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Professional Guitarist with three years teaching experience with students ages ranging from 5 years old to adult.

I am a primarily self-taught musician with fourteen years of experience. I teach the scales, the chords that compliment them, as well as, the various time signatures. I mostly instruct students through tabs, but I also show you the basics of reading music.

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Guitar lessons in Paris. Basics, improvisation, composition, picking, acoustic or electric. All styles.

Guitarist for 20 years, I learned thanks to a father and a lot of personal work. I practice all styles, acoustic or electric. I regularly do concerts with different professional groups. My method is based on the pleasure of the practice, adapting myself to the desires of each one, in particular by choosing to play titles that the student appreciates.

Boca Raton
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Transcribing guitar by ear with Wes in South Florida United States of America

I have been teaching guitar transcription for 7 years. I use a process of ear training and note singing to determine the harmony of your favourite songs. I also encourage all students to practice note reading and chord study.

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Guitar, musical motivation, music analysis environments, composition and autorecording lessons. For all levels.

Good, I Ximo Aldás. My passion in life is music. My classes are students from the design of the instrument either watching their history, their application, their types and what influences the person who touches it. Also learning some necessary theoretical concepts of harmony, rhythm, tempo, etc.

New Delhi
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Learn guitar with full and gain knowledge play songs fast and rock.

I will build a strong foundation so that you can actually learn things with deep interest Which will be effective and later lessons

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Young intermediate guitarist, can teach you major scales to make you a very good lead guitarist

I am going to teach you the major basic stuffs and after you know that, you will be able to create your own music, tune, songs, etc

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Personalized classes in Granada of electric / acoustic guitar with applied musical theory, initiation or intermediate level.

Learn in a practical and fun way to play the guitar, in less than what you think you will be playing one of your favorite songs. And if you already know how to play but you want to go a step further, even start composing, I am your teacher.

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Performing guitarist with over 12 years of experience gives private lessons in NYC

I grew up in a family of teachers and one of the most important things I learned was that every student is different and therefore my teaching methods need to adapt to what is best for them, as opposed to expecting the student to fit a mold I have set for them.

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Graduated in Composition offers private lessons of bass guitar, guitar, harmony, composition, etc ... in Madrid

I am a graduate by King Juan Carlos - TAI in contemporary music composition. I worked in the fields of orchestral music (from the Renaissance to the last vanguards of the twentieth century), as well as popular music, jazz, rock, etc ... I also move in the world of soundtracks. I play bass in several projects, besides my own project (Playa Cuberris).

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Guitar & Ukulele Teacher 5+ years of experience, all ages and skill levels welcome!

I am a helpful, welcoming teacher, that works around the students' needs and taste in music. I handwrite chord sheets and jot down the most important things for the student to remember.

Tottenham Hale

Friendly and experienced teacher, to help you start or improve your guitar playing.

With 15 years of experience teaching over a hundred students, I became a solid teacher, dedicated to my students. My lessons are friendly and customized, making the process of learning a pleasure. You learn your favourite tunes in no time and/or discover new ones, if you wish to broaden your musical spectrum. I teach all genres, from folk to bossa-nova (I am Brazilian!).

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London trinity college graduate gives tution of electric guitar, western classical, music theory,readings notations and lots more.

My teaching method is based on students age, skills and their knowledge. My teaching style is based on music theory and practical.

Fairfield Heights
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Love teaching Guitar, I teach all ages based in south west Sydney

I can cater to all styles and genres but I have the most experience in teaching beginner to intermediate students.

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Want to share n learn with u guys!!!!!!!!!! no matter how u do but what u learnt??????

i just want to teach the poor student not the weakest one as poor student can get the idea compared to the weaker one

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Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Cinema, Design and English / Practice and Theory

I teach instructors, intermediaries all the Musical Theory, Cinematographic Process, Graphic Design and English, leaving the student 100% able to read / execute, composition and improvisation; I apply a methodology focused on student discipline so that it develops a balanced learning curve and understands how it can advance and evolve rapidly without depending on me.

Saint John
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KetanMusicAcademy.(1993) Classes available on Skype. Skype ID Ketan123Shroff. Learn Tabla,Keyboard, Guitar, Singing, Flute, Violin, Drums, Mouth Organ, Singing. (Indian and Western Classical). Address

Teach good music. Teaching since last twenty five years. Tabla,Keyboard, Guitar, Flute,Drums,Violin, Mouth-Organ,Classical-Western Singing, Octa-pad, Gazals,Bhajan, Dholki, Dholak, Sitar,Classical, Marathi Songs.

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Lead guitarist at band catalyst in lucknow and Kanpur India........... Will teach you what i knew........... Else on your determination

Its simple. I use to teach every single bit of concept and also teach both techniques and concept behind that......

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Acoustic guitar player for over 8 years. Private Guitar lessons available only in the evenings

Classes will be available both in person and online. Specialize in acoustic and classical guitar.

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Master the guitar theory in the easiest and the fastest way possible!

My teaching method is by the diagrams and fingering on the fretboard and by taking some examples from any song and opening up the theory behind it.

Cm loki
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Classical, Jazz and Latin guitar and percussion tutoring no experience required Canberra

Using a Reggio Emilio philosophy of utilising the student's interests to advance in playing and reading music for guitar and percussion.

Huntington Park
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Music teacher teaches music theory, acoustic and eletric guitar for beginners in Florianópolis

The classes are aimed at those who want to learn music in a practical way and according to the repertoire of preference. I always try to adjust the level of difficulty of each subject with something within the student's own musical taste, seeking that motivation to play what is already appreciated.

(1 review)
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Professional guitarist graduated from the Conservatory (DEM in France) gives guitar lessons all styles and all levels in Brussels

I graduated from Nice Conservatory (France) in jazz guitar. I studied there for seven years with renowned professors such as Jean Paul Ceccarelli (Sting), Pierre Bertrand, Robert Persi or Philippe Petit. My teaching method is flexible and I adapt to the needs and desires of the student. We will discuss the technical work on the instrument, the knowledge of the neck and chords and the rhythm.

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I am a music teacher in Adelaide SA. I work with leaning trull music and i want another job.

Am a music creater composer arranger singer multi instrumentalists i sing i do sound engineering too. Video edition is one of my job too.

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Guitar lesson a perfec teacher . great experience in teaching. perfect guy

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Teacher with more than 4 years of experience teaches children up to 12 years old (Madrid)

Singer and pianist by passion. I love teaching children up to 12 years old because they are usually the most passionate in this world. I bet by a method in which the child himself discovers and responds by himself (although with my help) his questions.

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Classical guitar and music theory lessons in Spanish and English for all levels and ages in Granada.

Private lessons are given at home or at yours. For 8 years I had different students with whom I always obtained great results and with whom I had a good work environment. During my classes I try to have fun with the students and provide different methods of study until I find the one that suits him best, using exercises and practices that I learned from the different teachers I had.

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Music classes with focused on jazz, Brazilian music and musical Harmony and Theory

- Methodology used by wellknown music universities such as Berklee Music College, ABEM (Brazilian Music Association). - Music and oral learning transmitted through the experience of rhythms and culture. - Lessons in theory and musical harmony worked in simple and understandable ways.

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Young music professor 24 years old at Asnières and nearby (Piano,Guitar, Music Introduction)

I am a young musician with a lot of experiences at live shows in Paris or nearby. I don't have any diplomas, but I see myself as a good educator with great teaching skills. My point is to identify the multiple objectives that the parents and the children see for themselves. After that, I'll be making a custom program for this particular student.

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