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Guitarist PRO (graduated with honors in M.A.I) gives courses (any style/all levels) at home/in my studio

Professor Graduate (with honors) in M.A.I gives guitar lessons (all styles / all levels) in Lyon and its suburbs (I can also get you home in my home studio) Technical (Shred and company ..) - Improvisation - Rhythm - Accompaniment - Composition - MAO 15 Educational experiences in Paris and Lyon, and of course on stage and in the studio.

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Play the music you love! Classical, Jazz, Rock ... play your music!

You play or plan to play guitar: I can help you progress. Beginner or intermediate, you want to push your limits, to interpret the music you love: classical, jazz, rock ... your music! I am passionate about music and teaching: discover your talent to overcome your difficulties.

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Guitar Teacher gives acoustic and electric guitar lessons on Boulogne.

Professor of graduate guitar: Music Academy International (Nancy), American School of Modern Music (Paris), Master Musicology (Paris 8), Jazz Educator Diploma of State of contemporary music). Guitar lessons acoustic & electric, whether you are beginner or advanced.

Le Perreux-sur-Marne
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Musician for 15 years, gives course of music (guitar) in Ile de France.

Pedagogy is therefore the key to success! No hours of solfegues without practice. Choice of possible and arrangeable pieces for the needs of the student according to the level of progression. Possibility of several courses depending on the available schedules (my students are very demanding to play with other musicians). For more information do not hesitate to contact me.

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Custom Guitar & Bass Online Lesson on Skype (Learning And Development, Personnalized Lesson)

Eloi Nicod 20years old (ex-Derealized, TheScalarProcess) Musician, Composer since the age of 9, Sound engineer since 2014 and Guitar and bass teacher for more than 1 year.

Paris 20e
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Guitar and voice lessons - Beatles and Beginners Specialist - Paris Est

Every year I organize a concert of my students for a scenario. The idea is to allow my students to play and sing their favorite songs. No music theory but a methodology based on harmony, for example, how to create a chord. Each piece taught is filmed for better understanding.

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My classes are aimed at people who have a goal to create their own songs playing guitar, or acoustic or electric, to students who simply want to put your music on CD or those who want to play their favorite songs.

Tres Cantos
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Guitarist with 10 years experience teaches home in Tres Cantos

I am a young tricantino music lover who has spent 10 years playing the guitar. I have a medium-high and eager to teach. In classes give priority to students enjoy playing guitar and love her like I did at the time.

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Musician with international experience offers Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Cavaquinho, Music Theory and Computer Music lessons

I offer lessons: Acousitc Guitar: Pop and Brazilian Music (all levels) Classic (beginner and intermediate) Electric Guitar: various styles Cavaquinho: Samba and Choro (Brazilian Music) Music Theory: - Reading and Writing - Harmony - Rhythmic - Ear Training Computer Music: - MIDI Protocol - software for recording and editing audio and MIDI (Cubase / Sound...

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Professional Musician Graduated in Jazz Guitar at the Turin Conservatory and with Master at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, he proposes Private Lessons of Modern / Jazz / Blue Guita

I give modern guitar lessons (Blues / Jazz) to motivated students of every age and age. The lessons are divided into several phases: - Theory and harmony applied to the instrument (reading, scales, chords, etc.

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I teach for over 15 years guitar and singing (bass, keyboard, drums, group lessons) at home

I teach students of all ages (from age 6-7, the oldest of my students is 80 years old). My students choose the songs they want to play and / or sing ... I help them very concretely to edit their repertoire ... I teach how the musicians exchange "their plans" ... Live ... Then only one writes to help fix things in memory. . My way of teaching tends to release the potential of the student ...

East Finchley
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Luiz - East Finchley - Guitar

In my lessons you will understand how music translates emotions and ideas. Using the instrument or/and music production tools, we will be strongly focusing on the relationship between you, your instrument and the theory behind it.

São Paulo
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Teacher of guitar and music theory, for all levels in the West Zone of São Paulo

Classroom of Popular and Concert Guitar in a clear and precise way, for those who want to learn real music! I am awarded in national and international competitions of musical interpretation to the concert guitar. My methodology is directed to the needs of each student, according to their goal and goal, in practice and theoretical knowledge.

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Spina Jam Epinal guitar lessons All styles all Levels Ibanez Ludovic Dinh

Acoustic and electric guitar lessons all styles all nivo on Epinal graduate teacher endorsed at Ibanez simple effective method courses individual or group training course ...

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Golden oppurtunity for prople willing to learn western classical on guitar piano or recorder ! Note: Only pure notation based western music is taught .

I am very passionate and lusted for music since my childhood . I have been studying western music since three years and already completed four grades in both piano and classical guitar . I wish to sow the seeds of music in pupil intrested in learning western classical and for people who have quest for music .

Roberto de pedro
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Flamenco guitar lessons in the center of Madrid to the best known styles of flamenco genre as Tarantas, Cartageneras, Soleares, Polo and Reed, Bamberas, Seguiriyas, Cheers, Mirabras,

Touching flamenco guitar classes the most popular genre of flamenco styles as Tarantas, Cartageneras, Soleares, Polo and Reed, Bamberas, Seguiriyas, Cheers, Mirabras, Romeras, tientos, tangos, fandangos, Granaínas, Malagueñas, Sevillanas, rumbas, Colombian, vidalitas, Garrotín, Bulerías, Jaleos Extremeños, etc.

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Master in Jazz Performance offers classes at home in Lisbon for all levels - 15 years of experience in teaching guitar, improvisation and composition

For more than 10 years of experience as a teacher, I have developed several methods and exercises for teaching guitar and music (composition, improvisation, harmony, etc.) for students of all levels. I think the most important thing is that students can find the motivation to practice regularly with pleasure in progressing. Classes at home in Lisbon. Feel free to try it, first class is offered.

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Flamenco Guitar classes in Gracia (Barcelona) graduated at the Cristina Heeren Foundation

I teach flamenco guitar with experienced method for all levels. Classes can focus on various issues according to the needs of each student.

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Modern singing lessons. Jazz, pop, folk, original songs ... I help you with your modern music repertoire. Given by professional singer

Individual course of vocal technique in Paris for singers. We will work several blocks: body posture, breathing, vocal technique exercises, interpretation of songs, improvisation (this only for students who want it). I also teach individual lessons and singing workshops, songwriting, piano initiation for children and music therapy.

Ciudad de México
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Guitar Teacher Intermediate and Advanced, Improvisation Musical Language Music Harmony Soloing Techniques

My name is Daniel Godoy, I have a bachelor degree in Contemporary Music as a guitar player, with official recognition from the SEP. I started playing guitar at age 12 and at age 19 I started my musical education at Fermatta Music Academy.

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Guitarist trained in the United States gives modern guitar lessons (harmony-rhythm-singing). Classes in French and English.

I've been taught by Jean Marc Belkadi (former professor at Guitar Institute of Technology a subdivision of the Prestigious Musicien Institute) in Los Angeles in 1995-1996. He is also the teacher of James Valentine (guitarist of Maroon 5) and dwezil Zappa (son of Frank Zappa).

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Experienced guitarist gives private lessons guitar in Paris for all levels in the style of Blue, Rock, Variety.

Hello everyone! I give guitar lessons for anyone wishing to explore the guitar or grow and improve in learning the instrument. The courses are aimed at all levels and all ages (from 7 years), and accompanied by a method. Not learning music theory pushed because I prefer the direct relationship to the instrument in order not to frustrate the student.

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May graduated from Nancy gives guitar lessons on Toulouse and its surroundings

Hello, I give guitar lessons in Toulouse and its environs.Mon teaching is based on the one I received at the Music Academy International Nancy.Solfège, harmony, work songs in different styles, improvisation, backing tracks, pure technique on instrument.Mes the specialties are blues and rock I can déplacer.Les me beginners are bienvenus.J'accepte checks employment services.

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Professor teaches Blues / Rock / Jazz guitar lessons at home in Bordeaux

I work on instinct and offer my students courses according to their wishes and musical tastes. I have a pretty free teaching method. The guitar must be considered above all as an instrument of escape and personal expression. I work on tablatures and by ear basically to allow my students to fly on their own rather quickly.

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Singing lessons and guitar lessons. All levels all styles. POSSIBILITY RECORDING STUDIO. Choose the directory that suits you.

Professional musician. 3 CDs marketed by record company. Classes are personalized: with or without solfege, with or without recording ... By professional, possibility studio recording and musician (s) Students choose themselves the directory to work or record. Each student has different needs, abilities, motivations and tastes. It's the teacher who adapts.

São Paulo
Matheus barreto
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I am a student of Physics at USP, however, I have a passion for music since I was a child. I learned to play 7 stringed instruments alone, being more familiar with the guitar with a focus on the finge

My focus is teaching you to read ciphers / tablatures and techniques on guitar, from the beginning to the most advanced. When it comes to music theory, I teach so that you do not need to have prior knowledge, and everything you need to know about musical theory will be taught on time in a very practical way.

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Guitar Lessons to suit YOU! Your aims, your time, your taste, your pace.

Your tutor is a determining factor in your success, it sounds obvious but how much effort is put into understanding what you like, how you learn and what you need to do to get where you want is essential, which is why I design a programme specifically for you, for what you want: to play for fun, play in a band, learn to write songs, become professional one day or simply have fun strumming away in...

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Lille - Classical, acoustic and solfège guitar lessons (13 years of experience)

My private lessons are for all those who want to learn the classical guitar, acoustic guitar or solfeggio. In Classical guitar, I offer individual courses ranging from Cycle 1 level to Cycle 2 level. Being in Cycle 3 I could also offer courses of this level if a person wishes to improve.

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Acoustic and electric guitar lessons in Paris, guitarist pro and passionate 15-year experience.

Diploma ATLA school of contemporary music in Paris. I give acoustic and electric guitar lessons for beginners and advanced. I wish to convey my skills in adapting myself to the musical world and at my student. I always start by getting to know you to adapt my course, depending on your sense of rhythm, your ear and your musical tastes.

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Anthropology student offering electric or acoustic guitar lessons up to Grade 8 level

My teaching method is dependent on the students level of playing. If they already have the basics then we will work through Grade or song books to challenge their playing. If the student is starting from scratch then before that we'll spend time working on chord progressions and scales.

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