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Port Kembla
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Encouraging, Engaging GUITAR Tutor. Experienced, private lessons at home, or can come to you.

I am a 20 year old male, who is very interested in meditation, yoga and music. Much of my teaching is based on encouragement to persevere and flourish in their own personal practice, which is different for every individual. I can and have worked with various individuals and crafted a practice and routine designed for them and their strengths.

Mission Viejo
1st lesson offered free !

Hi! I'm a UCSD student with 20+ years in music experience and production!

My teaching method is to build confidence in the student by drawing the correct answers out of them and to encourage asking questions. At the same time I have with how to take notes better, how to study better, and also how build strong study habits.

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North London based guitar teacher with heaps of experience as both a performer and a teacher. Music is my passion and I love to share my skills and knowledge with others.

HOW CAN I HELP YOU? - Develop a solid foundation - Learn music theory - Improve your musical ear - Work towards achieving music grades - Guidance with Music GCSE/A-level - Learn how to practice effectively - Understand the fretboard - Set free your creativity - Write your own songs - Play your favourite songs - Basic accompaniment for singing - Soloing/Improvisation

Las Vegas
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Guitar teacher with 20+ years experience in instructing. Las Vegas NV.

I teach by finding the most simple and logical path from brain to hands, then introduce practice patterns to reinforce and of course there has to be some jam time afterward to secure new knowledge. Understanding the students method of learning and adapting is key.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Guitarist with over 25yrs experience in the music business offering Guitar Lessons Worldwide

Everybody is unique and my teaching method mirrors this. I personally plan the correct route for you and come up with a routine that will get you where you need to be I'm not just a tutor but also a mentor to my students and advise not just on performing but on promotion, marketing and networking solutions.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional guitarist offering music lessons online or in home in Atlanta, GA

I believe anyone can learn to play music! I did not grow up in a musical household but have adopted techniques through my years of education and touring to make music accessible to beginners and advanced students.

1st lesson offered free !

FIRST LESSON FREE. Guildford-based Guitar teacher with over 6 years teaching experience. I'm able to teach in all styles and abilities as well as travel.

My teaching style is based on their ability. For beginners, I encourage learning basic chords/scales with the intention of using them in a song. For intermediates and advanced, I encourage learning Grades to make lessons more purposeful. My format follows a monthly cycle. Namely three weeks of grades, followed by one week of a more relaxed lesson based on songs of the students choosing.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to play Electric and Acoustic Guitar the proper way - read notes, play scales, chords and create your own Music!

I emphasize my teachings on practice, passion with the instrument and most of all - having FUN! Familiarization with the instrument is foremost. I teach the student the basics of reading notes and guitar tablature. Practice exercises are given on each session. Finger and strumming dexterity is also developed.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitar and Bass private lessons for any level of experience! New York City

I always want to ask students what their goals are for learning an instrument. Whether that be learning new songs of music theory, I custom tailer lesson plans to ensure students will have a wide variety of abilities on their instrument.

Los Angeles
1st lesson offered free !

International touring artist offers music theory, guitar, piano lessons in Los Angeles

I'm an adaptive teacher, whatever level my student's knowledge is in the given field, together we assess goals and tangible milestones and I put together a game plan specific to us. Each student is different, so that's how we approach every class.

1st lesson offered free !

I'm here, your muse to get through your dreams of playing acoustic with just simple and easy ways. Just need to follow your passion!!!

My approach would be to teach basics of acoustic guitar and easy way to learn strumming as it's very difficult part of playing. In addition, I would teach new techniques like plucking, tapping and drum beats on guitar very well.

Rebecca o
1st lesson offered free !

Musical lady who loves music searching for students who love music too!

As a guitar instructor my method is watch and mimic. I put a lot of emphasis on timing and practicing changing chords. This is important because changing chords must be done quickly. I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. I also sing along to the guitar.

1st lesson offered free !

Trained Guitarist with Music Performance Degree and a Wealth of Teaching Experience

My lessons are professional and informative. I am an empathetic teacher and have taught all ages and abilities. My main ethos is to ensure students enjoy their lessons while providing them with the tools necessary to progress efficiently and quickly.

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1st lesson offered free !

Musician of 13 years offering acoustic and vocal lessons at home or on location

My methodology is demonstrations and observations. I allow students to observe my techniques and allow you to replicate that on the guitar. I approach each lesson with examples of professional musicians and supportive handouts to expand your level of learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitarist with 38 years of experience is seeking students for guitar, piano, music theory, performance, composition, and production.

Because everyone learns differently, my teaching method is tailored to each student's needs and way of learning. However my method includes technique, theory, ear training, music listening, performance, composition, and music copying. Our first lesson is used to asses each student's skill level and to begin building a custom learning path.

1st lesson offered free !

Sydney based Electric guitarist with 20+ years experience & London College of Music Diplomas (ALCM, LLCM) available for lessons - beginner to advanced

My teaching is based upon gaining an understanding of what the student wants to get out of learning the guitar and move forward with a fun and structured approach to achieve that goal, whether that be to learn songs, follow a formal grading route, develop technique or learn new skills - beginner to advanced.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitarist with 6 years experience from CT. I came out on top of my guitar class at Woodstock Academy and have successfully helped friends learn easier methods to playing advanced songs. I love to work

I have been told I am a pretty good guitarist, and I know a lot of the logistics and music theory around playing instruments. I like to start from the basic chords and rock and roll riffs and move on to more advanced things like improvising solos.

1st lesson offered free !

Music Student gives Bass Guitar lessons for beginners in Ottawa or Online

I base my classes on giving the student the technique and skills that they require in order to play the pieces they would like to play. Every student is different and the lessons will be based around your own personal goals and the steps to achieve them.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate music student offering lessons in guitar performance, composition, recording and production

My teaching methods incorporate learning music through the lens of a variety of fields. Music is a language and performance should be approached from the perspective of wanting to learn how to express a thought or an idea. Physics and science help us to understand how the sounds we make exist. Psychology and neurology offer infinite insight into how and why it is we perceive music the way we do.

Hebden Bridge
1st lesson offered free !

Music lessons: Piano, Guitar and Singing. I come to you. Comprehensive programme.

I am married with two children. I have a degree in music, and a diploma in acting. I am qualified to teach adults and children. I adapt my teaching methodology to the requirements of the student. If a student wishes to work through grades, I can help with that, if they simply wish to improve technique, learn to read music or improve sight reading, I can help with that too.

1st lesson offered free !

Active Musician offering online Guitar Tuition worldwide or Home Tuition in the Oban Area

I intend to employ a highly flexible teaching strategy. By this I mean that, in a sense, the student will be able to manipulate the curriculum as it is being taught. I would tend to spend the first lesson ascertaining the student's intentions and then continuing according to their wishes. With my teaching style, the key is communication.

1st lesson offered free !

Brazilian gives classes of MPB (harmony and rhythms) and classic rock for guitar and bass

My teaching method is to encourage the student to be independent and learn to deal with music alone, being able to read ciphers (internet and magazines), tablature and sheet music (if you please) without the eternal dependence of a teacher.

(8 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

If u want to develop your own unique style ..u have come to the right place..from music theory to all beginner to advanced techniques of any kind ...

My method is pretty simple ..no cramming ...i teach a concept and help u build ur own through that concept ..

Melton South
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Guitar the EASY way!...from fingerpicking, classical, metal, top 10, theme songs and more

My way of teaching is from my many years of playing shows, practicing, teaching and just being a musician as well. I can identify what problems the individual needs to become more aware of and I create lessons according to what he/she needs to learn to become proficient in that area.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduating in Communication, Media and Advertising at the IULM of Milan he gives a lesson on Guitar!

Guitar guitars, we start with simple melodies to learn the key chords of most of the world repertoire and then move more in detail to British rock music Beatles and, especially, OASIS.

1st lesson offered free !

BRING MUSIC INTO YOUR LIFE!! VOICE - GUITAR at home. Ms. Fullerton is an experienced, certified teacher. With a bachelor’s degree in Music Education and several certifications, her experience of 20 ye

I am a graduate of the University of Arizona. I have received a Bachelors Degree in Music Education. I am also a certified teacher in the state of Texas, as well as Arizona. My certification is for Kindergarten through High School, all levels of music. I have a certification to teach general classes at the Elementary Level K-5th grade from Sam Houston University.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitarist since birth, music lover of any kind. And acoustic and classical guitar master

My methodology is initially based on a general knowledge of the instrument, and then go immediately to put your hands on the guitar to become familiar with the instrument. And after just a few lessons we start with the knowledge of the chords, and maybe we start to '' suonicchia '' some low difficulty songs, to start practicing.

1st lesson offered free !

Music Theory and Adv. Guitar Techniques, Learn to teach yourself; Asheville, NC and Worldwide Online

Touring and recording artist available for online tutoring; Concentration on Music Theory, Analysis, Techniques, Improvisation, Composition; Most importantly you will learn how to teach yourself and others with the knowledge you will gain. Learn whatever you want to at a pace that is right for you from a patient and dedicated teacher.

New Orleans
1st lesson offered free !

Music Industry graduate with 10+ years of guitar experience offering lessons in guitar basics, technique, theory, songwriting, and more in New Orleans

I base my courses entirely off of the student's main goals. I can tackle more classical approaches, modern curriculum, learning for hobby's sake and everything in between. That's not to mention that I will bring in outside knowledge to broaden their horizons as well to make them a more well-rounded player.

1st lesson offered free !

Fun and Engaging Guitar, Bass and Drum Tutoring from Bristol musician, Fuzzy J

Most importantly you need to be having fun, so we’re going to be learning the songs of your choice but as well as mastering the parts, we’ll be looking at the music theory behind the songs and how what you’ve learned can help you progress to the next level.

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