Bloemfontein has an abundance of roses in gardens across the city. Some refer to it as the City of Roses, while others call it the central city of South Africa because of how people pass through or to travel the city.

The most recognisable factor about Bloemfontien must be however, the warmth and hospitality of the local people. We’d like to think of it as the heart of South Africa and therefore it’s the ideal place if you want to learn how to speak English fluently.

A lot of people move to Bloemfontein to find a job or with a plan to further their studies. To understand English, speak English well and acquire language skills like reading and listening skills, will not only make you more employable, it will also open doors to universities and schools if you plan to further your studies at some stage.

English is the international language for business and also the most spoken language across the globe if you combine native and non-native speakers. International organisations expect that employees use the universal English language in meetings, report writing, presentations and emails.

It is therefore no wonder that most English-speaking countries require that executives and students alike, supply proof of their English proficiency before entering their borders for studies or immigration.

This can be a bit problematic if you aren’t fluent in English. How will you get a job, how will you advance your career or maybe study further if you don’t even know how to speak English fluently?

We have some good news; an English Second Language course or a private ESOL tutor might be the perfect solution and you’ll be able to speak English like a Native speaker in no time.

Business in English
English is the language of most business communications, globally. Doing an ESL (English Second Language) course will not only improve your English, it will also increase your chances of landing an international job - Image by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

ESOL for Locals and Internationals

Most International students who arrive in Bloem will probably meet the international language requirements. To ensure they can function and operate comfortably, the South African government requires that they prove their English efficiency before they get accepted in universities, colleges or get the required student visa.

If you are one of those who are still trying to find a way to get into the college or University of your choice, but English has been the thorn in your side, English second language classes will help you to get the required English marks as set out in the admission requirements. In this instance it’s imperative that you ensure the English School or course where you plan to study meets the requirements and standards as set-out by the university you plan to attend.

A lot of English second language students come from small and far-out South African towns in search for better education or jobs. These ambitious students will certainly benefit from Second Language classes, and if they plan to land a great job, immigrate or find a job abroad, they will probably also need to ensure their English skills include more than comfortably conversing in English.

South Africans have to pass their Senior Certificate with university exemption and acquiring a good English mark is unfortunately, not always possible for a lot of students. Don’t be discouraged if this is you, read further to discover a couple of options you can turn to ensure you get into the school or university to study the degree of your dreams.

International students who plan to further their studies at one of the prestigious institutions like the University of the Free State or the Central University of Technology, Free State, will have to get exemption from the Matriculation Board of South Africa (USAf) for undergraduate programs.

By doing an International language test they can prove their abilities in reading and writing English, their listening skills and whether speaking English is within their skillset. The IELTS (International English Language Test Standard) or TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) exams are available in most countries across the globe.

Language proficiency test
The International English test is a way for an English Second Language student to prove their English proficiency - Image by Wadi Lissa on Unsplash

Potential Course of Study

South Africa has an eclectic mix of diverse cultures and languages. Universities and colleges in South Africa understand that the majority of south Africans have English as a second language, even though it’s the priority language in and across businesses.

They therefore offer some bridging courses and extended curriculum programmes (ECPs) to equip those from previously disadvantaged communities that don’t meet the minimum admission requirements with the necessary skills and education. These ECPs will not only help the student achieve the necessary Academic literacy in the first year of studies, it will also equip them with valuable life skills to ensure they are set-up for success. All first-year students registering for the first time will most probably conduct an Academic Language Proficiency (ALP) test, unless they have successfully completed a language proficiency module in English at another institution of higher learning.

Alternatively, there are plenty of Universities that recognised the need for correspondence studies. The University of South Africa ( offers exceptional bridging certificates or courses that can help students to learn English. Even if you choose to move to Bloemfontein, correspondence studies allow you the opportunity to work while you study. Contact the admissions counsellor or career counsellor for advice as they would provide the perfect course of study to get you closer to your dream degree.

Language schools and private colleges also offer those who speak English as a second language, a chance to improve their English speaking and writing skills.

Bloemfontein has less language schools than the bigger cities like Pretoria, Cape Town or Johannesburg. This should however not hold you back if you want to learn English in the heart of the Free State. Various schools offer international English certifications and qualifications that has the necessary accreditation to get you into a degree qualification.

One challenge with online courses is the fact that you will not get to speak and practise your English speaking with fellow students. Online programs have become a lot more advanced and with the help of technology they offer great innovations and solutions, but the best help however would be to get your own private English tutor on Superprof.

Correspondence Studies
A correspondence course is a great solution for those who need more flexibility - Image by Nappy on Pexels

Getting Help with Your English Studies

An online English tutor will be able to give you the hands-on and personal attention you require while you learn English, especially if you are a beginner to English.

They are qualified in language studies and will not only be able to help you plan your studies around the set curriculum, they will also help you identify the areas you should focus on to ensure you pass your exams with flying colours.

Online tutors will not only allow you time to practice your English speaking, they will also ensure you cover all the necessary elements as laid out in most courses.  They can adapt the learning process and methodologies according to your personal needs. Most English tutors can offer English classes online using skype, zoom or one of the other popular online platforms.

With the help of Superprof you can research, compare and select a tutor that is perfect for you.  Here are a few of the 62 ESOL star-tutors in Bloemfontein:

  • Mary  is a passionate, award-winning teacher and educator who will give you individual attention for R255 per lesson. She majored in English and has been an HOD for languages in a very academically successful school. She has also been tutoring academic literacy for 6 years at the University of the Free State and frequently assist matric learners in their preparation camps.
  • Nedine recently completed her TEFL (Teaching English Foreign Language) course and is ready to apply her teaching by giving you the tutoring you require. Nedine only asks R100 a class, offers her first class for free and like most Superprof tutors you can use that class to see if she is the tutor you’ve been looking for
  • Thea-Elé has over 28 years of experience as an educator, she lectured at three South African Universities and taught grades 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12. She’s ideal for beginner and advanced level English speakers and offer classes by webcam.

What You Will Learn in ESL Classes

A native English speaker will speak English fluently, using grammar, English vocabulary, idioms and expressions without a second thought.  As an English second language learner you will be introduced to a lot of new and exciting aspects around English.

Very often, second language English speakers have a better command of the language rules than those who speak English as a home language because they get trained in the following areas:

  • English grammar rules and usage
  • English words and vocabulary
  • Vowels, consonants and English pronunciation techniques (phrasing and intonation)
  • Verbs, nouns, tenses and the application thereof
  • English communication skills and oral comprehension
  • Writing and speaking English
English teacher
Finding an English teacher online can help to supplement your online studies and help you practice how to speak English - Image by Katerina Holmes on Pexels

Are you ready to put your heart into learning English?

May you find the best teacher and/or qualification that will not only help you to improve your English, but will make you fall in love with this exciting and complex language.

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