Learning how to get a positive mindset is an ongoing journey, especially since our default thinking patterns tend to lean towards the negative. We realise we have to change our thinking and we jump into action, but after a couple of disappointments we slip back into the stream of pessimism.

It has been proven by science that with the right amount of effort you can change the way you view life, learn how to stay positive in the face of adversity and ultimately improve your well-being.

Positive affirmations, self-help books and online resources that encourage positivity can be useful reminders to help you turn your focus towards the positive. The more you focus on positivity, the more you’ll become solution-orientated and the easier it will be to deal with problems.

Social media and online content are currently being viewed with massive, polarized views. Luckily, similar to what you choose to attract in life, these digital platforms tend to push content and notifications your way that suits your consumption behaviour. The more uplifting content you consume, the more positive vibes you’ll receive in your news feed.

Are ready to put the power of positive thinking in your hands?

We’ve compiled a list of videos, tools, apps and online guides to help you gather your daily inspiration.

Medication vs Meditation

A lot of psychologists, well-being experts and life coaches are firm believers that the right action and mindset can prevent you from spiralling into anxiety and depression. There are plenty of positive psychology studies that show how the application of mental health techniques can become preventative measures for pessimism, stopping the negative thinking and patterns before they even start.

Dr Suzy Green from the positivity institute is a specialist in this area and in a YouTube interview you’ll learn all about how a foundation of mindfulness principles can lead to a happier life. She touches on how performance-based thinking can help you, how to develop resilience, the coping skills you can learn and how flourishing people experience more positive emotions.

Meditation is incredibly effective if you want to develop a positive mental attitude.  Living with self-awareness will help you to accept your current reality and face it with grace while slowly switching on the wheels of positivity.

When you meditate, you learn to let go and focus on the present moment. You’ll reduce stress as your brain releases more happy hormones, having a positive impact on your moods, psychological and physical health. You'll find some great YouTube videos on the effects of meditation on your brain.

We understand that every person has their own story and generally there’s not one single solution that will be perfect for everyone as they work towards contentment. Spend time to find yourself, discover what makes you unhappy, what causes frustration in your life and the obstacles in your thinking. Establishing where you are and where you want to go will help you to identify the gaps and obstacles as you work towards your personal goals.

If you really want to change your life you can visualize how a successful person will think, feel and act. Then work towards becoming that.

Depressed and Falling
Get help from a professional psychologist if you think you are struggling with anxiety or depression - Image by Tim Grundtner on Pexels

Gravitating to Positivity with Videos

With over 1 billion videos watched daily and 500 hours or video being uploaded per minute, YouTube has become an incredible resource for positive content. Seeking out positive videos is easy, and you can follow YouTube channels for notifications of new content releases.

YouTube channels to follow:

  • Let’s inspire is all about inspirational videos, performance and taking control of your destiny
  • TED and TEDx talks continuously brings out ground-breaking news and talks from scientists, actors, entrepreneurs and high-achievers in life, willing to share their learnings
  • Tom Bilyeu (Impact Theory) provides interviews and help in how you execute your dreams

Here are some of our favourite YouTube videos:

  • Your brain is wired for negative thoughts. Here’s how to change it.
  • An antidote to Dissatisfaction
  • How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza

Podcasts, E-books and Audio-books

Podcasts and audio books are great sources of inspiration and self-development. You can listen to motivations, inspirational stories, upbeat learning and constructive advice from successful people while travelling to work or relaxing on your bed.

One of South-Africa’s most successful, inspirational podcasts is that of ‘The Good Things Guy’.  Brent Lindeque and his team actively seeks out positivity and believe we need to change people's focus towards the positivity all around them.

There are plenty of other international podcast channels to with uplifting content to motivate and inspire you to be positive. Happier with Gretchen Ruben looks into how you grow your own happiness, The Tony Robbins podcast provides firm lessons in taking control or your life and The Charlene Show will provide advice on how to unlock more positive energy in your life.

The list of published writers around positive thinking is endless. Most of the books we buy nowadays also offer Kindle, E-book and even audio-book options, so it’s easy to turn over a new page to the path of optimism, whether you are a bookworm or not.

Be sure you investigate some of these great self-help classics:

  • The power of positive thinking (Norman Vincent Peale)
  • A year of positive thinking (Cyndie Spiegel)
  • The Happiness Equation (Neil Pasricha)
  • 101 Daily thoughts and affirmations to create positive change (Michael Austin Jacobs)
  • The road less travelled (M. Scott Peck)
Positive audiobooks
Most best-selling books on positivity are also available in audio-books - Image by Yingchou Han on Unsplash

A News Feed of Inspiration

Social media has a bit of a bad reputation because of the influence it can have on people’s mental well-being. Constantly comparing yourself to others, who only portray the good side of life to the outside world, might have disastrous consequences. You will end up focusing on what you are lacking instead of maintaining a positive attitude and focussing on silver linings in your own life. Unfollow or mute the accounts that has a negative effect on you and lookout for some positive people and inspirational accounts.

These Instagram accounts offer positive quotes, thoughtful posts and content that will instil some smiles and positive power:

  • @happsters
  • @positivelypresent
  • @catsofinstagram
  • @deepakchopra
  • @humansofny
  • @this_girl_is_a_squirrel
  • @round.boys
  • @fiveminutejournal
Positive Social Media
Social media can have a very negative effect on you if you compare yourself with people who seem successful at everything. They might not be sharing the negatives and challenges they experience and filter what they show the world - Image by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

Apps to Make You Appy

One of the greatest reminders you can have is a daily notification, meditation or positivity exercise sent directly to your phone. You can make this part of a daily practice if you choose the right apps and there are certainly more than enough to choose from to give each morning an injection of positive inspiration.

“Happify” is filled with content and exercises to help you achieve certain goals around your happiness.  “Positive Thinking Techniques” provides inspirational content for free, while “The Gratitude Journal” allows you to turn your thoughts towards the things you are thankful for as you activate the law of attraction.

Happy Apps
Add apps to your phone that will bring a spark of positive inspiration every day - Image by Stephen Frank on Unsplash

Inspiring Blogs and Articles

Sometimes you just a need a bit of positive reading to unlock a fresh perspective and show you the bright-side to a bad day. Subscribing to an insightful, optimistic blog can provide articles to positively influence your views. Blogs are ideal in your ongoing self-discovery journey and useful if you have some free time during the day.

Tiny Buddha (tinybuddha.com) is a community of people with the belief that we should be helping each other. They post every day and you can find tips, stories and quotes to help you develop greater happiness and positivity.

Pick the Brain (pickthebrain.com)provides a stunning collection of motivational articles that can help you develop a positive mindset.

The last blog we’d like to call out is Henrik Edberg’s The Positivity Blog (thepositivityblog.com) which can be useful to change negative self-talk, self-esteem issues and how to develop positive thinking.

Every single person, no matter how positive you are, needs a bit of encouragement or motivation sometimes. So be sure you search online for blogs that will provide guidance and optimsm to support your journey as you develop positive living.

You are Beautiful
Are you surrounded by messages that make you feel good about yourself? - Image by Designecologist on Pexels

Online Life-Coaches

The world of online learning has exploded with thousands of courses in almost any field. You can seek out a great self-development course, life-coaching course or psychology course if you think some form of formal training is something you can benefit from for the rest of your life.

For those who want to benefit from people with years of experience and professional guidance, there’s online coaching. Modern life coaches and personal development coaches offer online classes, which means you can learn from the comfort of your home.

They will provide you with psychology tests and processes to help you understand yourself before guiding you through a process of establishing your needs and how you can take positive action towards the life of your dreams.  With Superprof you can now compare their skills, see their rates and read reviews from past students.

Happiness is a choice
You deserve to be happy, so go out and get it - Image by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels

Learning to become positive is completely possible if your desire and hunger for an inspirational and purposeful life is strong enough.

Your best life is on your doorstep, will you use the tools you’ve got to invite it in every day?

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