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Professional vocal training direct from a west end musical theatre Actor/ Singer!


One of our best tutors, with excellent credentials. Joshua offers Singing lessons of the highest quality.

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My teaching methodology is unique to each student, I want to get to know you and your voice to allow us to explore the world of singing and voice together. I use a mixture of theoretical and practical exercises to unlock your voices true potential!


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About Joshua

Hello, my name is Joshua, I’m a professional actor working in London’s west end, I’ve had five years of vocational musical training and four years of professional work. My aim is to introduce you to your voice and show you what you are capable of through fun interactive and personally tailored online sessions!



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Find out more about Joshua

  • 01

    When did you first develop a passion for music and your favourite instrument?

    I first developed a passion for music as a young child. Growing up the youngest of six children my older siblings would teach me their instruments and show me the music they liked, this influence gave me a wide range of musical experiences! My brother taught me how to play the drums and my dad would show me records he listened to as a young man!

  • 02

    2) Is there a particular type music or artist that you listen to on a loop without it driving you crazy?

    A genre I never get tired of is Jazz! I find it so encapsulating and atmospheric, there's so much rich history within the genre and I love exploring it daily. A band I can never get bored of is Fleetwood Mac, I find their musical collaboration is iconic and I'm regularly singing along with them whilst doing the washing up!

  • 03

    3) Explain to us the most difficult or riveting course you could personally give to a student of music.

    For me I think a mixture of ear training and technical vocal health is imperative. I always incorporate fine tuned technique into my courses. Although my lessons are all personalised to the student, training their ears in pitch, training their breathing and training their technical flexibility is not only a challenge but I think it can be the most rewarding work out I can offer!

  • 04

    What do you think is the most complicated instrument to master and why?

    Although I am yet to try my hand at this instrument I have always been in awe of string instruments, especially Violins. The intricate technicality that is required to create such a beautiful sound has always impressed me and drawn me to it!

  • 05

    5) What are your keys to success?

    My keys to success lie in the mind set. With the study of music its as much a mind game as it is a physical training. I believe Focus, Resilience, Perseverance, Curiosity and Passion are the key quality to achieve the goals set out before you.

  • 06

    6) Name three musicians you dream of meeting in your favourite bar in the early hours of the morning. Explain why.

    My three dream musicians to meet in a bar in the early hours of the morning would be Hans Zimmer (although a composer), Jacob Collier, and Paul McCartney. They come from three very different corners of the musical world and I would love to soak up as much wisdom and advice from them over a drink!

  • 07

    7) Provide a valuable anecdote related to music or your days at music school.

    Once whilst working a professional gig I completely blanked mid song stood in front of several thousand people, I somehow recovered and managed to stumble my way to the end of the number. If I learnt anything that day it was that preparation can never be overlooked and that focus can be your saving grace in difficult situations!

  • 08

    8) What are the little touches that make you a Superprof in music?

    The little touches that I feel make me a Superprof are my empathy, I've been in the shoes of a beginner and I know how scary it may feel. My personal approach, I want my lessons to be relaxed explorations of the form, no stress, no worries, just pure personal progression. And my passion for my students to discover their voices, I get so excited to see students realising and learning new things about themselves, it makes it all worth while!

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