"Leaders became great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others." John Maxwell (American author, speaker, and poet)

If you look at some of South Africa's most famous leaders, you very well will be inspired to follow in their footsteps too.

Take Zareef Minty from ZRF Holdings, who has secured a title in Forbes 2018 magazine as one of the 30  most significant South Africans under 30. Forbes has also mentioned that he will certainly make waves on our shores. Since having his name published in the magazine, he certainly has made waves as he now owns a PR company, clothing firm, and a law firm. Clearly, he is leading his way forward and succeeding in achieving personal growth. Not only is he responsible for his own personal growth but he has his head set on getting South African youth to develop themselves personally and professionally too. He is also the author of a book entitled, "Empire" which advises young citizens that the ability to be a creator of jobs and not a seeker of jobs simply requires a strong educational foundation.

Another South African creating quite a stir is Lauren Dallas from Future Females. Future Females offers a platform that helps female entrepreneurs breakthrough and achieve professional growth within their businesses. Lauren Dallas is also keen on personal development as well as motivating other female entrepreneurs to personally develop themselves as well.

Like Minty and Dallas, there are so many exceptional leaders in South African who have made a statement and shown examples of the leadership skills needed to succeed.

So perhaps searching for inspirational South African leaders on the internet is a sure way to spark your interest in finding an online leadership training course that feels as if it was specifically made just for you. Becoming a boss means thinking like a boss first.

Thinking like a boss means
Being a boss of your empire requires you to draw inspiration from those who have built their empire. Source: Unsplash

Management and Leadership Online Courses Offered for Beginners

"Transformational growth is when you alter all your negative habits and your incorrect mind." Zareef Minty

The key rule when you set out to search for management and leadership online courses is that you start your search with the correct mindset. Once you feel positive about taking an online leadership course, automatically you will find yourself transforming and embracing the leadership skills that you will most likely learn about during your online course.

So while you seek personal growth, Superprof seeks to help you in every single way possible. We are extending a helpful hand by having scrutinised every possible online avenue and we have decided to guide you in selecting some of what we consider the best online courses for you.

So are you ready to build your empire and take a management and leadership online course that will surely be beneficial for your personal growth?

IMD offers a very interactive 8-week online course. You can take the course in early February with the sole intention of developing yourself personally as a leader. While the course is specifically geared to enable you to develop a stronger relationship with the team under you and also teach you how to succeed in shaping an environment of transformational culture, there are also other skills that you can learn through the course. The idea is to teach you necessary leadership skills like coaching so that you can coach your employees to obtain success. The wonderful aspect of this particular online course is that it is structured entirely for your personal development and gives you the chance to reflect on your leadership skills, visions and goals.

The Knowledge Academy offers an online course in leadership and management for South African citizens. The course entails taking a one-day online instructor-led learning experience, one-day of classroom instruction and the rest of the hours devoted to online self-paced learning. The course is especially perfect for beginners who which to climb the leadership ladder. Through the course, you will learn the definition of leadership, leadership philosophies and analyse the behaviours of leaders. The course also focuses on the diverse leadership styles and the different type of leadership styles that you can pursue once you become a leader. Morgan's Organisational Metaphors is also covered in this course. The course in its entirety is about 10 hours long.

online courses
Taking online leadership courses to better yourself as a leader. Source: Unsplash | Mia Baker

There are several South African universities that also offer management and leadership courses throughout the year. Enrolling in one of these many online leadership courses would be an asset in your quest to obtain personal development. The certificates received from these courses will also look incredible on your resume and be beneficial in terms of professional development.

Another Type of Online Course in Leadership and Management

"Leadership is not about titles, position or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another" John Maxwell

Another way you can take an online course in leadership and management is through the Superprof site. If you never completed a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and you would like to get a taste of what theoretical knowledge is covered in an MBA course, you can seek out a tutor from Superprof who has obtained an MBA. Superprof tutors are motivated to provide you with personal leadership and management courses that will suit your personality and your need to improve yourself. You could also take a course from a Superprof communications expert which again is beneficial since communication skills are of utmost importance for every leader. The ability to communicate clearly makes a great leader and it should only be apt to take leadership lessons from someone who can teach you how to be open and transparent when communicating.

You must begin somewhere
You must begin your journey towards developing leadership skills somewhere. Source: Unsplash

Skills That You Can Learn from Taking Leadership and Management Courses Online

"Authentic leaders put their employees before money, power, and ego" Jeff Davis

Starting off with Morgan's organisational metaphors, it becomes clear that the metaphors which he used to compare an organisation to a machine, organism, brain, cultural system, political system, psychic prison and an instrument of domination all fall short simply because you are the individual that decides that you want to fulfil a greater purpose within your organisation. Also, the theory fails in modern times where simply being a leader doesn't mean that your function is to think while employees beneath you must just do. In today's times, the idea of being a "leader" has drastically shifted from past ideas of what leaders were expected to be and how they were expected to lead.

Having said that, Morgan's organisational theory is not the only important theory that will guide you when you set out to develop the skills necessary for a 21st-century leader. You will also develop considerably many skills that you can use on your pathway to displaying leadership qualities both at home and at your workplace.

Here are some skills that you are bound to learn by taking just one management course:

  • Since leaders are expected to be effective communicators, you will learn vital communication skills are. If you choose to use a democratic leadership style, you most certainly need to keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your employees hence making communication a much-needed skill for any leader
  • The ability to use effective business or motivational storytelling to motivate and empower the employees within the company
  • You will learn the talent to be able to listen effectively. In doing so, you will learn how to actively listen and to listen with empathy
  • You will learn how to lead with integrity which above all else is a most valuable skill to learn. Once you are seen as honest, you will earn the trust of your employees as well as their respect
  • You will learn strategic thinking skills which are important as well especially for transformational leaders
Learning skills from online courses
A leadership course can give you the skills that you need to become a better leader. Source: Unsplash

Examples of Leadership Skills that Famous Leaders Possess

According to Tim Cook who is the CEO of Apple, good leaders are those who can admit to the flaws that you may possess and confess when you have made a mistake. A key quality of a good leader is that a leader can say when he has made a mistake when making some decision and actually make the necessary changes to rectify the mistake.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, believed that passion was enough to make a good leader. A passionate leader is one who allows passion to drive decisions. It is most likely a passionate leader who will continue to learn to improve himself or herself as a leader. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg's idea resonates with that of Nelson Mandela's idea of leadership.

South Africa's very own leader said, "Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do." So using Nelson Mandela's quote as a guide, we see that passion is always needed in order to be a successful leader.

Using Nelson Mandela as a source of inspiration we can deduce that leaders must be self-aware, have direction, have a vision in mind, and be able to motivate others whilst being clued up about those whom you are leading.  Remember leading is an art and taking leadership and management courses is a sure way to help you perfect your artistic skills.

Are you feeling passionate about improving your leadership skills?

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