If you are looking for ways to learn a new language, there are many methods you could use to achieve this. It depends on three main things: your time, budget, and goals. If you want to learn German in South Africa there are a few ways you could do this.

Firstly, try searching learn German language near me, and see what Google offers you. This is a good base for your research. If you are simply looking for German language lessons for beginners, you should be able to quickly identify which teachers, schools, or courses offer basic lessons. However, if you want to learn to speak German fluently, you may need to put more time and effort into your research.

Fortunately, if you want to learn German in South Africa, there is absolutely no shortage of teachers and we have our interesting history to thank for this!

German communities are found all over South Africa and this dates back to the 1800s when Europeans settled first in the Cape, and later in other parts of the country. In almost every metropole in the country, you are bound to find a German club, restaurants, and delis. And of course, native Germans who are either trained or willing to help you to learn to speak German fluently. In fact, if you are looking for German lessons for beginners, almost anywhere in South Africa, you are bound to have options.

If you are searching I want to learn to speak German the first thing you should do to make your search easier, is to ask yourself the question, why do I want to learn German? If you need to learn to speak German fluently because you are immigrating, or if you have a senior position in a German company, you need to find the right course or teacher. Remember that there is no point in signing up for German language lessons for beginners if these are your requirements.

Did you know that German is spoken by approximately 100 million all over the world? So it makes a lot of sense to want to learn to speak German, in which case you will part of the 55 million who have learnt German as an additional language.

There is no doubt, one of the great hindrances to learning anything new is the shortage of available time. If you find yourself in this category, make sure that you include learn German language near me, into your search. The convenience of taking up lessons near to work or home could make all the difference to keeping you motivated to continue with your lessons. In South Africa, you could use the Superprof website to answer your search learn German language near me, because on Superprof you actually have the ability to search by location

Reasons to Learn German in South Africa

As already mentioned, the South African-German connection goes back centuries when German immigrants settled all over the country. For this reason, many South Africans want to either sign up for German language lessons for beginners or have the desire to learn to speak German fluently, so that they can connect with their German roots and relatives!

Another popular reason why so many South Africans turn to Google to search I want to learn to speak German is to enrich their travel experiences to countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

There’s another really important reason to learn German in South Africa and that’s because as a country South Africa is the number one immigration destination for Germans! Not only that, but Germans love to holiday in South Africa too. So if you are in the tourism business, taking up German lessons for beginners could actually be good for your business.

As you can tell, German and South African culture is very interwoven and it is very common for South Africans to want to learn to speak German fluently so that they can better relate to their romantic partners, colleagues, and friends.

Learn to Speak German Fluently and Boost Your Career

As the globe becomes more accessible through technology, you could find yourself learning an additional language, like German, for career reasons. You will hear many career-minded South Africans who want to gain experience overseas, say I want to learn to speak German. The reason for this is that Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe, it also has very strong business ties with the UK.

Even in South Africa, did you know that there about 600 German companies in the country? In fact, the German Chamber of Commerce in South Africa encourages people to learn German because it is actually a rare, but sought-after skill across a diverse range of industry sectors – especially tourism and education.  

Educating South African Children in German

For many South African families, searching I want to learn to speak German or learn German language near me, is not enough for their goals. First language German natives, understandably seek to educate their children in German. In most large cities, there are German International Schools, called Deutsche Internationale Schule (DSJ), which offer education from very early grades right up to Grade 12.

If you are in Johannesburg, you could also contact the German Academic  Exchange Service for any advice on where to find German language lessons for beginners or how to supplement your, or your family's education and learn German in South Africa.

In South Africa, there are nine universities that offer German language lessons for beginners, some of these even facilitate exciting seasonal exchange programmes with universities in Germany where immersing in the language (which is still the best way to learn any new language) is possible.

Check out:

Find a Private Tutor Near You 

Almost every big city has language schools where you could join a class to learn an additional language of your choice. The decision to learn in a class or with a private tutor is really up to the individual.

Remember that in a group or classroom setting, you will learn German at the pace of the rest of the class and you will not have much, to any, input on the subject matter.

However, if you have decided to take up German language lessons for beginners, or German for advanced students, there is no doubt that signing up with a private tutor who could tailor-make your lessons according to your personal goals is most beneficial.

Not only will you be able to learn at a pace, and in an environment that suits you, but you could concentrate on the type of content that would suit your needs. If for instance, you need to learn to speak German fluently so that you can take up a position in a German company in Germany, you could focus on business-type language, phrases and vocabulary that is even industry-specific.

Wherever you are in South Africa, there are dozens of Superprof tutors and you could search by location to find one near you. If there isn’t one near you, or if you would prefer to learn online via your webcam and Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, you also have that option.

The key is to find the right tutor to suit your particular goals for wanting to learn German. There is no need to sign up with a university professor who is tutoring on the side if you simply want to learn basic German phrases for your next backpacking trip to the Alps. In the same way, if you are serious about wanting to learn to speak German fluently, you should find a native German, who is also an experienced teacher. On a platform like Superprof, for instance, there are hundreds of tutors to suit every need and budget.

An added bonus about using Superprof is that you could actually pick up your first lesson for free. This is a valuable opportunity to see if you connect with the tutor’s personality, but also to make sure that you explain your goals for wanting to learn German. The clearer you are about your reasons upfront, the less room there will be for disappointment further down the line.

When it comes to cost, you could find private German tuition in South Africa for anything between R120/hour to R550/ hour depending on the experience and background of the teacher.

Remember that any investment, big or small, into furthering your education and knowledge is never wasted, especially when it comes to gaining an additional language! So if you need help learning German at any level in South Africa, now you know that there are many options available to you.

Embarking on a journey to learn a new international language will improve your CV, your confidence, your social life and so much more. It could literally open doors for you that you have never dreamed of, take the first step today, you never know where it could take you. Viel Glük!

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