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You will learn Guitar in easiest way possible and would learn to play all your favourite songs :)

As for any musical instrument, the basics have to be clear first. I always start from basics of music notation, simple chords, chords progression and then gradually increase the level to complex bar chords , guitar scales, finger exercises etc.

San Marcos
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Self taught guitar enthusiast with 12 years playing experience. I love playing guitar and I love surrounding myself with people that have the same enthusiasm for it!

I start out with the basics depending on the circumstances and what I am teaching. I start with either simple note progressions and riffs or common chords and chord progressions, proper finger and wrist placement for comfortable playing, and slowly make things more and more challenging as they pick up their own skills and practice them.

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Local Rock musician with 15 years of experience and a degree in music composition gives lessons at home in Austin, TX.

I teach students of all levels the basics of their instrument of choice by selecting the songs they'd like to learn. The best and most entertaining way to pick up an instrument is to see the instrument through the eyes of your favorite musicians. Together we will break down the song so you can play it and ideally learn to write in the style of your favorite musicians if the student has that desire.

Solana Beach
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Music major with minor in music tech, offering help with instrumentals and math !

I can help any and all ages from beginner to college level theory, beginner piano, and beginner guitar. I can help you learn a song or even help with your home work. I can also help in math from elementary to algebra college level.

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Multi-Instrumentalist and Student With Over 8 Years of Guitar Experience Offering Lessons

As a teacher, I believe it's ultimately best to tailor my lesson structure to accommodate my students and their goals. That being said, I do think a basic understanding of theory and different styles of playing can go a long way towards helping a player find his/her unique voice as a guitarist.

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Guitar tutor offering fun and exciting lessons to help you achieve your guitar playing goals!

I predominantly focus on getting the student to enjoy their time with the instrument and to relax into their playing. This leads to fun and enjoyable lessons that are mutually very productive and rewarding! I like to ensure that technique is not overlooked, showing not just where to place the body to play but HOW as well.

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Singer-Songwriter in college giving guitar lessons in Slough and area around Slough

I'm willing to give people who are new to guitar lessons. I'm very laid back, as it wasn't that long ago that I was new to guitar, so don't worry if you make a mistake, it's natural in learning. In my lessons, depending on your experience, I would start on the theory side, explaining what each note on each string is, and making sure the guitar is in tune.

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Jazz and Classical trained guitarist, and author of the Quelbe music method offering classes in South Florida

My teaching methodology is to visualize an appropriate framework of curriculum units. The units are 1) ear training, 2) instrumental dexterity/facility, 3) repertoire, 4) technique, and 5) theory.

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Rock musician/songwriter with 8+ years experience under his belt looking to drop some knowledge on ya, boi.

I'm going to assume that each student knows absolutely nothing at all about music unless otherwise stated. This allows me to approach each lesson from the viewpoint of the student which helps me relate and cater to their needs, musically. I like to teach the way I would like to be taught. This means if a student asks to be taught a song specifically, that's what they're gonna get.

Beverly Hills
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Grammy nominated Guitarist, composer, educator . Founder of American Music Academy amaschool.org

My teaching method is bouncing off the student's natural interest and ability. Let's say a student likes Metallica, then I show him the scale, chords and why this particular note works there. Then we make it better and whats natural for the student.

Apple Valley
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A Experienced Musician is offering lessons in San Bernardino and LA Counties

I like to teach theory, music reading, songs, techniques, and methods of improvisation. I teach each class based on the skill level of the student. I can also teach multiple genres such as rock, pop, classical, flamenco, acoustic, etc.

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Acoustic Singer/Songwriter of 8 years teaches how to play Guitar and Sing

I have a nontraditional approach when it comes to teaching music, I believe it's important to understand the connection between you and your instrument before getting into reading music. It makes the class more engaging and fun for those starting.

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Creative Guitarist and Composer near Chicago has student openings for musical artists

I am used to giving one-on-one lessons, so that's what I provide. I enjoy giving lessons to beginning to intermediate level students who are interested in learning sight-reading and theory in addition to technique. Scale, melody, and chord progression exercises characterize much of an average lesson, along with analysis and performance of a song.

Saint John
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Brandon kingston here for all you guitar needs rhythm and chord lessons .

my methods are to teach you whatever songs you wanna learn on the guitar by teaching you how to play chords. A typical class would be me figuring out where you are musically and then finding out what songs you wanna learn and teaching them to you.

Cabanillas del Campo
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Student and guitarist with experience. Initial guitar and ukulele classes for people between 10 and 20 years old in the Guadalajara area who wish to learn to play. They can be individual classes or

My teaching method is adapted to each student. Not everyone learns at the same pace, not everyone has the same memory. Each student is unique and that is how they are taught, from their own ability to move forward. I accompany people while they find their way to develop musical talent, giving them the necessary tools to direct their progress to where they want it to come.

1st lesson offered free !

Acoustic Guitar player with over 25 years experience offering introduction tutoring in the Stroud area.

My lessons are an entry level overview of acoustic guitar, designed to get you playing as early as possible - because practice and determination are the keys to progressing on the guitar! We will work through tuning, basic chords, strumming and reading guitar chords from books! Once the basics are established, we can move on to more advanced chords/bar chords as appropriate.

Agoura Hills
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Professional Guitarist with 25 years experience as Song Writer, Extensive Live Performer and Touring for 20 years, Film & Tv Composer, Studio Recording Production, Live Guitar Technician, Certified IN

I give the tools and provide flexability to teach custom tailored lessons for an opportunity to efficiently give my students the control of the pace the lessons evolve. Allowing each student to progress with the confidence to flourish.

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Guitarist with over a decade in the rock industry offering online lessons.

I will be accepting students for my interactive online private classes for Guitar. Lessons will be 30 minutes long and span a curriculum arc that will cover basics, chords, melody, theory and improvisation. You will learn: How to read tablature (Tabs), How to play songs that you choose, the importance of ear training and how to read proper notation.

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A GREAT pianist and bass guitarist with 15+ years of experience in Nottingham.

I quite professional and focused in how I teach. My techniques are simple I understand everyone learns differently so I accommodate different styles that work and get results for me and the student. I encourage commitment and passion, and a keenness to learn.

Chapel Hill
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Rock Musician with 20 years of experience gives song writing/guitar lessons from home in North Carolina

My teaching Method is hands on through the computer It will be through video and will have a step by step learning experiences where you can learn about guitar and writing your own songs the student will learn how to make their own music

Hemel Hempstead
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Music Technology Student with tutoring experience teaching guitar to people of all ages and abilities.

-Accessible to anyone of any age and ability -Curriculum revolves around what you want to learn (with guidance from myself) to help you excel in the areas that you wish to -We can work towards grades, but do not have to if it does not suit your style of playing -I often teach songs, and then explain how the techniques could be applied in other areas, and to your own music

1st lesson offered free !

Ph.D. with 17 years of teaching guitar, music theory, and ear training.

Whether you want to learn some of your favorite songs, learn how to keep up with your musical friends, or explore advanced concepts in music theory and ear training, I can help you! I teach all popular and folk styles, from the classics to present day hits and top 40. Please note that I teach all skill levels in GUITAR, music theory, songwriting, and ear training.

North Tonawanda
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Guitar instructor. Looking for students for private lessons. Can be both acoustic or electric.

My teaching methodology is to learn by example. I show people how to play at a gradual pace they are comfortable learning at. Then apply the knowledge and let them learn at there own pace as they go. Both learning new chords, scales, parts of songs, and writing and developing new songs. Also add lyrics with songs.

1st lesson offered free !

A young guitarist with 7 years of playing experience already endorsed by three seperate companies that gives lessons via Skype or from his home in Ontario.

My teaching methods are based on how I got to where I am today so quickly and at a such a young age. I have been through the learning process and know what works and what doesn't. I know what it takes and what needs to be done to efficiently get to your desired level of playing as fast as possible while keeping it highly enjoyable and fresh.

1st lesson offered free !

Economics Student and part time musician offering acoustic, electric and bass guitar lessons in Manchester

I base my classes on the students music preferences. I listen to what kind of music you want to be able to play in advance then will teach relevant technical skills and practice methods so you can shred those songs you've always wanted to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Performing guitarist, proficient in Music theory, competent in Acoustic, Electric and Bass.

My teaching method begins based on where my students are at in each of their own personal walks with their instrument. If you or your child is a complete beginner I typically start by examining simple chords, scales, strumming patterns and finger shapes, as well as begin to tackle basic songs. As my students advance we begin learning more complex chords, rhythms, scales and songs.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional artist and musician gives music and art lessons to all ages

I am patient and encouraging with my students and teaching is my passion. I believe you can only build on a solid foundation. So the goal is giving the students a foundation that they can build upon on their own.

White City
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Brazilian, Andean or Caribbean rhythms and songs for guitar, I also can teach you Music Theory, write music, and some Spanish in the process :D

Hands on deck from day one, If you already know the songs you want to play, I will show you how to create your own exercises based in the music you learn. If you do not know what to choose, I will send songs or rhythms for you to choose from, so you can establish a connection that makes you happy.

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Professional Mobile Guitar, Saxophone, Ukulele and Bass Lessons Tutor in Lanarkshire Scotland

Guitar, sax, uke and bass lessons in the comfort of your own home. Professional Teacher RGT & MU Registered with full CRB Disclosure Scotland. Excellent references. Over 20 years teching and playing experience. RGT qualified. SQA and ABRSM Exam preparation available. I teach Mel bay, Rockschool & RGT Methods all grades.

1st lesson offered free !

Friendly professional musician with 30 years experience offers guitar, harmonica, songwriting and production lessons in the Bury St Edmunds area.

I have been a pro musician all my life and have taught many students to play the guitar in all styles. I specialise in Blues guitar and can also teach the harmonica. I give lessons either at your home, in my studio or via skype.

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