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I am software engineer and a graduate student who teaches mathematics to high school students.

My method include teaching practically and giving examples and makes sure that the students understand whatever I teach. In case if the students did not understand for the first time,I am good to repeat number of times till the students understand.

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Maths, physics, chemistry and SVT by a student in engineering school ECPM.

My teaching method is the most suitable for each student. I adapt my pedagogy according to the capacities and working methods of each one. My motto: to understand > to learn, indeed a learned information can be forgotten while an included information can be found. I also adapt my classes according to the student’s type of memory (ex: visual or auditory).

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A student currently doing M.sc mathematics who has graduated from Delhi University gives tuitions to students of high school and all the other classes below it.

I start with explaining the topic,state some examples that a student can relate to and then the questions of different difficulty levels follow and also there will be a doubt class every week on completion of every topic and special classes before exams.

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Chemistry student and experienced tutor offering up lessons in Southampton in a range of subjects.

My teaching method adapts to the students. Typically when tutoring a student I sit down 1-1 and after identifying key areas of difficulty work through them with examples. This however varies greatly if I'm teaching a class and with the subject.

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Mathematics Student gives help in scientific courses for CM1 to Terminale

I am a young college student who has done a BCPST preparation. I am holder of the bac S specialty maths so my courses are aimed at students of the scientific series high school, but also to college students having difficulties in math, SVT or physical-chemistry.

Sandy Bay
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Melbourne University student giving mathematics and statistics tutoring to primary-high school students in Hobart and webcams classes to students from all places.

My teaching methods are based on understandable explanation and imagable description on the mathematical content to let students understand the topics better and have a brief image of both the topics and mathematics also feel interested in them.

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Learn from basic to advance from an Engineering Graduate Student with teaching experience of Mathematics (New Delhi)

I prefer to start from basic. That's how I like to start. Because most of the student lack the basic understanding of Mathematics. With basic understanding, a student can solve the advance problems in a simple way. It's not about hard word. It's all about smart hard work.

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First class Physics with Philosophy graduate offering physics and maths lessons in Manchester

Before the first session I will ask the student to specify their syllabus so I can prepare for exactly which kinds of issues the student may encounter. Proceeding this, in the first session I will look to assess student by asking questions on all parts of the syllabus they have covered.

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A-level Maths (C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, M1) lessons are given by architecture student in London.

my teaching styles: Starting: I will effectively determine the working at level of my student by allowing them to complete an exam paper that they will likely sit. It is helpful for me and the student to see their knowledge.

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MA Financial Economics student giving tutor for economics, finance, maths and Econometrics.

My teaching method is mostly interactive sessions and from the basic level of the course so that each and every student can understand easily and try to relate the things with real world examples.

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National Scholar from India offering Maths Tutoring upto A Level and First Year University

Being an artist myself, I have some unique and interesting ways of teaching. Mathematics is all about how much you enjoy it. If you understand the games I make you play, you understand the subject. It's so simple! Maths can be easily related to your real life problems.

New Delhi
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BTech & MTech passed from IIT Delhi with JEE2013 AIR 736 here to teach Math

I am a process person so I shall be willing to develop the process of thinking mathematically and then doing stuff on your own. I shall be teaching all the concepts in the class but the classes are no monologue. They are supposed to be a two-way interactive sessions wherein you learn while making efforts to do on your own.

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Mathematics Student Offering One On One Maths, Stats & Algebra Lessons (Year 1 - Year 9)

How a lesson is structured really depends on the age range of the person I'm teaching, for younger children I would have a more relaxed lesson structure and for older people, I might be able to move faster with a starter, which would relate to the previous lesson and then I would get into the main topic carefully explaining each point and then we would finish off with a pleanary.

1st lesson offered free !

I would love to tutor you in math!! I do everything up to 8th grade!! My main goals are to help you learn, grow and understand.

My teaching methods are to break down the problem and make sure the student knows every part! I also like to find multiple options of how to solve problems so the student can use whatever one the understand best!

Navi Mumbai
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physics ,maths, all subjects of diploma level in mechanical engineering , studies techniques 16 yrs. of teaching exp.

Before teaching/explaining any imp./difficult topic i first try to understand students level, of understanding that topic and accordingly implement the best and easy technique for explaining.

1st lesson offered free !

Im a student of engineering and very interested in sharing my knowledge.

My teaching classes will be completely depend on students,based on their performance by strategey will depend,I always have lots of patience and teach well for students,my teaching will be definetly liked by the students and i am very sure about it.

(2 reviews)
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Spanish Robotics Engineering student offering Maths, physics, photography or Spanish lessons in Plymouth

The most important thing when you are tutoring students is to understand what they need. Not all the students learn in the same way and the classes can't be in the same way to all of them.

New Delhi
Anisha jhanji
1st lesson offered free !

Maths classes for classes 5th to 10th by a gold medalist in MA Maths from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and an experienced teacher having experience of DPS & GD Goenka Schools.

I teach my subject by giving examples, doing activities related to the topic, giving worksheets for each topic, taking tests after every topic is done.

1st lesson offered free !

Weak In Maths Join Teaching & Learning Smart Coaching for a Samat Career

. Creating a Real Atomosphere at the time of teaching . Proper listening to Student Quries. . Proper following school Syllabus . In the mean time Syllabus complete procedure .

(1 review)
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Mathematics first-year student offering tutoring for up to A-level in Leeds, with previous experience

I first ask my student what their weaker topics are and explain these. We go through example questions, gradually making them do more of the work to understand and remember the process. We’ll repeat these topics at later sessions to recap.

Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
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Student in Engineering School teaches Maths and Computer Science from high school to high school

Before starting classes, I make sure I understand the needs of my student to be able to adapt to him / her. Classes are prepared in advance and I move to the rhythm of the student. I always start with the theory that we then practice on exercises.

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Engineering student at UPM teaches at Navalcarnero in physics, chemistry, mathematics ...

I am a student of engineering of the natural environment in the UPM and I am in my fourth year of career. I cover private classes of physics, chemistry and mathematics and I have a previous experience of two years teaching both individuals and volunteers. I especially enjoy the sciences and I try to instill this to my students.

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Student in Economics Bac S gives courses from high school to high school in Bordeaux

My teaching method is based on patience and listening. I adapt to the rhythm of the person and I observe his difficulties to better approach and work. I take the time to explain and see that the person to whom I explain has understood, because for me it is the understanding and the logic that are the best allies to evolve.

(3 reviews)
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Hi, I offer maths and science tutoring upto GCSE level to suit the student and develop confidence in various topics.

I first like to ask my students what they struggle with or need work on, then find material that is specific to this topic. I can also help with homework and if I feel the student is confident I will try to introduce further material and help the student to push further on his/her studies.

(2 reviews)
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Graduate of Maths and PGCE Secondary qualified Maths tutor with 10 years experience in Chesterfield

As a private tutor I plan my lessons with flexibility according to the individual's needs. It may be the student knows their weaknesses or topics to focus on, or a student may want help with homework or have a desired grade in mind and need general tuition across the board. My lessons are engaging and motivating. Examples and explanations but with lots of practice.

(2 reviews)
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Student in Scientific Terminale, gives courses from the 6th to the First S.

I apply the scheme that worked for my case, that is to say: rigor and organization. So we save time and points, and all in a good mood! Of course, everyone is different and I will be able to adapt according to everyone, and accentuate the work on the most fragile points.

(4 reviews)
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Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher with a great experience in Orlando, Florida

I base my class in the idea to motivate the students for the contents I am teaching. I like to show them that Mathematics, Computer Science, and Sciences in general, they make sense. I prepare my lesson with a logical sequence, starting from the most easy content, and addressing the student to the most difficult content of each lesson.

(2 reviews)

Waqar - Maidenhead - Maths

Public Health Doctor | Oxbridge Graduate | Over 10 years teaching experience | Specialist marker for Edexcel - Which subject(s) do you teach? 11+ 13+ Common Entrance Mathematics (KS2, KS3 & GCSE) English (KS2 and KS3) Sciences (KS2, KS3 and GCSEs) Economics (GCSE & A-level) Business Studies (GCSE & A-level) Accounting (GCSE & A-level) A-level Biology.

Yorba Linda
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Professional math tutor with over 4 years of experience with a BA in mathematics education

My teaching method varies based on my student. My goal is keep student engaged in the lesson. My teaching method depends on what type of learner my student is.

1st lesson offered free !

Bsc hons maths passed gives tuition in maths till 10 in delhi

My teaching is method is 1. clear the basics / concepts of subject 2. Then clear any doubt / myths coming in mind. 3. Then clear application of that subject / topic. I can teach one to one or group class as per requirement.

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