You woke up this morning to be confronted with a social media post from the leading life coach of a renowned coaching institution. She has transformed many other aspiring life coaches into leaders of their own businesses and she wishes that you join her transformational leadership course where you too could gain the needed skills to become a leader yourself.

You go to the gym only to have a leadership course pamphlet being placed on your car window. The pamphlet advertises a short course on how to lead your employees to success. You are not a leader at your institution or organization and up until now, you have always believed that leadership was an inborn trait. You don't feel as if you a leader's bone in your body.

But if there are people and tertiary institutions offering courses that you could take to become a better leader than surely anyone can be a leader, right?

At night the read that you choose is entitled, "Attuned Leadership". This book by Reuel J. Khoza teaches you, "Leaders are not born into their role. They are born, then made-then sometimes unmade by their own actions." The read has taught you that clearly some leaders are born but for the most part, leaders can be made! There is hope for you! You too can become a leader...

But you still don't want to assume a leadership role. You are not the type of person who gains pleasure from bossing other people around nor do you like making decisions that could seriously impact many. Regardless of your preference to never lead, developing leadership skills could still be rather beneficial for you.

So, uncover the truth with Superprof that everyone certainly does have leadership skills that are waiting to be unleashed. So why would you need to acquire these leadership skills if you refuse to take up a leadership role?

what will acquiring leadership mean for you
Developing leadership strategies will give you beneficial leadership tips. Source: Pixabay

Why is it Beneficial to Acquire Good Leadership Skills

You surely asserted your point that a leadership role is not for you, no problem. You could still use some guidance on what some leadership development strategies are.  Believe it or not, you don't need to be a leader to reap the benefits after having taken a leadership course.

The skills necessary to lead are basically the same skills that you need to have a fulfilled and happy life.

Leadership development empowers you to perform better. In fact, companies especially Human Resource firms value employees who have undergone leadership courses. Certain organizations even include shorter leadership courses as part of their requirements for all employees.

Having acquired key leadership skills from courses, you may be able to better interact with people and you can communicate more openly and transparently with members of your team. Through learning about the various leadership styles, you may even begin to understand how valuable teamwork is. Acting selflessly is one important quality of all great leaders and having acquired the skill rather early ensures that you continue to work for the greater good of a company always. Getting to grips with the theory covered in leadership courses, you may even become open to change. Transformation and change is an essential part of every organization and the more adaptable you are to a constantly changing environment, the better.

You must remember that acquiring new skills is never a waste. Completing courses regularly helps with both personal and professional development which is valued in all organizations.

Having seen the benefits of leadership development strategies, how can you acquire these leadership skills?

who will help you to become a leader?
You could opt for a tutor to help you learn leadership skills. Source: Pixabay

Leadership Development Strategies

Have you ever thought about meeting with a leadership tutor?

If you are like the many other people who didn't even know that you can find a tutor specifically focused on improving your leadership skills, this is the part where we step in and tell you that there are several tutors who are available to help.

In fact, there are 7 716 top tier leadership tutors in South Africa on the Superprof site who are willing to share their experience and knowledge on what it takes to be a leader and impart strategies that you could use to become a leader. Tutors who will help you with leadership development strategies are qualified psychologists, career coaches and people who have over 15 years of corporate experience. All these Superprof tutors are keen and willing to share their tricks of the trade with you.

Reaching out for a private leadership tutor from the Superprof site is merely one leadership development strategy that you could employ to gain the leadership skills you require to thrive in your personal and professional life.

Another leadership development strategy that you could employ is actually taking up a short leadership course at a reputable university. To dispel all stereotypes that existed in the past, you could take the Women in Leadership online course from the University of Stellenbosch. It's an 8-week course that is set to cover all the obstacles that women usually face when they step into leadership roles, the benefits of females being represented more frequently in leadership roles, and enabling you to define your identity as a leader.

Perhaps while you are taking the course, you could rope in a private tutor from the Superprof site to help you make head or tails of the course material and to get a feel of what studying about leadership face-to-face with a tutor could feel like.

One skill that a leader possesses is their ability to be mindful. Being mindful sounds easier said than done. A mindful leader is one that will not prescribe unto other people tasks that he or she would not be willing to do himself or herself. In order to learn how to become a mindful leader, you could listen to podcasts that advocate mindfulness. One such podcast, "mindful living" by psychologist Rakhi Beekrum is instrumental in advocating this sense of being mindful in everything that we do.

There are many leadership development strategies that could be affordable and helpful. The onus is on you to decide which leadership development strategy you will choose to employ. Perhaps, reading about mindful leaders has got you slightly intrigued as to what mindful leadership is and how you can assume the role of a mindful leader.

We will help you unpack the ideas behind being a mindful leader.

Effective Leadership Qualities of Being a Mindful Leader

Assume you do become a leader one day and you are determined to be a mindful leader. How do you take on the role of being a mindful leader?

To be a mindful leader, you have to be mindful that you are often being watched. Your every move as a leader is being scrutinized by your subordinates and they will notice if you step out of line. Knowing this will help you understand that you lead by example. The way you react will affect how the organization is run. A mindful leader is also someone who follows the examples of good leaders.

While Adolf Hitler certainly did lead in many regards, he is not an exemplary leader in whose shadows you want to be following. Perhaps you can retrace the footprints left by leaders such as Nelson Mandela.

Hitler the leader
Nelson Mandela is a good leader but Hitler isn't. Source: Unsplash | Erika Fletcher

Humility is another important characteristic of a mindful leader. Oftentimes people in powerful positions assume that if they show humility, they are opening themselves to criticisms and being seen as weak. Being humble does not in any way mean being weak. Leaders who lead with humility do not always look for others to blame for shortcomings. These types of leaders acquire admiration and respect from their subordinates.

At the core of leading mindfully is the idea of having empathy. As mentioned previously, a mindful leader is someone who will not expect other people to do what he or she would not do. In this way, you must understand your employees well enough to be able to relate to them and understand their feelings. If an employee comes and addresses his grievances with you, you ought to be able to put yourself in the employee's shoes and understand the issue from his perspective. While empathy is hard to achieve, the more you lead by allowing for open communication and by being compassionate, the easier it will be to be empathetic.

Lastly, a mindful leader is someone who is in charge of his or her emotions. Being mindful means knowing exactly when you are being swayed by your emotions. A mindful leader is also one who can get in touch with his or her feelings and understand exactly why he or she is feeling a certain way. As a leader (or as a person in general) there will be ample times when people or situations make you feel angry. Ideally, you would want to lash out but when you adopt practises of mindfulness, you will know how to take a step back and assess the situation, getting to the crux of your anger.

Good leadership skills can be learnt and practised. Have you been swayed towards taking up a leadership role someday? Perhaps not! However, there is nothing stopping you from inheriting leadership skills.

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