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Qualified teacher -majoring in EMS and English for gr 8-9 -majoring and Economics gr 10-12

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I expect learners to take individual responsibility for their education by coming prepared to participate in class. To encourage learner participation, I use active learning techniques to draw individuals into class discussions. During class meetings, I ask learners questions and use their responses as a foundation for the concepts to be covered in the class period. In addition, I attempt to redirect questions posed by learners in the class to other learners. By using active learning techniques, I hope to help my learners understand they are responsible for their own education experience.


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In my role as a teacher, I have three primary functions: tour guide, facilitator, and gate keeper. These are not mutually exclusive activities, although students often regard them as such. Each class activity, homework assignment contains elements of all three functions.
As a tour guide, I lead my students on an intellectual journey through their course of study. My role is to point out the beautiful attractions, highlighting features of the subject matter, and focusing attention on major points, important terms or concepts, relevant issues, and significant relationships. It is my responsibility as a teacher to decide where the path leads, what topics are important, which concepts are central, and how much emphasis is placed on subject area. It is also my duty to decide how steep the path should be, and whether to lead my students over obstacles or around them.
As a facilitator, my job is to provide an organizational framework and a set of tools that students can use to assimilate the knowledge they seek. These tools must be sufficiently diverse to accommodate the differing needs of different personalities and learning styles. In my subject, I provide handouts, worksheets, group activities, and homework assignments that assist and motivates in learning. On the Internet, my learners can find tutorials, graphs, case studies and copies of old exams and quizzes. The variety of these resources is designed to appeal to as many students as possible.
As a gate keeper, I am responsible for setting standards of achievement and for evaluating the progress of my learners against those standards. I do not reward laziness or sloppy thinking. I insist upon excellence. I do not grade on a curve but try to apply an absolute scale. The bar is set at a fixed height, not to be lowered. In the course of their education, I expect leaners to develop an ability to think critically and analytically, to know what questions to ask before deciding, and to know where to look for answers to their questions.



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