avoid hidden traps. This is a game that takes complex concepts like gravity and translates them into games that show young children how to learn maths easily.

The game which is an excellent way to teach children how to think outside of the box is based on the inspirational work of Jean Piaget, a clinical psychologist from Switzerland. When it comes to how to learn maths from the beginning, Piaget’s belief is that children should be able to explore and manipulate the world around them. Busy Shapes is a game that provides several universes where the basic laws of physics are used mirroring scenarios in the real world. This is how young users develop spatial awareness. It is also how kids learning math at a young age, actually begin to believe and see that maths is fun.

set of uno playing cards
Play games that require calculations to be done in a non-pressurised environment. - Source: Unsplash

And when it comes to how to learn maths from the beginning, using creative methods that help children how to learn maths easily is extremely important. The reason for this is that it creates positive mindsets that could set them up for an anxiety-free school maths career.

Even though Busy Shapes is not a ‘maths game’ per se, it is built on concepts that develop important maths concepts that not only help children how to learn maths from the beginning but will help them academically in later years. These are skills that can help them to visualise and plan even with geometry and graphs, for example.

A game like Busy Shapes, while aimed at primary school children is even enjoyed by adults too! As a problem-solving game, it can be pleasantly addictive, while even the bright colours and ambient music make it helpful for unwinding.

For elderly people who want to keep their brains sharp, online maths games can be an excellent way to retain and improve cognitive ability.

Once teachers, parents, and learners buy into the concept that maths is fun, the opportunities to supplement learning is really endless. Furthermore, when it comes to using games, puzzles, and online apps for how to learn maths easily, it is possible to find age appropriate tools to suit every level of the learner. Whether you are looking for basic mathematics for games or more advanced exercises, there are games for everyone.

Apply Maths Creatively Using a Tutor

For a great percentage of the population, maths is one of those subjects that can incite dread and fear. Many people grow up believing that they are no good at maths. Sadly, sometimes this is a false belief that has simply taken root from a bad experience. Many times, when trying to grasp even basic mathematics concepts in a big class, children can be left behind as the teacher is forced to forge ahead with the syllabus.

This can prove detrimental to the learner because especially for kids learning math, one concept builds on another.

Other reasons why some children grow up not believing that maths is fun, is because they were never shown that creative ways, discussed above, are helpful when looking for how to learn maths easily. Also, they could be going through a difficult emotional time, such as a divorce of their parents, during the years where they should be grasping basic maths concepts.

Whatever the reasons for children struggling with maths, one of the most effective ways to either catch them up or increase their confidence and knowledge, is through the use of a private tutor.

Superprof tutors are available in just about every corner of South Africa. By enrolling with a private maths tutor, either online or by using the location function to search for one near you, you could find a tutor who will focus on the area of maths that you are struggling with.

This an excellent way to progress at a pace that is comfortable for you without being intimidated by a large classroom situation. The tutor can monitor your progress and focus on your areas of weakness without the time pressure of having to learn basic mathematics in a class. Tutors are geared up to use games and other creative modalities to ensure that you grasp what you need to learn and even begin to realise that maths is fun.

collection of games dice on table
There are many games that can be used to supplement formal Mathematics lessons. - Source: Unsplash

If you are looking for ways on how to learn maths easily, or if you feel you want to revisit how to learn maths from the beginning, a private tutor could be the answer.

One of the great benefits of using a Superprof tutor is that in many cases, the first lesson is free. This provides a valuable opportunity to truly discuss your maths goals, and to ensure that the potential tutor is aware of your difficulties and maths ambitions.

The benefits of one-on-one tuition are endless, especially when it comes to kids learning math. Consider some of these helpful ways that it could demonstrate how to learn maths easily:

  • A relaxed atmosphere, where there is no pressure, can help concentration.
  • Creative ways to grasp concepts can show that maths is fun.
  • One-on-one teaching uses time more effectively so that areas of struggle are the focus.
  • Small groups are less intimidating.

Why Knowing How to Learn Maths from the Beginning is Important

Maths is one of the most important subjects we learn at school, not only that, but maths in real life is something we all use, every day. For children, finding out how to learn maths from the beginning is very important as it sets them up for ways of thinking and problem solving for the rest of their lives.

Investing in extra maths tuition throughout a learner’s school career, regardless of whether they are struggling or not, is one of the smartest moves any parent can make on behalf of their child.

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