Learning new languages can be challenging, however, with the right teacher and course it can also be an immensely rewarding step towards enriching one’s life. Perhaps you are in Cape Town and thinking about learning German. If you have even started searching for German-speaking classes near me, then Cape Town, with its cosmopolitan city and rich German heritage is filled with options. From conversational lessons for beginners to advanced German lessons, there is something for everyone.

In fact, with around 60 000 permanent German residents living in Cape Town, you will find that it is widely spoken in the city. In this article, you will find many other reasons why Cape Town is such a great place to take up German.

Did you know that the South African-German connection goes back centuries when an influx of German immigrants joined the French and Dutch settlers in the Cape? Even today, as a nation that loves to travel, Germans are still pouring into South Africa. They then fall in love with the diverse culture, climate, and lifestyle of the country, making South Africa the top immigration destination for Germans.

In Cape Town, the Waterfront and City Bowl areas are such popular suburbs for Germans to settle that, to cater for this, there is even a Deutsche Internationale Schule (Cape Town International German School) going all the way up to Grade 12.

Why Search German Speaking Classes Near Me?

When it comes to why entering German-speaking classes near me into your internet browser is a good idea, there are plenty!

If you want to work internationally, for instance, then adding an additional international language to your skillset on your CV is extremely beneficial, especially in today’s business world where every corner of the globe has become so much more accessible through technology.  

Another reason is that there are over 100 million Germans who live and work all over the world! Not only this, but the UK, which is a well-trodden career destination for working South Africans has important economic ties with Germany. Besides that, Germany is in fact the economic power station of Europe. So, by taking advanced German lessons, you open up your potential career opportunities in Europe.  

Closer to home in South Africa, there are around 600 German companies. These include blue-chip brands like Bayer, Siemens, Volkswagen, and Lufthansa. This high prevalence of German-based industry in South Africa makes it unsurprising that the German Chamber of Commerce reports that fluency in German is a much needed, yet rare skill needed in sectors like tourism, arts and culture, and education.   

Even if you have never taken advanced German lessons, to be able to add even conversational ability to your CV would benefit your career both at home and abroad. So what are you waiting for, start searching for German-speaking classes near me now?

As already mentioned, there are so many South Africans and especially Capetonians with German roots. If this is you, it could be this connection to your heritage that makes you want to enrol in a German school for part-time lessons.

Apart from this, with so many native Germans residing in Cape Town, it is also likely that at least one or two happen to be your friend, colleague, or significant other! These relationships are all wonderful reasons to take up German and connect more closely through language.

Find a German Language Buddy

group of girls talking
A German language buddy may be what you need to take your skills to the next level. - Source: Unsplash

The best way to learn any new foreign language is actually total language immersion! This usually entails an extended stay in an overseas country which of course is not always possible!

Try and imagine it. Every taxi ride or visit to a restaurant or deli becomes a language lesson that you don’t even know you are having. In fact, it is in these situations that you may even learn more than you would in a classroom.

It is for these reasons that university exchange programmes in overseas countries where German is spoken, is so popular with students. You don’t even need to be a student at university. Perhaps you have German ancestry that could help you obtain a working visa as an au pair or some other job where English speaking natives are in demand.

Of course, not everyone can simply pack up and go to Germany for work, life, and play. However, there is something else that you could do and that is finding an official language buddy!  

When it comes to acquiring any new language, practice is the key. Practice in listening, speaking, writing, and reading. All of this is possible with a language buddy!   

At this point, you may be asking, where do I find a language buddy? If you don’t know someone or someone who knows someone from your community, there is one place you can turn. Social Media!

One of the great benefits of finding a language buddy on social media is that you can choose someone who already shares the same interests as you.  One way of doing this is to follow German Instagram accounts that are of interest to you. These could be following German chefs, sports stars, or humanitarians, this is where you comment that you are looking for a German language buddy. You will probably be surprised at how many Germans would love to pair up for informal language learning with an English speaking native!

Supplement Lessons with Fun Ways to Learn German

There is much more to learning a new language than formal classes, or weekly sessions with your tutor. There are actually many fun ways to learn German and supplement your learning. You could watch German TV, live stream German radio, listen to audiobooks and German podcasts, or read German blogs, newspapers, and magazines.

These are methods that engage your senses and will help you with speaking, reading, writing, and listening – the critical areas of language acquisition.

Other fun ways to learn German are to get hold of traditional board games in German or play entertaining online games where you can also chat with German players.

The list is endless. Some people like to even plonk sticky notes onto objects around the house. It won’t take long for you to learn that a Kühlschrank is a fridge!

Find a Private German Tutor

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Learning to speak German can improve your career prospects. - Source: Unsplash

In South Africa, there are nine universities, including Stellenbosch and the University of Cape Town that offer German lessons. And if you include the German school mentioned above, that means there is often a need for students to sign up for extra Germans lessons with a private tutor too.

So it doesn’t matter if you are searching for German-speaking classes near me for conversational or advanced German lessons, you should consider the option of a private German tutor.

While learning in a class or group situation has many merits, it is the flexibility that private tuition offers in terms of location, content, and timing that is advantageous.

By finding a tutor suited to you, you will also be able to request the kind of German lessons aligned with your personal goals. This is where a tutor like those found on the Superprof platform (where tuition ranges from R120 – R550 per hour, depending on the tutors’ background and experience) could certainly benefit you.

It’s key to choose your tutor carefully. If you are going on a backpacking holiday, conversational German lessons will probably suffice. If, however, you are a first language German student, you may want German lessons for advanced students, by a very experienced and qualified tutor.

Here’s an important example for people in business. If you are going on a secondment to work for a company in Germany, you could explain this to your tutor who could draw up a very personalised programme for you that includes vocabulary, phrases and even jargon, that is specific to your industry.

 There’s no doubt, having a private German tutor will help you to hone in on the aspects of the language where you need help the most, but above all, it will allow you to set the pace of the learning so that you can fully absorb the content and grasp German!

So whether you decide to commit to lessons through a German school, or whether you want to take lessons with a private tutor, by doing so, you will add to the 55 million people all over the world who are learning German as a second language! And when you consider, that it is in the 10 most widely spoken of all the world’s languages, there’s no doubt that you will ever regret investing in German lessons of any sort. Viel Glük!

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