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  • School support
  • Methodology
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  • Élaboration de mindmaps
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Research,Public Administration & Commerce lecturer and also Matthematics literacy teacher in Port Elizabeth wants to tutor Varsity and School students in any research, public administration and matthe


My teaching method is student centred. I approach each topic by brainstorming what my students already can reflect on. Then can to scaffolding learning from thereof. Building on the topic. I always respect my students prior learning experience that they bring to the class


Head of Department at university (Commerce) for three years, Lecturer (Commerce and Public Administration) for 15 years, Librarian for 15 years. Have more than 20 years lecturing and tutoring experience. Currently lecturing at MANCOSA post graduate commerce students. I have teach 20 - 150 students.


Transportation Fee : R300
Rate for online lessons : R250/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : R900
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : R1700


Level of students : Undergraduates R200 @ hour
Post Graduate R300@ hour
Distance to travel. R3.61 @ km
Cancellation pay for the first hour

Lessons offered by Samuel
In group
The lessons will be held
At the tutor's house
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Academic tutoring
  • School support
  • Methodology
  • School Coaching
  • Storing
  • Élaboration de mindmaps
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • AS Level
  • A Level
  • BTEC
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Diploma
  • Doctorate

Samuel's CV

• Building a productive, happy workforce - effectively achieving company targets and goals.
• To build a proud community through training, mediation, facilitation, assessment, research and education.
• Community engagement and excellence customer service
• Contribute towards Batho Pele principles and developmental local government
1. Although I have 3 degrees in the Public Administration area, my 15 years practical experience in facilitation, research, assessment and lecturing at Higher Education Institutions. As Head of Department of Public Administration and lecturer I have gained experience in management skills and also mainly in charge of supervision and selecting of post graduate students (Honours, Masters, PhD’s). Call myself a scholar in Social Sciences. Update with education policies, completed, lecturer induction courses, Post graduate education also Post graduate education for Higher Learning.
2. As a educator in FET, have teaching experience at secondary school in Life Orientation and Mathematics for Grade 10 – Grade 12. Completed 50% of my Post Graduate Education Diploma.
3. As a Branch Librarian for 20 years, I have gain practical local governmental experience in community development projects, integrated development plan (IDP) and also training of councillors, community and public officials. Information retrieval, electronic filling and research was part of my portfolio
Why should you consider my application anyway?
• You will be getting someone who can set goals and achieve them.
[With no assistance, studying part-time, I now have three related political, public administration degrees and a teaching qualification. Through determination, I have built a solid career platform. You stand to benefit from the same determined, focussed approach. In addition, I have 5 years’ experience at Acting Head of Department of Public Administration with a head total of 1000 students and 10 staff members. I am also an excellent supervisor/ promoter in postgraduate research projects. Currently facilitate workshops for a private university (MANCOSA) in commerce, law and public administration
• You will be getting someone with specialist knowledge of the public administration and education environment, legislation and also a innovative leader . For the last 35 years, I have immersed myself in this field of knowledge (local government, local-economic development, project management, and political environment), insight and practical application. Also have teaching experience
• You will be getting a mature, competent individual who can make decisions and who operates well with people and under intense pressure.
[In a public, political administration and project management environment - pressure, crises, the ability to negotiate, remain calm, and communicate effectively is crucial. I have managed the stress successfully while many colleagues have been medically boarded due to the pressure encountered. Take part in political discussion in our area to improve good life for all. As HOD of the Department of Public Administration, I help staff to find an innovative, variety of ways to develop. My strength is to empower students to make improvements and encourage them to learn from each other.]

• 1980 – Grade 12, Bethelsdorp High , Natural Sciences Matric (Matts, Physical Sc, Bio, Acc)
• 1981 – National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (CPUT) , completed semester 1
• 1997 - B.A. major Public Administration & Psychology
• 1999 - B.A. Hons in Public Administration
• 2001 - M.P.A. Master’s Degree in Public Administration
• 2008 – Assessment of Learning (PXG 402) NQF level 7 (Higher Learning Teaching)
• 2008 – Mediate and Facilitate in Learning (PXG 403) NQF level 7 (Higher Learning Teaching)
• 2009 – Postgraduate certificate in Education (FET) completed and passed SEMESTER 1 (Matths and LO)
• 2017 – Registered for PhD at UZ.
• 2005 – Certificate of Service Excellence , NMMU
• 2005 – New Lecturers Induction Course, NMMU
• 2006 – Certificate of Recruitment & Employment Law, NMMU
• 2007 – Certificate of Community Development, NMMU
• 2008 – Supervision of Postgraduate Research, NMMU
• 2008 – Advanced Project Management, NMMU
• 2011 – Mentoring & coaching , UNIZULU
• 2014 – Research design certificate, UNIZULU
• 2015 – Doctoral Research Workshop at USB
• 2016 – Enhancing Public Financial Governance & Management (AAPAM), Gaborone, Botswana
• 2016 – Academic Writer’s Retreat Workshop certificate, UNIZULU
• 2016 – NRF doctoral workshop , African Renaissance Festival,
SHORT COURSES for Capacity Building for Councillors
• 2002- Batho Pele Principles (NMB)
• 2002- Public Financial Act (NMB)
• 2004- Community Based Planning (NMB)
• 2006- Conflict Management (RML)
• 2008- Project management (RML)
• 2008- Report writing, PowerPoint (RML)
• Mathematics for Grade 10 - 12
• Mathematics Literacy Grade 10 – 12
• Life – Orientation Grade 10 - 12

UNDERGRADUATE MODULE ( teaching above modules 5 - 10 years)
• Public Finance Management (2nd Year)
• Public Human Capital (2nd Year) -
• Public Procurement Management (2nd Year)
• Ethos of Public Administration (2nd Year)
• Local Economic Development (3rd Year)
• Public Policy Analysis (3rd year)
• Local Government Management (3rd year)
• Local Governmental Finance (2nd Year)
• Local Government Law (3rd Year)
• Local Government Accounting (3rd Year)
• Project Management (2nd and 3rd Year)
• E- Governance (3rd year)
• Commercial Law (2nd year)
• Supply Chain Management (2nd Year)
• Operations Management (2nd year)
• Logistics Management (2nd year)
• Public Administration (1st , 2nd , 3rd )
• Local Government Administration ( 1st, 2nd ,3rd )
• Research Methodology (Honours)
• Advanced Public Finance Management (Honours)
• Advanced Public Human Resource Management (Honours)
• Advanced Public Administrative Theories (Honours)
• Operations Management (Honours)
• Logistics and Transport Management (Honours)
• Supply Chain Management (Honours).
• Research Projects Completed. 2014 – 5 (Honours), 2015 -15 (Honours), 2016- 15 (honours)
Membership of professional bodies
• South African Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM); 2005 – NOW (Board Member).
• Black Management Forum (BMF) 2009 – now
• South African Association of Political Sciences (SAAPS) 2008 – now
• International Association of Public Administration (AISA) 2009 - now
• International network on Forms and Forces in Doctoral education in Globalising world, headquarters in University of Washington DC, USA 2009
Employment History

• Facilitation
• Lecturing
• Notes Formulation
• PowerPoint Presentations
Still working
01/09/2009 –
02/12/2016 University of Zululand Acting Head of Department/ Lecturer
• Management Function
• Post Graduate Coordinator
• Planning/ Budgeting
• Senate Member
• Institutional Member of Council
• Executive Member of Facility
• Module Formulation
• Approval of admission of under- & post grads to the dept.
• Approval of examination results
• Finalisation of Graduation list
• Identifying Training Needs
Lecturer’s KPA’s
• Facilitate Teaching, Learning and Research
• Assess & Moderate Tests and Exams
• Assist with administrative duties
• Community Outreach Programmes
• Supervising of post graduate Thesis/ dissertations Relocating
01/01/2009 –
30/08/2009 Sanctor Senior Secondary School Temp Teacher (FET) • Teaching
• Setting of exams & class test
• Assessment of learners
• Formulating Lesson Plans
• Take Part in extra-mural activities
• Attend education cluster meetings
Take up a permanent position

Nelson Mandela University
• Facilitate the learning process in Public Admin
• lecturing
• Research function
• Active Community Engagement
• Publish research
• Module formulation
• Moderation and assessment of Scripts
1981- 2002 Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Branch Librarian • Management function
• Supervisor (10 staff)
• HR Planning
• Mentoring Staff
• Control Records Management
• Community Outreach
• Research Data base Specialist
• Project Management
• Reporting, Evaluation& Monitoring To take up an Academic Post


• 2008 - Present a Paper “Community Based Planning in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality as training initiative” at the South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM) conference in Pretoria on the 18/04/2008.
• 2008 - Attend the AAPAM conference in Johannesburg on 22 – 23 Aug 08 as a delegate
• 2008 - Present a paper “ Local Economic Development as a tool for poverty deduction in the Eastern Cape “ at SAAPS conference in Johannesburg on 03 – 04 /09/2008 (waiting to be publish)
• 2008 - Present a paper “A Single Public Service – the solution to effective governance in South Africa “at the 3rd Public Administration Conference (SPMA) at Pretoria on 11 – 12/09/2008.
• 2009 - Attend Bartho Pele workshop in Durban from 03//09 – 06/11/09
• 2010 - Abstract has been accepted to present a paper at the 12th Winelands Conference, with title “Public leadership is crucial to enhance Citizen Value” at Stellenbosch University on the 19 March 2010
• 2010 - Present a paper “UBUNTU in perspective” at ICC on 15/05/2010 accepted for publication.
• 2012 - Present a paper at 2012 SAAPAM Conference in Free State, Public Service Innovation, policy implementation and Governance, March 2012 at Free State University.
• 2015 – Present a paper at 2015 SAAPAM Limpopo conference in Limpopo, Local Economic development, the challenges. JULY 2015
• 2016 – Present a paper at 2016 SAAPAM conference in East London, Assessing Hospital Gaps in KZN, May 2016
• 2016 – Present a paper at the International Mbali Conference at Richards Bay , Community Participation, 2016

• 2010-Present a paper at 2010 IASIA Conference, INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP, JUNE 2010 in Rome
• 2012 - Present a paper at 2012 IASIA Conference, Innovative public service and management, JUNE 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.

• Conflict management resolution specialist, arrange workshops for UZ staff and NMMU.
• Lead Facilitator for Skills and Development Training for the NMBM
• Lead Facilitator for Project management for the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
• Lead Facilitator for Community Based Training for Ward Councillors And Ward Committees (NMBM)
• Lead Coordinator for research fieldworkers for HIV for NMMU (Health Development Unit)
• Active researcher in Local Economic Development and Intergrated Development Matters (IDP)
• Deputy Director of Raymond Mhlaba Research Institute of Public Administration and leadership
• Advisor to the Councillors on Policy and development matters
• Successfully built effective working relationships with library staff and the department.
• Establish a Library Planning Forum with the local community and the councillor. The community could assist the librarian in information matters. By showing interest, good communication, and through a professional, organised approach I managed to win their respect and co-operation.
• Establish the first Friends of the Library Club and a home delivery service for the old-age.
• Managed to increase the Library circulation by 5000 items per month
• Publish an article in the Library Journal on “Transformation of the Library Service in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.”
• One of the recipients of the Khulusa Scholarship.
• Active researcher in Local Economic Development and Integrated Development Matters (IDP)
Transferable Skills
• Communication : Quick, accurate, clear communication was crucial to my Lecturing role. Dealt with a wide range of students, public officials and the community.
• Facilitation : Co-ordinating activity, making things happen quickly - getting people to work together was another valuable skill I learnt.
• Decision Making : Hesitation was an enemy; Swift assessment of the facts and priorities was crucial and then taking the appropriate action.
• Negotiating: With a high caseload and limited resources, I had to win co-operation and exercise a ‘give and take’ approach in order to deliver services timeously.
• Assertiveness : High-pressure situations required strong leadership.
• Presentation : High level of Power Point presentation skills.
• Module writing skills: High level of these skills.
• Problem solving skills : The course in problem solving skills did teach me the skills
• Mentoring and coaching: High level of these skills.
• Outcomes based education: Up to date of the skills require.

I look forward to discussing how I may be of assistance to your organisation

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