Future is female

Exploring the Feminism Definition

What is Feminism Today? The global women’s rights movement has emerged throughout history with different currents to advocate and defend feminism and equality in society. In general, terms defining feminism would include the series of political, economic and social campaigns that relate to women’s rights. If you have asked what is a feminist, it is […]

31 May 20226 minutes reading time

vintage photo of children playing outdoors in New York

World History for Children

Outlining History for Children Having an understanding of world history is essential if we want our children to understand their place in the modern world and their unique heritage, all it takes is a little historical research. History is the story of our world. Once we comprehend the struggles that our forefathers went through on […]

6 Mar 20208 minutes reading time

The Tudor monarch, Henry VIII

The History of the Tudors

The Things You Always Wanted to Know About the Tudor Period We all know a little about the Tudors – whether we like it or not. The six wives are usually the first thing people mention – followed shortly by the strange aura that surrounds the figure of Anne Boleyn in particular. Then there is […]

18 Oct 20196 minutes reading time

earning your rights

All About the Suffrage Movement

The Suffragettes and Suffragists "We too often bind ourselves by authorities rather than by truth." -Lucretia Mott To go against the grain, take a stand, be outspoken, and make a notable difference requires courage and confidence. The women who boldly fought during the suffrage movement had all of those characteristics. Learning about historical heroes such […]

16 Aug 20198 minutes reading time

Get Help Learning History with our History Guides

As the saying goes, you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve come from. With that in mind, why not expand your historical knowledge with our great blogs. Whether you’re studying for the Matric exams, taking History at University or just want to learn about a different period in time, we have over 4000 history tutors to help you.

Try to find the six cradles of civilisation

Ancient Civilisations

Taking a Look at the Earliest Civilisations When people think of ancient worlds, Egypt, Greece and Rome come quickly to mind. There are more... Humanoids have been wandering around the planet for nearly 2 million years. Our branch of the hominid tree, Homo Sapiens, has only been around for about 300,000 years but we learned […]

12 Aug 201912 minutes reading time

world religions

Taking a Trip Around the World to Learn About Distinct Faiths

A Brief History of World Religions "Religion is one tree with many branches. As branches, you may say, religions are many, but as a tree, religion is only one." -Mahatma Gandhi With more than 84% of the 7.3 billion inhabitants on planet earth claiming to identify with a religious group, people from all types of […]

7 Aug 20198 minutes reading time

Studying History: What are Your Options?

What Type of History Should You Study? Why study history and become a historian? Do you want to learn about past societies, pursue a Bachelor in European History, find out more about early modern philosophy? But though the history department of your local university’s humanities section may offer a simple history major, you will soon […]

27 Dec 201810 minutes reading time

Imperial Battle of the Nile

The Greatest Empires in World History

Which was the Biggest Empire Ever? If you spend ten minutes looking through history, you’ll certainly notice that this word ‘empire’ comes up an awful lot: the Roman Empire, the British Empire, etc. But what exactly do we mean when we say this? What does this word actually refer to? And, importantly, what is the […]

21 Dec 20187 minutes reading time

Famous Historic Events Around the World

Significant Historical Events that Shaped Our World What do you mean, countries' borders move? They’ve always been there! Kevin O’Dell People in general, but especially in developed countries, tend to view the world as static; unchanged since the dawn of time. This is a postulate that supposes the world is indeed an elaborately dressed stage […]

19 Dec 20188 minutes reading time

Everything You Need To Know About Taking History Courses

Why Study History? We live in the present and we plan for the future. It somehow goes against our human instincts to worry about the past.  This is why History was invented: to study the past (not to dwell on it). Given all our daily worries about university, family, money and so on,  why bother with […]

13 Dec 20189 minutes reading time