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1st lesson free!

Waving Bamboo martial art studio private lessons offering Yang style Tai chi chuan/ Combined competition form and Qigong lessons/Self defence

    • Roodepoort
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I teach each individual according to their interests. But I keep to strict standards of Tai chi Chuan Origins and training methods (Stance training, Stepping training, Forces of Peng Lu Ji An..etc...., Martial art/self defence Which then leads to better health). I teach in a gentle manner wether the student prefers the aspect of self defence or prefers to Learn only for health reasons of the mind and body. Tailored for each Persons character.

There is no age restriction at all. I equally enjoy teaching Youngsters from ages 10 and up, to the elderly.

The benefits for the Elderly are astounding as it helps support Joint Strengthening and balance , Which prevents falls and improves circulation as well as Breathing to name a few benefits.


  • Martial arts
  • Self defense
  • Tai chi


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About Richard

I have studied Tai chi Chuan since 1997. Predominantly Yang style of the Yang Chen fu -> Chen man Qing -> Sifu in Taiwan -> My Late Sensei -> Me also lineage for double sided long form from Yang Jian hou > Tchong ta chen -> Tuan Sifu in Taiwan -> My Late Sensei -> Me.

I have been giving private lessons for 1 year, online as well as in person. Currently using my Garage Dojo for teaching 1 to 2 people at a time, however have plans for building a Dojo in future to expand to groups and still individuals.

Will be holding lessons at Berario recreation centre from 2022 onwards.



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