For most learners maths is just a drag. Classroom mathematics tends to lack the stimulation that’s necessary to teach kids math. Too often mathematics is presented in a colourless and repetitive way where there is a lot of focus on memorising rules and theorems which seems to be an ineffective strategy for teaching math skills. For this reason, math tutors need to search for alternative learning strategies like educational games to undo some of the damage.

If you spend some time searching the web for math activities you’ll discover an endless amount of math resources for educators and learners alike.

However, due to the sheer magnitude of information, it can be slightly overwhelming, this is why we have compiled a review of some of the websites that are worth your while.

The great thing is that you can search the internet for online tools that are focused on specific math topics to help kids learn. Whether its geometry, algebra, multiplication tables, or simply telling time – you’ll find something for every learner.

You can really find anything online in order to tailor your math lessons to each learner’s individual needs. The internet offers you:

  • The CAPS assessment requirements
  • Outline of the CAPS syllabus
  • Free online math games and activities
  • Educational YouTube clips
  • Mobile apps that offer free math games for Adroid and IOS
  • Printable math worksheets & activities

This is just the tip of the iceberg ... we’ve scoured the web for cool maths support and we think we have a pretty good idea of what’s out there. Now all you have to do is take our word for it!

chalkboard in classroom
Maths taught in the traditional classroom can seem uninspiring and cryptic.⎢Source: Unsplash

Our suggestions cover a wide variety of possible teaching aids. It isn’t an extensive list of suggestions because we have narrowed it down to save you time and hassle. The point is you can use these fun math activities and learning games to remind your students that math is awesome.

You’ll find that some of the fun learning sites we’ve recommended are based on the USA or British school grading system which can be confusing, but this is a basic guideline:

  • UK year 1 (or KS1) is Grade R, year 2 is Grade 1 etc.
  • American grades are just the same as South African grades from Grade 1 to Grade 12 except for Kindergarten which is equivalent to Grade R.


Before we get to the actual websites and fun math activities they offer, let’s just take a moment to revel in the wonderful cyber storehouse of information that is otherwise known as YouTube.

From micro clips to full blown educational documentaries, YouTube really, and we mean really, has it all. Perhaps the most important thing to do when you’re using this online platform as a math resource is to do your homework. Browse around and find videos that you believe are safe, informative and relevant to help kids learn. There is a lot of junk out there and it’s your responsibility as the math tutor to filter out the rubbish.

Maths Websites and Online Games

When you get into using educational sites you’ll notice that many of them have revision exercises and math quizzes that help to keep track of progress as a student is learning math.

This means that these websites are perfect for a fun interactive math alternative to regular homework assignments. You could keep track of learner’s scores when they play online math games and discuss the results in the next private tutoring session.

The new games on offer vary from multiplication games, counting games, logic games and more. There are fun games that reinforce math facts and number sense where children can be reminded about things like whole numbers, exponents and fractions. And simple number games to practise addition and subtraction.

Now it’s time to have a look at some of our favourite sites. They are categorised according to age and by grade and given a rating from one to five as well as a score out of ten:

Fun Math Websites for Every Math Topic


  • Math levels: Foundation phase to FET band
  • Rating out of ten: 6
  • Why we love it: The best games for reinforcing basic math concepts.

Wondering about the name? Arcade + Academics.

Basically, fun and games to help you understand maths concepts by putting things in context. This isn’t a site that gets into the nitty gritty, that’s why it’s a great place to just practise math by playing cool maths games.

Games arcade
Arcademics is reminiscent of good old fashioned arcade fun! ⎢Source: Unsplash

The point is to allow the student to play math games while reinforcing concepts that they have been learning. While playing an enjoyable math game the learner gets the opportunity to practise the basics like addition and subtraction to graphing and times tables.

Another great feature is that it has a multi-player option. By setting up private math games online that require a unique password and user name, you can organise a game for kids to play against one another. Another exciting option is to participate in public games online that are open for anyone, anywhere in the world to join in. It’s a fun and safe way to play online games because the site is strictly monitored and age appropriate.

Math tutors can also use Arcademics as a fun homework assignment for a bit of variety.


  • Maths level: Senior phase and FET band
  • Rating out of ten: 7
  • Why we love it: It covers every aspect of the South African national curriculum.

IXL is an acclaimed site that operates globally. However the great thing about this site is that it has an option that focuses on our National Curriculum.

The website is more focused on targeted math exercises that address every specific requirement of the CAPS curriculum per grade.

This means that you are able help you students learn math by assigning work that is presented in the same manner as the assessments they will receive at school.

IXL is a wonderful tool for mathematics revision work when preparing for assessments or exams and it caters for every grade level from Grade RR to Grade 12. The best thing about this online tool is that you have access to your student’s work and can monitor their math learning online as they progress, especially handy if you’re an online tutor.

Khan Academy

  • Maths level: Foundation phase to FET band
  • Rating out of ten: 8
  • Why we love it: It is easy to use, and offers loads of great clips.

Khan Academy is a great choice even though it’s based on the USA common core standards. It’s become a popular choice globally and is loved by educators and learners alike.

The great thing is that it outlines definite age levels and math concepts which then direct you to online videos and study notes.

Although Khan Academy follows the American school system, it’s still easy to follow because their grades correlate to South African grades i.e. grade 1 in the US is the same age and level as grade 1 in RSA.

Their SAT, MCAT and GMAT preparation section could be very useful if you have a learner that is hoping to apply to an American college. This can also be a used as activities for kids who are being homeschooled and are following the American math curriculum.

Patrick JMT

  • Maths level: Foundation phase to FET band
  • Rating out of ten: 9
  • Why we love it: It offers plenty of video clips and navigation is hassle free.

JMT is short for Just Maths Tutorials, and that’s exactly what a math tutor wants, right? This website is one of the popular ones and hovers at the top of the list for math website rankings.

This is a place where your learners can learn maths online and explore all kinds of math topics by watching the many fantastic free math videos and tutorials on offer at Patrick JMT.

And yes, at first it appears to bear a great resemblance to Khan Academy but after a closer inspection you’ll see what we saw, Patrick does things with a little more fluency and flair!

boy doing homework
Many maths websites offer free printable worksheets.⎢Source: Unsplash

My Maths

  • Maths level: Foundation phase to FET band
  • Rating out of ten: 10
  • Our favourite thing: It encourages parents to get more involved in their children's maths journey.

Ask any educator, learner or parent who has had experience with My Maths and they’ll tell you that it is superb. This is a supportive site that has a whole branch especially for parents to encourage an involvement in their children’s math education.

The website has math worksheets, math quizzes and more. There are plenty of learning resources and teaching aids for any educator or math tutor. And the nice thing is that there are fun math games for each segment that is covered, teaching children that math is fun!

Although it’s designed for UK schools, My Maths is perfect for home based tutoring and offers tons of cool math games and interesting learning content.


  • Maths level: Senior phase and FET band
  • Rating out of ten: 10
  • Our favourite thing: It provides very comprehensive CAPS aligned exam preparation.

Siyavula is a must if you want to know you are doing a thorough job in prepping for examinations. This math website offers a host Grade 11 and 12 of past exam papers in digital format.

What makes it so incredible is that the learner is able to complete math exam papers that are marked instantly, and the FULL solution is then provided.

And to top it all off, learners can re-do math problems as many times as they like for added math practise because each time they try a question, it changes!

The Siyavula website also covers the entire CAPS math syllabus from Grade 8 to Grade 12, offering numerous worksheets and exercises that have been directly adapted from the national math curriculum. It’s really your fool-proof one stop shop if you are looking for a solid foundation in CAPS maths.

The Internet Is Any Math Tutor's Ally

girl and boy playing on mobile phones
Kid friendly mobile math apps make for fun homework.⎢Source: Unsplash

Whether you are looking for concrete exam preparation or just cool math games for kids to convince learners that math is fun, these top math websites are sure to be a winner. From online math games, teaching aids and mock exams – your math learners will get it all and you can have peace of mind.

What we also like about some of the websites is that there are sections focused on educator and parental support, an aspect that is often overlooked but so crucial to wholesome learning. After all it takes a village ...

At the end of the day, you are the math tutor and you know your learners best. We hope this inspires you to keep digging around the internet and finding the perfect tools for your personal tutoring sessions. You might surprise yourself and set up an online platform of your own, with math worksheets, quizzes and personalised math tutorials that your learners can have special privy to.

Math tutors, it’s time to make math fun again!

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