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1st lesson offered free !

I m a student of journalism and have 4 years of teaching experience.

I teach in the way that students can understand portions and not just remember it. I take regular test and boost self esteem.

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1st lesson offered free !

Well renowned lecturer who has 40+ years of experience in the field of art(drawing).

I love to norish students with the great knowledge, not matter how hard it looks i make them at ease in learning. I go with the sequence of teaching right from the initial stages and make sure they get it right with much care and positivity around.

Mariana alejandra
1st lesson offered free !

Student of graphic design gives classes of illustration, watercolor and painting in Vigo.

My teaching methodology is to begin with basic aspects such as introduction to color, composition, material handling and experimentation with them. Subsequently, according to the student's tendency, to deepen in the techniques that inspire him most and in the field that he can most take advantage of (illustration, painting, design ...).

1st lesson offered free !

Student of cse giving tuitions to secondary school student at home and also give dance classes and painting

About student knowledge and enjoy fully and in a playing way with senseable talks and based on there interset to learn

1st lesson offered free !

Make your creative world with me I will teach you best art.

My teaching is mainly base in cartoon sketching/ and I approaching is good.

1st lesson offered free !

Academic drawing, image creation technics through different mediums (classic drawing, digital painting, illustration, painting). Gresivaudan / Grenoble

I will guide you according to your practice and your goals and interests. I will teach you mainly to look and especially to understand what you draw. Because the goal is to be able to draw volumes and "inside" what you see so that visually it works.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn art of do it yourself with drawing, painting craft and card making ideas.

I make my class a motivational self learner class where students njoy their own inventions of craft ideas and more

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Graphic designer and teacher giving drawing, painting and design lessons in Edinburgh.

I spent the last 25 years working in visual communications, as an art director, graphic designer, professor, freelance designer, and artist. Because of my variety of experience in art, I can offer a wide range of teaching styles and innovative experiences, this helps me to cater my lessons to every individual's needs. I teach a variety drawing, painting, and graphic design.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Art drawing painting, 15 years of experience gives drawing painting lessons at home".rohini delhi

drawing and painting is a very big subject to learn, some people are artist by birth some are hobbyist, we can learn anything by our passion, i can teach how to draw and how to paint how to sculpt, with clay, painting with acrylic paint, oil paint crayons, poster colour, glass painting fabric colouring and many more...

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There are so many artist students around us, and they don't know how to be a good drawing artist, so I love to help them and show them a way of artist world

My teaching methods are simple means everyone can understand it. I just wanted to give freedom about there creative because artist means a flying bird they don't have a boundaries.

1st lesson offered free !

Student of art who wants to spread the beautiful and find out the creativity.

Hello! I am an art student who has learned art for 6 years. I am a person with a lot of patience and I like to teach things in a interesting way. For me, there are no ugly works in the world of art, that's why I like to communicate with students, exchange opinions and above all listen and support them.

1st lesson offered free !

Advanced Ilustrator, soon 21 years old, really love to teach art and spread my knowledge

My teaching method is based on motivate and make people connect with art and themselves.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Comic Designing and Graphic Designing (with respect to Comics) From an Animator, Graphic designer in Mumbai!

I am a 18 year old Passionate Animator/ Graphic Designer and a Video Editor. I was in my field since 5th Grade. I have 5 years experience in Animation, 7 Year experience in Graphic Designing and 4 Year experience in Video Editing. Well I am very interested in sharing my knowledge... I usually help my Batch-mates and Juniors. They referred me to Teaching line.

1st lesson offered free !

Creativity through my drawings..... What I feel I draw and what I draw is what I feel .....!

Nothing special is my teaching method.... Because whatever I do, I do it through my heart......

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to draw fast and accurate in quick time really quick yes

I teach by making you understand the pattern..... Every thing has a repetitive or alternative or non relative pattern. .

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate of Boulle School in woodcarving and artist offers courses in drawing, modeling and sculpture at home for Paris and the suburbs.

We will begin by determining together your needs and axes of progress. Depending on your goals I will establish a step-by-step teaching with a structured approach to basic drawing, modeling and sculpture. I will invite you to encourage the expression and development of your personal graphic style if you so wish.

1st lesson offered free !

Don't just draw, just feel what are you want to portray on the paper.

I generally focuses on the student's ability what he/she can do, My style is not to teach them like a typical teacher instead i work on student's style of drawing & transform them into a good one.

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Illustrator Infantil gives classes of digital illustration in Bogotá, I do not teach to draw.

My teaching method is based on the basis that the student already has, that is, I do NOT teach drawing, I teach how to use new tools such as a software and a digitizing tablet, how to manipulate digital brushes, achieve techniques that the student does not know and improve their skills, very important that the student already has bases on the illustration.

1st lesson offered free !

For Art and Design Students, I offer to help develop your skills and to broaden your abilities

My teaching method involves demonstrating whilst explaining my methods, along with helping students to practice and explaining how different techniques create different artistic effects.

Ciudad de México
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1st lesson offered free !

Student of visual communication gives classes of creative illustration in CDMX, traditional and digital.

My classes are aimed at all those who have the desire to learn to draw or find their style. They do not need any prior knowledge, nor equipment in specific; we will work with traditional techniques (pencil, pastels, markers, watercolors, inks, acrylics, etchings), as well as digital techniques (digital illustration, mixed media, use of textures, printing modes).

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate artist with 60+years of experience, willing to take online drawing and painting classes to anyone interested in art.

I opt to use online teaching methods for interested people of all ages and from all parts of the country

1st lesson offered free !

Art, painting in its many techniques, for study passion you can learn. Personal lessons in north and central Rome and in the province of Rieti.

Interior decorator and painter in various techniques.Gradueted in the Academy of Fine Arts (Painting) in Perugia, I never stopped exploring the art world from restoration to decoration by improving the teaching methods over the years. Teacher of pictorial disciplines and history of art, my method is based on visual observation, gesture and direct manual experience, practice .....

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1st lesson offered free !

Art is must important do you know why because our life is art the way you living your life is art and drawing is the first part of art .

As Simple as that based upon regular life style, nature, life and what goes arround us. Because we are human and for me humanity is first so here's a platform we spread smile.

1st lesson offered free !

Let me teach you how to tap into the right side of your brain and get your creative juices flowing!

I cater my teaching to each student as I believe each person learns the best in their own way, and I would love to meet your specific needs as a student.

Costa Mesa
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1st lesson offered free !

Drawing and Painting Lessons in Costa Mesa, CA -Various techniques, All levels covered!

Latin american Artist, I give lessons for all levels. From oil painting techniques to pastels, from painting landscapes to drawing portraits, I offer art instruction in a variety of mediums and subjects. Painting tips, drawing techniques, brushstrokes, and more, that will teach you the tools you need to improve your art.

1st lesson offered free !

A professional graphic designer want to give coaching for graphic designs and use of corel illustrator Photoshop etc

Learn in a way what u want not me I will just want students to be perfect and learn in relax mood.

1st lesson offered free !

Art student with more than three years of professional education, I developed my own abstract and stylized techniques in order to produce unique work

I'm from the UK and I study AS-Level Fine Art and a (level 3) Extented Diploma in Computer Game Design. I passed my GCSE with an A* in Art and Design. I do a level of digital artwork and animation at college. Both courses are artwork heavy and I’m used to working in different styles and mediums; my preferred mediums are oil pastels, chalk pastels and acrylic paint.

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1st lesson offered free !

Illustrate your own stories to life! Passionate draftswoman with international experience in Japan gives drawing, calligraphy and manga courses in Siegen.

Hello! My teaching is aimed at anyone with an interest in the arts and who wants to illustrate and otherwise shape their own stories. I myself was involved in the foyer design of my high school, incidentally took art classes and participated in Shodo courses in Japan.

1st lesson offered free !

Am engineering student and I have a drawing that is drawing a picture.I am going to apply for job teaching...

I would like to know more about the teaching style than ever before that I have been able to explain myself and I will be able to give you some details.

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