There are many South Africans living in Durban who want to connect with their heritage through language courses, but there are also many who recognise the importance of adding languages to their CV. If this sounds like you and you have been searching where to take German lessons near me, keep reading because this article is for you.

Perhaps you already know, but South Africa has a German heritage that goes ways back. Many Germans immigrated to the country during the time that the Dutch ruled in the Cape (17th and 18th centuries). Of course, many of these settlers remained in the Western Cape, however, there is actually a strong community of Germans living in Durban today. If there weren’t, there would be no need for a  German language school in Durban.

In fact, there are so many German natives in Durban who want to enrol their children in first language or German-medium schooling. This is actually possible until Grade 7 through at Deutsche Schule Durban which is a small, independent school that was first established in 1971. There are about 150 pupils and also offers German language lessons for beginners for adults as well as German. It also offers German as a second language.

So, if you are on the lookout for a good German language school in the Durban area, there are great available options. You could also give the German Club a ring on 031-266 0836 for their recommendations.

German Language Lessons for Beginners in Business

Regardless of your reasons, running the search where to take German classes near me, is a time and financial investment that you will not regret.

An increasing amount of people are seeing the value of overseas working stints to further their careers. To this, it is essential to add international languages to one’s skillset. Did you know that there are over 100 million Germans living all across the world? They are a widely dispersed nation (who love to travel).

If you are thinking about traveling or working anywhere in the UK or Europe, finding the best German lessons will really help to set you up. The UK has strong business ties with Germany, which is also known as the most economically strong nation in Europe.

Back in South Africa, there are a whopping 600 German companies across the country including some big names like Lufthansa, Siemens, Bayer, and Volkswagen. The German Chamber of Commerce in South Africa reports that proficiency in German is a rare, yet sought-after skill, especially within the tourism and education sectors.

Of course, learning anything new can be a challenge, even though it is exciting. Taking the first step to finding a German language school or tutor through a where to take German lessons near me, is an incredible start.

Connecting with German Loved Ones

There is a significant amount of Germans in South Africa. Some of these are descendants of German settlers, however, there is also a steady influx of Germans who choose South Africa as a top immigration option today. A reason for this is that Germans love to travel (actually they are known to spend more on travel than motor cars), therefore it stands to reason that once they have holidayed in Durban or other parts of the country, they simply fall in love with the cultural diversity, lifestyle and climate and return to establish residence.

So, aside from furthering your career if you are working in one of the many German companies in the country by enrolling in the best German lessons possible, you may be aiming to connect with the Germans who surround you! Could there be a better way to demonstrate your commitment and

German Language Buddies

There is no doubt that the most effective way to acquire any foreign language is through complete language immersion! For this to work, it entails an extended overseas stay in a country where the language is spoken. Imagine when every taxi trip or restaurant visit becomes more of a learning experience than a classroom?

This is why overseas university exchanges are so beneficial for students. So are jobs, like being an au pair for instance, where English fluency is in demand.

All of this is an example of language immersion, but of course, packing up for another country is not always possible! This is when you need a language buddy! You may be wondering what a language buddy is at this point!

A language buddy would be a German native with whom you can practice the critical elements of language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

One of the main benefits of finding your language buddy on social media is the ability to befriend someone who already has similar interests to you. One way to approach this is to find follow German Instagram accounts that grab your attention. These could be profiles of sports stars, chefs, humanitarians, or anyone else who is interested in what you are interested in!

three friends oudoors

Connecting with a German language buddy is a great way to learn the language. - Source: UnsplashYour next step would be to reach out via a direct message or by commenting on a conversation thread to find out if anyone would like to learn English, while they teach you German by being your language buddy.   

Practise Fun Ways to Learn German as a Supplement to Your Lessons

Learning a language should be an ongoing endeavour and not one that is confined to the walls of a classroom or screen with your private tutor. In fact, there are so many fun ways to supplement your formal lessons.

Some of these include:

  • Watching German Television
  • Listening to German podcasts, audiobooks, or German radio via live streaming
  • Reading German newspapers, blogs, and books
  • Play German board games
  • Play German online games where you can chat in German to other players

Actually, the list is endless and you could be very creative if you wanted to. Some students will even place sticky notes onto objects in the home. Think about it, it won’t take you long to remember that a fridge is a Kühlschrank!

Find the Best German Lessons with a Private Tutor

A reputable German language school to educate children in their mother tongue is always a good option. For others, a private German tutor is more beneficial.

So if you are looking up where to take German classes near me, first consider whether you would like to learn in a group setting or with a private tutor who could take you through your lessons at your own pace, time, and possibly even in the comfort of your own home.

But being able to be flexible in terms of your location and lesson times are just some of the reasons why people are choosing to take the best German lessons, only privately. Here are some others.

If you happen to be a university student studying German at the University of Natal you may require a tutor to help you through certain aspects of the syllabus.

There’s no doubt, by working with a private tutor you could even have personal input into your German lessons for beginners. This is important because if you are going to be sent on a career secondment to Germany for instance, you may want to include business phrases, vocabulary, and even jargon that is specific to your industry, into your lessons.

Alternatively, you could be planning a gap year to travel and work around Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, which might require a different level of tuition.

Make sure you check out Superprof, a tutoring platform that offers private German lessons for every goal and ability. In most cases, you can also choose whether you would like face-to-face lessons or online lessons via Zoom or Skype. If you want to learn face-to-face, Superprof even allows you to search by location, so that you can find someone near you and save time on traffic and travel costs. In today’s busy world this can be very valuable.

Finally, one of the best advantages to using a Superprof tutor is that in many cases they will offer the first lesson for free. This is important because you would really like to clearly communicate your goals for wanting to learn German, as well as find out more about their background and experience before you start.

Once you are on Superprof, you can also look out for any reviews that the tutors have received to help you make your decision.

As you can tell, there are many excellent ways to tackle your study of German. Furthermore, as one of the Top 10 most widely spoken languages in the world, where 55 million people learn it as a second language, you will only enrich your life when you take the leap to embark on German lessons. Not only will you expand your world in terms of personal relationships and more enjoyable travel, but you will widen your career opportunities too. Viel Glük!

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