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I offer applied visual arts courses for beginners or semi-experts. Together we will investigate the major techniques according to the needs.

The course can be modeled according to the requests. I know the main techniques in visual arts so we have freedom to investigate different aspects.

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Artist. Maker. Creative - I am a Master of the arts based in west Wales. Offering lessons using a diverse range of artistic mediums. Able to teach all age groups and assist with projects.

I have always found that my own work comes from within me, it makes its way into the world through my hands. My brain is constantly ticking and coming up with all kinds of ideas. Sometimes I find it refreshing to step back and experience the artistic world of others. When I work with other people and teach I always encourage a 'free-ness' of thought.

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I teach most forms of Art and Design including, Drawing, Painting, Multi Media Sculpture and computer illustration. I live in London and have taught Art and Design for over 25 years in FE colleges and

Friendly, understanding, responsive, adjustable and communicative. The best teaching method is the one that your students respond to adjust my methods and strategies in response to students’ ability to learn the material being presented. I think that direct instruction is best used when working with students below grade level.

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I am a Fine Art Masters graduate, in the south of UK, looking to teach the Arts, English, and Crafts.

I am a mature tutor, who understands complex needs having lived with dyslexia for many years. My teaching will help you to work out the best method for you to learn from. I teach up to Masters level, firstly by working out what you need the extra tutoring for and work out strategies with you on how to improve and learn more step by step.

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An artist with extensive knowledge of color and painting emotions on paper.

My teaching method will be understanding my student's boundaries about art in general and put this understanding in form of an artwork. Then I will proceed with the basics of the art and color in accordance to their knowledge about art.

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Architecture student offering Art and Drawing lessons up to university level in London.

My teaching method is first explaining the theory and relating the classes to the history and origin of the techniques we are going to use. I base my classes on observing the surrounding environment and interpreting it on our own way, after wich improving free hand drawings, sketches and paintings using variety of materials.

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Award winning artist shares invaluable fundamental skills to pursue any art discipline.

I believe drawing underpins all art disciplines. I believe everyone can learn to draw. I believe art can play a crucial role in well-being. My teaching method is inclusive of all age groups and all personalities with a focus in developing each students individual style. Perfect for high school students wanting to develop skills to support their HSC outcomes.

Saint Just
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Experienced, friendly, encouraging fine artist and illustrator offering single/group tuition in Cornwall

Art should be fun! Adults in particular are often worried that they're "no good at art" because they "don't know how to draw" but I can teach you (a) that this isn't true, and (b) that you can if you want to once you learn how! I work in a variety of 2D and 3D materials and am happy to provide a scheme of work which ups your general skill level or focuses on a particular area of interest or...

Kenfig Hill
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Fashion graduate looking to inspire and teach others all things creative!

I approach each teaching session as individual as each of my students. And each session may require a different angle to which it is delivered to ensure a full and rewarding outcome.

North Parramatta
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Fulltime Working Illustrator and Animator giving Relevant Art and Animation Tutorials to Students and Hobbyists

My teaching method is very practical and hands-on with a lot of emphasis on smart, thoughtful, and structured practice. During most of the classes that I teach, I do. Which means that I do a lot of demonstrations and paint overs for the students showing them exactly step by step what needs to be done to complete the work.

Campo Limpo Paulista
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Plastic Artist L. Gobetti teaches you how to paint and draw maximizing your creativity.

In my classes, I try to identify what the student already knows through quick exercises, which allow me to adapt the teachings to the student's need. Using my own methods in unison with the classic methodologies, I try to encourage the student to develop a creative look (which can be applied to the most diverse areas of life, valuing all future creations and reasoning).

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Illustrator and animator with + 10 years of experience teaches art for games, animation and editorial (tutoring or class)

There are two main methods for you to learn what you need with me: 1) The first is modular classroom mode, advisable for beginners or wannabes, building fundamental drawing and painting skills from the ground up. Some of the modules are Introduction to Anatomy, Gesture Design, Perspective, Finalization, Introduction to digital painting, Creative techniques to beat the blank page etc.

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"Caricature with Attitude" Serious Tuition in the Art of Drawing Funny Faces

I pride myself on delivering highly entertaining and informative tuition. I am methodical in my preparation and spend a great deal of time devising a sylabus. My approach is very hands on, I discuss caricature theory, spending time demonstrating producing a live caricature of someone in the group, before letting the students loose on an unsuspecting subject.

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Creative designer and artist gives drawing, painting and design thinking lessons in Edinburgh

My objective as a teacher is to motivate my students to develop their own interests and creative thinking, stimulate them to develop their talents and help to reach their goals. Our lessons will be intensive and fun at the same time.

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Comics and Cartooning tutoring from a working artist with 25+ years experience.

I got into teaching at first to supplement my income, but find I enjoy the work sometimes more than making art! It's been a pleasure to share my experience and knowledge, and make a point of teaching the students I have rather than a fixed curriculum. I focus on what they need to overcome hurdles and try to find ways that will help them best overcome hurdles.

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JCU Master's Student provides Painting/Drawing lessons in Townsville to children and adults

No prior drawing or painting experience required! I will teach the basics up to advanced skills. I utilize drawing exercises to sharpen my students understanding and expertise of fundamental drawing and painting skills such as perspective, value, and color theory to help create unique works of art.

1st lesson offered free !

A young textile design practitioner (currently student) teaching art and design lessons.

My teaching method is mostly practical. First, I give a short historic and technical brief about the form of art. This helps the student get introduced to the subject. Then, a demonstration helps them understand the process. There sure are some tricks to achieve a certain result and ways to fix the mistakes. At the end, you will have a skill and a beautiful work of art to take back.

Darwin City
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Use 26 years of my professional drawing career to utilize the must have's to be a genius at what you do. A complete guide from calligraphy to drawing portraits.

I base my teaching on constructivism, where I ask the student some questions to ascertain where their skills lay and determine the appropriate lessons to turn them into a professional artist. I have my own professional museum of artworks from all over the world and am recognized by 4.8 million my website has reached.

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Recent graduate offers lessons in Persian, Maths and Arts with high quality

I am known to be very patient and kind. I usually put myself in the shoes of the student and try to understand how they would feel when I am saying something. I make sure they learn very accurately with no misunderstandings.

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Graphic design and illustration student offering help you need with any arty stuff,, painting drawing design ect. :)

Ive found its helpful being given examples and inspiration when you are trying to learn about this and practice, so i can reccommend artists for research, offer differnt medium techniques and help you develop creatively as an artist as i do so myself .

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Professional full time Artist in Graphite, Charcoal and Ink. UK & French retreats

I believe anyone can draw. It’s all about imparting the techniques and skills and giving students the confidence to put those into use. With practise and knowledge comes confidence and the ability to expand their creativity.

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Art/Design professional, with a positive personalilty offering lessons in a variety of creative media in Brighton and often London.

I base my approach on a partnership very much under the humanist philosophy of building empathy and trust, geared to involve the learner at each stage of the decision making process. Through building up a rapport with students i can adapt my methodology towards individual learning styles.

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Monash Visual Arts graduate offers tutoring in Gippsland and South Eastern suburbs

I encourage students to identify the learning style that works best for them, and provide continuous positive support. My students have thrived in a fun learning environment through the use of visuals and practical experience. I have experience engaging students from as young as 4 years old, through to tertiary level.

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I offer classes of plastic arts (drawing, painting, sculpture ...) of several levels, the studio is in Malaga (Carranque). You can also schedule classes at home!

Each person carries within them inclinations and specific interests, I want to help that is expressed and each person will do it in a different way. My method always starts with some drawing sessions in order to evaluate the technical and creative level of the student.

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Architecture student and also watercolor artist gives watercolor painting classes in Winnipeg

Every class I will work on one watercolor painting, so you could get to know different techniques. I will start to do a part and after finishing that, you will do the same and I will explain possible errors and how to be confident to solve it.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Certified Teacher; ALL Elementary subjects. BFA, Bach. Ed Richmond Hill, Vaughan

My classes and lessons change based on the individual. I assess what your needs are and plan accordingly. Continuous feedback and positive reinforcement offered. I am most comfortable tutoring and teaching elementary grades; JK-grade 8. Will follow IEP.

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Award winning advertising Creative Director with Design degree offering help to pre-college students.

I do not have a standardized approach but will devise a plan of action according to each individual students strengths and weaknesses and their desired goals, helping them to develop the most creative approaches to the art and design briefs their courses set them.

Jardim Nossa Senhora do Carmo
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Illustration, Zona Leste / SP, technique, Adobe Package, Digital drawing, Paper drawing.

I work by learning process that goes from basic geometric forms to more realistic drawings, I try to let go of the artist's own trait, leave him free to create his works with the tool and technique that he prefers, always helping in his doubts.

Port Macquarie
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"Mural artist with BA degree, TAFE Associate dip. of Fine Arts and about 5 years of teaching experience would like to unlock your world of creativity and imagination!"

My teaching methodology is based on a communicative and creative approach. I use the everyday situation, movies, literature, popular culture, history, and many games that awaken the creative side of my students, while I also use certain techniques to improve their skills.

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Digital Artist, with a background in game design, traditional art, and experience creating artwork for various projects. Possesses a Bachelor's degree with a concentration in art and game design. Loca

My lessons can stem from elementary level all the way to a 4-year degree level. My tools of trade involve Adobe Photoshop, and occasionally other programs. Traditionally, I'll use whatever medium is required. Technique and form is what I focus on while helping inspire others to explore their creative potential and discover just how unlimited their imagination is.

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