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Hi Mikaela . I'm Lele, I'm currently in grade 10 going to grade 11 and I'm in desperate need for a tour especially in biology as I am no longer continuing science so I am basically going back to basics in terms of the subject. I am a diligent student and I know that I am going to catch up the work which I am prepared to do.
Dear Kgauhelo, My name is JΓ©rΓ΄me, I am French and German, and I lived in South Africa for one year many years ago. Unfortunately, at that time, although I lived in a Sotho-speaking area, I did not have the chance to learn Sotho. Today I am due to come back to live in South Africa. I will be moving there in February or March of next year, for a new job. And I would very much like to learn Sotho. I would like to start as soon as possible, online. Although you are offering tutoring in Life Sciences, you also mentioned that you are majoring in Sesotho, therefore I am reaching out to you. Do you think you could help me in this goal? Do you have experience in teaching beginners Sotho? Do you have learning material that you could share with me? (It is hard to come by in France, and the material online is hard to evaluate for me.) How would you go about teaching me? Could we have a first lesson sometime soon? I hope to hear from you very soon! Sala hantle*, JΓ©rΓ΄me (*That is about as far as my Sotho goes unfortunately. For all practical matters I am a total beginner.)
Good day Rudolph, my name is Shekinah. I would like your help with a bioinformatics assignment that is due tomorrow at midnight, I don’t know if the time will allow you to help but I would appreciate it if you could please get in touch with me. Below is the assignment in question. The Department of Health has noticed a surge of patients who suffer from similar symptoms in the past 2 months. They believe that the symptoms are due to a bacterial infection, assumed to be from a new strain of E.coli. 1. Applying your knowledge of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, formulate a research question based on the scenario? What would be an appropriate approach to answer this question? Include as many bioinformatics steps as possible. ​​​​(10) Answer… 2. What possible challenges do you expect to encounter? ​​​​​(2) Answer… 3. Your investigation proved that the symptoms experienced are due to an infection from an E.coli strain. You send a DNA sample to The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Unit and they successfully sequence the genome of the E.coli strain. Why was NGS rather than Sanger sequencing used for this? ​​​​​​​​(2) Answer… ​​​​​​​​ 4. Provided with the accession number NC_002128.1, a) Identify what the accession number represents. ​​​​​(2) b) Use NCBI to download the genome data. Is the genome complete? ​​​(1) Answer… c) How many genes does the genome contain? ​​​​​​(1) 5. Use one of the genes for NC_002128.1 to identify the open reading frames (ORFs) for the translated proteins. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many ORFs can you identify?​​​​​​​(1) Answer… c) Use one of the open reading frames to identify the protein that will be translated. How confident are you that the gene represents the translated protein? ​​​(2) 6. Answer… Download the nucleotide sequence of NC_002128.1 and search for similar sequences on the NCBI database. Comment on the results.​​​​​​ (2) ​​​​​​ 7. Download the top 10 matches for the sequence in question 6 above to a) perform a multiple alignment. Is this a good alignment? ​​​​(3) b) Infer phylogeny.​​​​​​​​​(3) c) Comment on phylogenetic relationship ​​​​​​(1) Answer… d) What challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them? ​​​(1) 8. You have identified that there is a variant of the gene in a specific group of people. a) Use the nucleotide sequence for NC_002128.1 to design new PCR amplification primers to target the gene. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many primers can you identify? ​​​​​​​(1) ​c) Report the primer sequences and the sizes of the possible amplicons. ​​​(2) ​d) Which primer set would you use to amplify the gene and why? ​​​(2) Answer…
Hi Irfaan. I am currently a Bsc Physiology and psychology, I am writing a physiology test on Monday and I was hoping you’d be able to help me with it. We can do it via webcam or I can come to you. Whichever works for you Thanks
Hi Louise, I'm currently studying Occupational Therapy Bsc (year 1) but am finding Anatomy and Physiology quite difficult. I'm struggling to wrap my head around how I would be using this in practice (so movement analysis, etc) and need help organising and going through the content. We are currently covering the musculoskeletal system (lower and upper limbs) soon moving onto the Nervous system, Cardiovascular system, and so forth. I want to get to grip with this as soon as possible so the next three years aren't a struggle. I’m someone that likes to contextualize and visualise information to understand it's purpose (especially in relation to OT). Without this I'm seeming to find the content overwhelming. However, I'm dedicated to doing well in my degree and learning altogether. I hope you're able to help!
Hi Bushraa, I am the mom to a 19-year-old BSc Animal Sciences 1st year student. Cara is studying in the Netherlands but is coming home to South Africa at the end of October and staying until end December as her classes are mostly online due to covid regulations in Europe at the moment. She is looking for lessons in Genetics. I'd like to know whether you can teach in-person (not via webcam)
Hi - I am looking for a Maths literacy tutor for my daughetr in Grade 11. I need face to face tutoring as she is doing online schooling and really needs real life teaching to help rpeare her for exams. She laso does Life sciences so may need some exam prep for LS as well. We are in melville
Hi Theo, my daughter Minenhle who is doing matric at Selly Park Secondary needs revision on Life Science, she is writing on Monday 26/10. I was checking your availability to assist her with the revision for 2 days, Friday and Saturday Thanks Thabile
Salaam Taskeen, my name is Saquina and I am looking for a homework assistant for my 2 nieces (Grade 4 and Grade R) who live in Durban. Both their parents work till late and when their parents get home, these 2 girls are way too tired to absorb anything that is being taught to them at night and their parents are already tired to even understand this. My nieces would like assistant from Monday to Thursday for an hour or an hour and a half combined every week for the rest of the year please. Please will you get back to me to let me know if you can assist. I see that your lessons are online, do you not do face to face teaching? They both attend HSBP Institute of Learning. JazakAllah
Hi Elizabeth, I’m a 29-year-old SA guy who don’t know any slightly know the Russian anthem, & would like to learn the language, for the sake of learning different languages. I reside at a hotel aside Sandton City mall & would like to start learning at home ASAP preferably this coming Monday. Most of the time, I work from home & would schedule lessons on my daily Midday break. Out of my pockets, I would also arrange your daily free transportation from your home to the hotel & back either via Uber or any suitable transportation.
Hi hope all is well I'm in matric and prelims is around the corner I really need someone to help me understand biology more I am struggling with GENES , I would love to start with lessons as soon as possible even if it can be tomorrow . Please do get back to me (concealed information)
Hey, I hope you are doing. I need the best Geography/Life Science tutor for a learner Alex. We are a tutoring company called IT IS TEA TIME (our organisation made it to 2020 Top 12 National Trailblazer Campaign) and we would like to refer our learners around Alex n JHB to you. How do you work and charge?