"You have to be quick on your feet to adapt and deal with the unexpected. And in time you learn two tricks that help you survive when there’s trouble in the spotlight. First, you never lose your smile. And second, you make damn sure you distract them with something else to look at." Tiny Pretty Things

If these two tips from the current ballet drama, Tiny Pretty Things, teaches you anything its that with time almost everything is possible in dancing. To be able to be quick on your feet, you have to silence your inner anxious voice and step into your first dance lesson. Irrespective of how bad a dancer you are when you venture into beginner dance lessons, you can learn how to dance if you are motivated to do so. The more regularly you attend dance lessons, the better a dancer you will be.

More and more people are enthusiastic about taking dance classes as a way of bettering their dance skills.  Dance lessons are an ideal place to meet new people and bond socially with them. So what are you waiting for? Learn to dance in South Africa now.

Taking your first dance lessons
Tap your way to dancing success with beginner dance lessons. Source: Unsplash| Joost Crop

All About the Best Dance Classes for Beginners

"Somewhere on your body, there's pain, an ache that comes from pushing beyond what any person was ever meant to do." Tiny Pretty Things

To avoid getting unfamiliar aches and pain during dance classes for beginners, your dance instructor will ensure that you warm-up and cool off.

The reason why every one of the best dance classes starts with a warm-up procedure is so as to increase your heart rate and causes blood to flow towards your muscles easing your body into the strenuous moves that await thereafter. Warming-up is also a technique to get your body and mind prepared for the dancing activity that will follow. You will know that you are in a great dance class for beginners if your dance lesson starts off with a thorough warming up period before you actually get into the routine. A good dancing school also makes time for a cooling-off period towards the end of the lesson.

Many people feel that its best for beginners to take private dance lessons to gain the full benefits of having ample time for warming up before actually learning dance moves. You may feel more comfortable admitting to your dance instructor that you are struggling with certain warm off moves if you are learning on your own. You can also learn at your own pace if you opt to take private beginner dance lessons as opposed to taking dance lessons at a dancing school.

If you do choose to learn dancing at a dance school, you will find positives as well, especially if it is a good dance school for beginners. Another important aspect of a good dance class for beginners is having the right dance teacher by your side to guide you. Whether you are learning Zumba, Salsa, or traditional dance, a great dance instructor makes a world of difference. To ascertain that you find the best possible dance instructor for you, attend the free dance lessons offered by dance schools before you commit to joining a certain dance class. Superprof dance teachers also offer a free class before you commit to the private tutor. Superprof tutors do this to enable students to have the chance to gauge if they are the best fit. A demonstration class is also a way of learning about your dance teacher's experience and all about the instructor's background as a dancer. Knowing facts about your dance instructor also gives you the added confidence to trust in your dance teacher and the more you trust in your dance teacher's expertise, the better you will learn.

A good dance instructor is vital
Trust in your dance instructor to benefit from your dance lesson. Source: Unsplash | Kazuo Ota

All excellent dance classes start with outlining the rules. There is no such thing as a dance form without rules. Stepping into dance classes that have no rules is never ideal as you never know what to expect and may end up having a chaotic first dance lesson. While you may think that contemporary dancing has no actual rules, if you look very closely you can certainly find some rules for a contemporary dance class. All dance genres have rules. For example, when learning authentic Eastern belly dancing one of the rules that are encouraged is that you never leave a move half done- completion of dance moves are necessary. In Hip Hop, the team of dancers are instructed to do tricks and movements that pose no threat to any member of the team. Any movement that poses a threat to any members of the team is considered inappropriate in Hip Hop dancing. Good dancing schools let you know the dance rules from when you start your first dance lesson.

A good dance teacher takes the time to get to know the dancing students. By knowing what each dancing student's goals are and the reason as to why they are taking a specific dance class, the teacher can structure dance lessons to meet the goal of each and every dancer. Trying to attend your weekly dance class slightly earlier than your actual start time will give you the chance to chat with your dance instructor. You can speak to your dance instructor about your dancing goals and your aspirations as a future dancer.

If you have no goal in mind when you join dance classes, perhaps you need to look at the health benefits of dance lessons. Surely you did join a dance class to reap one of the many health benefits guaranteed by these dance classes.

Identify your dancing goals
Communicate your dancing goals to your dance teacher from the onset. Source: Unsplash

A Few Dance Steps for Beginners

As a beginner dancer, there are many ways that you can start learning dance steps on your own. One way is by watching Youtube videos to learn step by step dance moves. The currently trending Jersulema dance video is an excellent video to watch to get your leg movements and line dancing styles perfected.

It's also vital to do some research on the genre of dance that you are learning. When you do research, you will already know what steps you will be taught in advance.

To better your own dance moves, you may have to start with a simple two-step which entails stepping from one side to the other according to the beat of the music. Alternatively, you can sway your body in a sort of figure-eight shape while enjoying the music. As you attend more classes, you will learn to sway your body in a figure-8 like movement in a way that coordinates with the movement of other dancers. Having mastered correct choreographed movements, and synchronizing your movements with your partner is having overcome part of the struggle of learning how to dance.

If you are learning contemporary African dancing, you will learn dance moves like those featured in Gwara Gwara or the Shaku Shaku dance.

Learning to dance by yourself
As a beginner dancer, you will do well by learning steps for beginners on your own as well. Source: Unsplash

Learning to Dance Well

"At least at first. Your muscles stretch and burn until they might rip. The bones in your hips threaten to rotate right out of their sockets. Your spine lengthens and twists into impossible shapes. The veins in your arms swell, blood pulsing through them. Your fingers tremble as you try to hold them taut but graceful, just so. Your toes jam into a pretty pink box, battering your feet with constellations of blisters and bruises. But it all looks effortless and beautiful. I hope. Because that's all that really matters.” Tiny Pretty Things

The abovementioned quote is not meant to deter you at all from taking more advanced dance lessons but to motivate you to keep on trying and keep waltzing.

Children have fun dancing
Unleash your inner child on the dancefloor and have fun. Source: Unsplash | Anna Earl

Dancers look absolutely beautiful gracing the dancefloor with their presence irrespective of how hard it may get to perfect the dance moves as you advance from a novice dancer level to a more advanced dancing stage.

You become a better dance when you no longer just doing random movements but when you are doing a full proper dance. More advanced dancers can dance according to the rhythm. Once you are able to feel the music and dance to the music, you know that you are now dancing well. More advanced dancers no longer look at their feet to guide them to remember movements but can move by feeling the music.

Expert dancers are open to dancing with new faces and in front of all. The main idea behind starting off with beginner dance lessons is to get you to feel confident in your ability to move and to actually feel comfortable enough to move in front of others.

Lastly, you know that you have become a better dancer when you approach dancing lessons like a child, with ease and feel absolutely relaxed while dancing. The more you dance, the more you will understand that dance is all about unleashing your creativity on the dance floor and having fun doing so.

Let out your inner child on the dancefloor!

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