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New Delhi
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I am a Grade 4 guitarist from Trinity guide hall London. I have been passionate about music right since my school days. Looking for comprehensive guitar training look no further.

-I will train my student first, on mastering finger techniques with special focus on plectrum picking. -Then, slowly help to get tuned with the guitar chords and scales. -Later on i will also teach how to read music and then implement it scale building. It has to be a step-by-step process made easy.

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Learn the basics of playing guitar, chord progression and how to develop music sense and feel.

In music there is only one rule, that there is no rule. But there is a minimum music theory that one should know. There are basic rules of ear training,chord progression and musicology that are very interesting to learn and which can be extended to any instrument or any genre of music.

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My name is Lorenzo Taddei, I'm 20 and I'm a graduate in classical guitar and a graduate in jazz guitar. In addition to the guitar, I am available to teach theory and solfeggio, arrangement and

My goal is to be able to give what I have received from my teachers: love for music. Without them I would never have decided to dedicate my life to music.

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Award-winning Vocalist (singer-songwriter) gives vocal, guitar, piano and music production lessons. Genres: Classical (Western, Carnatic, Hindustani), Pop, R&B.

My teaching methods are flexible according to the needs of the student. As long as the student has an open mind and voice they'd love to work with, we are all set to go! I can teach half hour lessons or one hour lessons (or more if required) every week.

(1 review)
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Singer and vocal coach gives singing and songwriting lessons in Neuilly sur seine / Puteaux

I suggest you discover musical techniques in singing or musical creation. I use English, American and French methods so that students have a complete training.

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Guitar lessons, piano initiation and music theory lessons in the Cascais and Lisbon areas.

In my classes I always try to meet the needs of the students, as well as the musical path that gives them the most taste to explore, in order to maximize their skills.

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Singing lessons and guitar lessons. All levels all styles. POSSIBILITY RECORDING STUDIO. Choose the directory that suits you.

Professional musician. 3 CDs marketed by record company. Classes are personalized: with or without solfege, with or without recording ... By professional, possibility studio recording and musician (s) Students choose themselves the directory to work or record. Each student has different needs, abilities, motivations and tastes. It's the teacher who adapts.

(2 reviews)
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Experience the scraper 77 to the background-with-pleasure Guitar & Bass Home Studio

I am a music loving passionate share my knowledge. I teach all levels, I adapt to the student depending on its objectives or tablature notation .. I have many years in the field of teaching, I'm listening to the student.

(2 reviews)
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Former musical director who teaches acoustic guitar, electric, flamenco box, drums, singing and music in Galicia

Mostly it depends on the knowledge and what you want to get with the classes. It is taught with apollo material, very active classes and feedback, with a view to the desired goal. You always have to know the basis first to be able to expand into the rest. I was director of harmony and percussion, besides being in the music from the 5 years. You play more than 20 instruments.


Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin Teacher Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon

I welcome students of all age groups and have taught Guitar, Mandolin and 5 String Banjo for 40+ years. My lessons are adapted for the level of the student's skills and interests and incorporate music theory where appropriate.

(2 reviews)
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Media Music Production Student with 12 years of experience offers guitar lessons (all genres) in the area Herne / Bochum / Dortmund

My Name is Marvin Losch, I´m a professional Media Music Producer and Composer/Songwriter. Any Genre you want to learn I can teach you because of my long-standing experience. You, have often difficult questions, how I learn the favourite Song of my favourite Band? How I learn certain Techniques on the Fretboard? How I learn reading notes? And quiet a lot of other questions.

(8 reviews)
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Guitar lessons in Alicante City. Lessons for beginer and advanced students. Classical guitar, Jazz, flamenco, guitar tecnique and solfeo

My name is Joe Ott Pons, I am a classical guitarist, composer and teacher, I also teach popular music. You can find a lot of information about my work on social networks and the internet. I am always in constant improvement since my graduation in 2009, I have two Master's degrees in Music; one in Classical Guitar Performance and another in Musical Pedagogy.

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Learn to play guitar and your favourite songs with your guitar in a few simple steps I can teach science and some other subjects also in the evening time for students at my place I can teach pharmacy

I prefer not to rush to just finish my job, you can ask me anything anytime you want to learn that you could not understand you can ask me multiple times if you have an query and I'll also teach some quick songs also in a short time period

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Guitar, MAO and singing lessons - Jérémie GRANDHAYE: Professional teacher and pedagogue

The association G'remusic offers courses tailored to your desires and goals. Reinforce your pleasure to play is our main mission for more than 10 years. Jérémie GRANDHAYE welcomes you in a professional room and will provide you with the best conditions. Number of places limited Guitar lessons for amateur or professional. any level any age, any style ...

Paris 13e
(3 reviews)
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Guitar lessons, Paris Tolbiac / Butte aux Cailles / Place d Italie

Professor of classical guitar, soloist and musicologist, I teach children, teens and adults who would like to discover or rediscover the guitar. Levels: beginner, advanced, confirmed, professional. The course is tailored to your own pace and your own needs.

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Beewise Guitar, 40 yrs exp. All styles, Lockyer Valley, Blue Card, I come to you

All my student are able to play part of a song after the first lesson, I find songs that they like and will focus on playing that as soon as possible.

Vila Tolstoi
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Guitarist for 10 years, teaching guitar, guitar and music theory for beginners.

I have been a guitarist for 10 years, with bands and music schools. - Guitar and guitar lessons for beginners. - Theoretical support. - Exercises directly linked to songs you want to play. - Everything in the rhythm of the student, from the style to the exercise to be done.

1st lesson offered free !

Current Music Tech Uni Student Offering Beginners Guitar Lessons In Bristol/Bath Area

I approach teaching a fun and practical way, many tutors seem to forget that music is about expression and having fun whilst learning, so I make it my mission to provide an environment in which this is possible.

(4 reviews)
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Take classes with a professional guitarist graduated from the National University of Colombia

Teaching of music and guitar from the musical tastes of the student, simultaneous handling of technical and musical rudiments on pieces and / or songs of the student's choice. Focus on music as an activity of enjoyment and personal development.

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Prof battery piano guitar singing conservatory Mao mix dj and Paris 92

Professor after 10 years of training in professional conservatory 15 years of stage experience and currently dj singer on tour regularly practice more than theory will be your best friend.

(3 reviews)
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Guitar and Ukulele lessons, at home and online, all genres and levels, free trial.

My method uses modern methods, with engaging music bases that take inspiration from many different genres. I also use interactive applications that allow me to improve technique, rhythmic sensitivity and to maintain an organized and linear path. I also use the rock guitar school method as milestones, an international method to establish the level reached and to certify the skills.

(3 reviews)
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Hey Students those who wants to learn Guitar.i'm teach you professionally. have more then 5 years teaching experience.

here teaching professionally nd including 3 category 1) Beginner 2) Medium 3) Advance Courses.

(6 reviews)
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During Guitar (beginner and intermediate) / Help composition and writing

Whether Rock / Folk / Pop / reggae / funk / jazz / bossanova I can help you start or advance your guitar playing with patience and passion. Music theory, chords, solo, my program is primarily based on the feeling, versatility and skill sharing.

(5 reviews)
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Guitar lesson with a professional musicien : acoustic and electric - Paris

My method is adapted for children, adolescents and adults, beginners and advanced level. Based on learning songs in parallel with becoming aware of the technical and theoretical concepts, according to your desires and your goals and tastes! The goal is to adapt courses to the rhythm and desires of the student, and especially to focus on pleasure.

(4 reviews)
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Tutor of guitar specialising in jazz, but teaches all styles and ukulele

I approach my guitar teaching through a nationally recognised syllabus, providing excellent structure to students' learning. This will encompass chord playing, improvisation and general musicianship. I also teach a variety of repertoire appropriate to the tastes of each individual student.

Vila Regente Feijo
(7 reviews)
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Learn to play Guitar and Guitar in a direct and effective way. It's time to play your favorite solos and riffs!

After years of studying with various professors, schools and currently specializing in teaching, I created a flexible method capable of developing the student's musical skills such as reading, perception, technique, improvisation and composition in a direct, uncooperative way.

(4 reviews)
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Recording and touring artist with 15 years playing experience; teaches at home and travels in the Houston, TX greater area.

My approach to teaching always starts with where the student is currently at with their musical journey. Understanding where notes on the fretboard are crucial for a beginner in order to understand the basic fundamentals of theory. It's important to grow on the individual's strengths.

(2 reviews)
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Professional guitarist and composer offers personalized guitar lessons (ALL STYLES) in Buenos Aires or by webcam

In the first place, I observe what conditions the student has and I seek to build from that safe place. As a method I always think of integrating a good instrumental technique (posture, energy management, muscle memory) with the direct application of it: that means making music from the first class.

(3 reviews)
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Italian guitarist gives individual / collective guitar lessons from beginners to advanced. (BRUSSELS area )

I make my experience available to give individual or group (2-3 people max.) GUITAR / SOLFEGE lessons that will last more or less 1h 30. I would be glad to have something to do with serious and well motivated people, of all ages and levels, to build something together and to enjoy time and music.

Ruvo di Puglia
Walter antonio
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Electric, acoustic & classical guitar lessons (including music theory, solfeggio)

Hi, I'm a musician, composer and arriangia with a small personal home studio in Puglia. Student first by private teachers (graduated in guitar and jazz guitar) and then in the Conservatory. I am a multi-instrumentalist, and in addition to the chords I have a little 'familiar with the keyboard. I have no reference genres and I like to have an open mind.

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