The periodic table of elements was built over centuries

Famous Chemists and Their Discoveries

The Most Famous Chemists and What They Discovered When you think of a chemist, who comes to mind besides the drugs seller in your local shop? The chemists we discuss today are of a far loftier variety. They dedicated their lives to building our knowledge of the microscopic world by helping us understand how organisms […]

27 Feb 20217 minutes reading time

child playing with glitter slime

Science Geeks in the Making

Kids, Chemistry Can be Cool! Is your child among the science lovers? Does your child look forward to their Natural Science and Technology period at school? Is your high school teenager willing to choose science as a grade 10 subject? The chances are probably not. In the lower grades, science content seems rather too tedious […]

31 Oct 20207 minutes reading time

periodic table made of wood blocks

Chemistry 101

An Introduction to Chemistry Chemistry is all around us, all the time. Whether it’s natural or artificial, our days are filled with chemistry formulas in action. Everyday things like switching on a light bulb, refuelling a car, or even frying an egg are all in fact, chemistry questions just waiting to be answered! It is […]

8 Sep 20206 minutes reading time

Can you imagine what this experiment might involve?

Chemistry Revision Resources

What Resources to Call On for Chemistry Revision T’is that time of year again, when students start buckling down and really focusing on their upcoming exams... even though they will sit them months from now. As you well know, these exams, whether A-Levels or GCSEs, are life-changing. At the very least, they represent your chance […]

12 Nov 20187 minutes reading time

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