"If a ballerina falls hard and nobody's there's to catch her does she still make a sound?" Tiny Pretty Things.

If the hit show, "Tiny Pretty Things" has taught us anything it is that for many a specific form of dance becomes a way of life. So engrossed do people become in the art form, that it becomes an inescapable part of their personalities. The good news is that if you are looking to step on your toes and do ballet for the first time, you will have a dance teacher by your side to catch you when you fall.

Are you interested in dancing in South Africa for the joy of dancing or are you keen on reaping the benefits of dance?

Irrespective of what your reason is for being interested in taking dance lessons, you can look at all the dance teacher options available to you in South Africa.

For the love of dance
There are many physical and psychological benefits of dancing. Source: Unsplash

Dancing gives you the chance to escape the humdrum of daily life and just let loose. It is also an art form and indulging in art is always a way to get rid of any stress that you may feel. Irrespective of which dance form you choose to engage in, let your body tell a story for once.

Like visiting the gym, you should frequent dance classes at least once per week. Your weekly dance lessons will be the platform to enable you to burn off some stress and any excess calories as well. Weekly dance classes will also liven up your spirits and cheer up your mood. Since dancing is a form of exercise, you can be certain that your brain will release some of the endorphins that it releases when you exercise making you feel content and pleased.

Once you are feeling content, you can feel better about yourself too knowing that you are benefitting healthily from your dance classes as well.

You still haven't started taking dance classes? No stress. You can do some reading up on how to start learning how to dance and why you should learn to dance.

Looking at the Health Benefits of Dance

Cardiovascular Health Improvement

Try doing some Hip Hop dance moves for 20 minutes! Can you feel your heart beating faster? All dance forms cause your heartbeat to accelerate. Therefore the more you dance, the faster your heartbeats. Challenging your heartbeat is what you actually need to do in order to improve your cardiovascular health. There have been many studies conducted that proved that people who do moderate-intensity dancing were the least likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and to date barely ever does a dancer die of cardiovascular disease.

Improving Balance and Body

Dance is an art form that entails working out your entire body. Every single muscle within your body gets worked out because of dance. So while dancing for 30 minutes per day gives your body a full workout, it also aids in burning the excess calories and helping you get your body back into shape. So sway, skit and move your way towards better body balance and a more shapely body.

Of late many people have hopped onto the traditional dance bandwagon, particularly because the coordinated movements entailed in traditional dance forms fosters better bodily balance and coordination whilst dancing. Traditional dance also has numerous benefits on the body and actually does better the body balance.  The rhythmic movements encouraged by traditional dance was also proven to have considerable benefits on the overall health and wellbeing of the elderly.

Traditional dancer
Traditional dance improves the wellbeing of the elderly. Source: Unsplash| Saksham Gangwar

Increased Flexibility

Due to the variety of stretches, lifts and fluid body movements required when you dance, you will certainly become more flexible when you dance. You are a split away from a more flexible you.

Ballet is the ideal dance form should improving your fitness be your main reason for seeking dance lessons near you. However, rest assured that your dance instructor won't expect you to be supple and move your body in unusual ways as ballerinas do from your first lesson. The more ballet classes you attend the more supple and fit your body will become.

Dancing is Good for Health: Mental Health

Reduces Stress

Dancing is a way to relieve you of any unnecessary stress. The more you dance, the more dancing becomes the only thing that you focus on. So let your hair loose and dance your way to glory.

Improves Your Memory

When you start dancing, there are many choreographed dance moves that you have to learn. Having to remember dance steps to certain routines like the Salsa dance or ballroom dancing, in turn, improves your memory.  At first, you may look slightly clumsy on the dancefloor. Performing dance routines tend to come naturally after a while so the more you practise the better.  You will actually learn to focus on changes in movement and moving to the beat which will improve your short-term and long-term memory.

Dancing is a Social Activity

As humans, we all have the desire to fit in and belong. Dance classes give us the chance to belong, andd is therefore a great activity for children. You may make life long friends who will enjoy a smoothie with you after dance class or friends who will encounter the same struggles as you when trying to perfect a dance move.  Although it is more comfortable to dance alone, there is something comfortingly refreshing when dancing in front of others. With people around, you tend to have more fun dancing the hours away.

Dancing with others
There is much joy when dancing with others. Source: Unsplash| Vadim Fomenok

Betters Your Mood

The nice thing about dance is that it allows you to have a creative output. You can feel the music and dance to the lyrics of the song. Sometimes dancing is the best way to enhance your mood.

How to Reap Dance Health Benefits

While dancing will naturally allow you to reap vital dance exercise benefits and dance health benefits, you must be dedicated to dancing. Part of the journey towards a healthier lifestyle starts with a commitment to dance classes. The more often you attend dance classes, the healthier you will feel and look.  If you feel that group lessons will be too taxing for you maybe you should consider taking private lessons. If you feel that you will feel more comfortable when dancing in private, then, by all means, do what feels best for you. Whether you take ballet lessons, Hip Hop classes or Salsa classes, be open for anything.

Dance requires a positive mindset
You need to have the correct mindset when you join dance classes
Source: Unsplash| Hamid Hamido

Lessons Vary in Terms of Pace

Due to the duration of dance lessons being too short, a single dance lesson will be packed with guided steps and movements. So to make sure that you perfect every movement, you need to keep your focus in class. Keep your eyes glued to each and every movement performed by your dance instructor.

Have Your Goals in Mind Always

If you want to gain dance exercise benefits, keep your goals in mind. You may have joined dance class to lose weight so keep checking your weight and if you feel that you have not yet met your weight goals try dance lessons more often. Remember that there are many diverse personalities in your dance class but never try to compare yourself to anyone else. You need to make your goals as personal as possible. Always remember what motivated you to take up dance lessons in the first place. The more you remember your motivation for starting to dance, the better it will be to continue attending dance classes.

Come With An Open Mind

Dance is such a fast pace art form, you will constantly be learning new things. Come to your dance class with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Some of your dance lessons will involve theory and some of the lessons will entail movements. The type of dance form that you choose to take will determine the course of your lessons and how open-minded you need to be.  If you are learning with others, you need to ensure that you are able to learn with others. If you are learning on your own with an instructor, you must note that you set the pace that you want to learn at and your instructor will work according to that pace.

Dance lessons even dance lessons for beginners will attempt to challenge you in every aspect. If you are openminded and have the right mindset, you won't feel drained after class or dread classes. Your mindset is everything! You won't get every step mastered to perfection when you first try.

Dance is fun
Regularly attend dance classes and have fun. Source: Unsplash| Michael Afonso

Fun is Ensured in Dance

You can certainly reap the benefits of dance when you have fun doing it. For many people, dance classes are a way to escape the boredom associated with everyday life. To release all of your emotional baggage, dance lessons will be a sure way to let off all of the steam. Movements of your body through dance classes will surely showcase all of your feelings.  Sometimes the fun outweighs all of the concentration and dedication needed to pursue dance classes.

Dance lessons can ensure that you become more confident in your abilities as a dancer and more confident in yourself.

Become a healthier and happier you by taking dance lessons.

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