Let’s us assume that you have a major exam looming, matric exams or a varsity semester exam, and Geography is one of your subjects.

You would, of course, want to put your best foot forward to attain the best results possible. You might then seek the assistance of a private tutor.

Tutors who can help you master different aspects you encounter in the subject are many. However, what you really want is someone who can adapt to your learning style and who has a deep knowledge of the exam you’re about to face. This tutor would design a specific geography lesson plan just for you!

Testimonials by previous students, would also attest to the tutor’s efficacy.

A final, important fact to consider: the person must be affordable to you.

Now, your Superprof takes charge of affairs and guides you to where a tutor can be found who offers a perfect balance between affordability and benefit.

Geography Tuition: A Definition 

In days gone by, geography lessons often entailed learners committing to memory the capitals of countries and where they were located. Today, a study of geography would include facets of geography’s two main branches.

A definition of geography would include that it is regarded as the mother of all sciences and can broadly be divided into physical geography and human geography.

 Any assistance you seek must address these aspects, as exams will test what you know about them.

Another point to consider, when deciding on whether a tutor is competent to guide you, is his or her personal level of success in the study of geography.

Although there are no laws governing the tutoring industry, the generally accepted norm is that a tutor must at least be ahead of his student by one year in his own study of the particular subject.

The rule thus implies that, if you have a sibling studying geography at first-year level at varsity, he or she is competent to tutor you.

You, then, could also earn some pocket money by tutoring students who are in a grade below yours!

As we’ve said earlier, when considering private tuition, cost is also a principal consideration!

A growing number of South African students are opting to learn or study with a private tutor. Many take into account that the tutor can help them engage with the learning material on a deeper level, especially if English is not their mother-tongue.

Many people are prepared to pay a premium for something they deem to be good.

For example, anxious parents may retain the services of a highly qualified tutor who is well-travelled and has an impeccable reputation of having helped his or her students answer all their pressing geography questions.

You are indeed entitled to hire the tutor of your choice; we strongly suggest that settle on the price which best suits your in-home tutoring needs.

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You must give some thought to locating the best tutor for you! (Source: Unsplash)

To help you make your decision, consider these variables:

  • Student’s age: younger children have shorter attention spans; they would do well in tutoring sessions which are shorter, leading to lower charges (fees).
  • Learning level: the higher the level, the higher the charge (cost).
  • Purpose: homework support and academic support means a long-term commitment; preparation for an exam will be for a much shorter period.
  • Delivery method: the cost of tutoring differs based on whether the student will receive face to face mentoring or online tutoring. Also, where a tutor has to travel to your home, the tutor’s fees may have a travelling fee added to it.
  • Lesson location: locating a tutor in a large metropolitan area is simpler, but usually means elevated fees.
  • Frequency: tutoring, of a general nature, can be delivered once a week, but if exams are looming, more than one session may be needed.

What about students with learning challenges?

Dyslexia, autism, ADHD ... these and other conditions present challenges to learners and their teachers.

Statistics show that close to nine hundred thousand learners – 8% of South African learners require education that accommodates special needs.

A tutor would, thus, be an important consideration for a parent or guardian who can afford the fees and who wants to grant his or her ward the best education possible.

The parent’s dilemma is, of course: how qualified is this tutor to meet my child’s particular needs? Does the tutor have any experience in doing exactly what we need?

The focus of such an interview should be the tutor’s ability to work with the learner’s specific disability and meeting the child at his or her point of need.

Check out what the price of a geography tutor is for learners with special educational needs, by level of study and location!

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Move in the right direction by ensuring that your tutor's expertise matches your needs! (Source: Unsplash)

How Do I Find a Tutor to Learn Geography

Now that we have considered all the above, let’s hit the search button!

As stated before, tutoring in South Africa is a growing business, so finding a competent geography tutoring, in a group or one-on-one, should be relatively easy.

Think about the host of options available to tutors to advertise their services.

Fliers may be found pinned up at your neighbourhood supermarket, library, community centre or petrol station. Adverts can also be found in local, even community newspapers, as well as on websites like Gumtree.

This form of advertising, unfortunately, does not allow for feedback and comments from former students or for the tutor to list his qualifications and specific experience.

Qualified tutors offer homework assistance at certain community centres and libraries around South Africa.

If academic assistance is your chief concern, make your way to one of these locations. There may be a tutor there available for a one-on-one tutoring opening.

The problem is that geography isn’t always high up on many students’ agendas these days, with many setting their sights on graphic design and, of course, the other standard fields of study like medicine, accountancy, engineering and the like.

You may only hear of a geography tutor by talking to your teacher, other parents or your neighbours.

This could prove to be the most effective method of connecting with a tutor, because you would have someone whom you know vouching for the person’s skill as a tutor.

What if your preference is for a geography course in a more formal environment?

Many tutoring services have on call qualified staff who can assist students in all of the academic pursuits, including geography.

The advantages of engaging with one of these tutors, is that their qualifications have been verified and they have a client base attest to their efficacy as tutors.

This solution does have its disadvantages, though.

You would, for one, be assigned a tutor as opposed to you selecting the one of your choice.

A second point is that you would have to commute to the tutoring venue because some of them do not allow their tutors to travel to students’ homes.

A final consideration is that an appointment of this nature would be more expensive, as the facility’s overhead costs would have to be covered.

Then there are tutoring platforms, like Superprof. Superprof, offers a large number of qualified geography tutors who are experts in the teaching of geography, and allows you to narrow down your search by using the webpage’s filters for price range, region and level.

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You can collaborate with your online tutor wherever you are! (Source: Unsplash)

The average price per hour of tuition with Superprof’s tutors is R150, while the lowest is only R100. Generally, the first hour is free, so that you can decide whether the two of you, student and tutor, are compatible.

Each Superprof tutor has a page which specifies his or her teaching experience and education level, as well as whether the tutor would prefer to teach online or face-to-face, either in your home, the tutor's home or another  location.

A major plus is that you can read reviews written about each tutor by their current and former students!

There are, of course, further options which you may want to explore …

While on the topic of exploring, uncover why people study geography!

Online Geography Courses

Tutoring is one of the many services which is increasingly becoming popular online.

In the Information Age that we live in, almost anything can be found online, including free tutoring.

One has to be careful of free tutoring, though … you must be sure that it’s up to scratch!

Interaction with a qualified geography tutor via a webcam will, in all probability, be more cost effective than having a tutor visiting you at home! And there are plenty of options from which to choose.

When working with an online tutor, you simply have to synchronise schedules for the learning to begin. Neither traffic nor the weather will inconvenience you. All you require is your computer, with a webcam, and a decent headset and you’re ready to roll!

Whether it’s for matric or final-year varsity exams, private tuition is an important venture in terms of your and your tutor’s money and time.

It is very important to reflect on all facets of enlisting the services of a geography tutor in order for the student to do well.

Next you can explore the numerous career choices geography graduates have at their fingertips!

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