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Greater London
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Fine Art Professional Classes for beginner to advance student in West London

I'm an Italian artist with more then 20 years of international experience I had the opportunity to instruct a diverse kind of people and as result I have developed a good teaching techniques and instructional methods that allowed me to educate all style and age of learners and promoted art appreciation and developed creativity.

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An illustrator myself, I help students grow creatively and professionally and build their own art style.

I help students discover and build their own art style. Anyone who has a passion for art is eligible to join the classes. I can teach mandala art, cartooning, illustrations, drawing, character sketching, anatomy, still life, perspectives, typography, designing. How to pay? ALWAYS BEFORE THE SESSION. The first session is for free.

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Illustrator and Professional Concept Artist with extensive experience in videogames, t-shirts and advertising gives DRAWING classes in Gijon (asturias)

Do you want to improve or learn to Draw and paint, in an easy and dynamic way? then sign up and I'll show you all the tricks to get this and much more! If you are new to this, this will be my methodology.

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Interior designer and painter of many winds, gives courses of drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting but also in interior design, CAD program, photoshop, perspectives ..

My experience includes teaching in Chinese universities as well as specialized seminars. I had a lot of fun sharing my passions with my students. These two subjects are very personal because of their artistic nature. My method is to let the student find his/ her style and guide him/ her through his/her approach.

(2 reviews)
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Creative Artist and hobbyist provides drawing lessons for any and all interested

I like to think of my students as myself when I was, and still am, improving my art. I go about my lessons by providing the many techniques I tried throughout developing my own style and routine, letting them decide what works best for them and delving deeper into whatever that may be.

(5 reviews)
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Painter based in Milan, provides lessons of visual arts, learned during her studies and her persistent research.

My lessons start from an understanding of reality, what we see through space, time and perspective. Specified attention should be given to the study of light: how light changes shapes, shapes seen through darkness and light, emptiness and fullness. Understanding the space and the form in its entirety through the decomposition of the shapes, is the first step of the disegno.

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Teacher of drawing, sculpture and artistic anatomy. E. Art Academy - The art academy for all and all ages. We have more disciplines, ceramics, illustration, art history, naked model and much more.

Although I do group lessons, I believe that each person has his or her own pace of evolution, so I adapt the program of my classes to each student. Being my formation and all my artistic course turned to the human body and its anatomy, naturally the program of my lessons goes to the same theme. Always trying to practice the drawing by observation.

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I am an artist offering tuition in painting and drawing in various media

My method of teaching covers all aspects of learning to draw and paint in various mediums, with a kinaesthetic approach, the learners having a hands on experience along with visual learning in the form of technique and 'how to' demonstrations and aural explanation.

(3 reviews)
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Arts are too much fun when they're tutored by an undergraduate masters degree in color therapy artist

I teach arts through two main methods no 1 is making the class too much fun and full of entertainment using the most modern methods of data show and multimedia no 2 : giving the total confidence to judge international examples through artistic values.

(1 review)
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Art Room by MISTER KALAKAR A place to find your passionate Art

First i Observed the student.connect with his/her passion.. and teach him/her the right way to improve their art.

Niagara Falls
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Experienced designer gives lessons to create incredible Illustrations by hand or on computer

First free hour is to assess where you're at. I'll ask you what you want to do and we'll discuss how you'd like to proceed. It's surprising how much can be achieved in just that first hour! I can help walk you through any challenges you are facing because I have faced and conquered many challenges myself.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

A professional illustrator gives tailor-made drawing classes in the downtown or Meyrin

I like to work to measure: we will start by defining together learning objectives according to your desires and needs. On this basis, I will structure the course by keeping fun moments, moments of theory, and moments of expression, so that the course is both rich in content and dynamic.

South Shields
(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Pencil Drawing Master class, where creativity knows no bounds... unveiling the greatness in you..

I employ a very practical approach to teaching. I'll show you how by doing, and urge you to put in some practice. It will be fun and exciting.. You would get to understand working with basic inexpensive materials to produce great pieces..

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Artist, Ph.D student and Tutor in London and Hastings // Drawing / Painting

I am a practicing artist and passionate about encouraging students to learn artistic skills and explore their creativity. I offer tailored individual and group art lessons, portfolio guidance for students working for GCSEs, A-levels and also for art schools/universities applications.

1st lesson offered free !

Redeem your self through the strokes of pencil. Master the art of expression.

I provide them with basic idea and knowledge about drawing and help them to explore themselves

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Fine Arts Student giving competent art tuition for adults, teenagers and kids in Calgary

My teaching methods starts from art appreciation, where students will learn about various art movements, engage in making art, discern Visual Thinking Strategies (a medium to improve critical thinking through discussions of visual imagery.

1st lesson offered free !

Scribbling as a driver of innovation is one word worth a thousand words. A drawing course for companies or where would DaVinci be without his sketches ... (Scribble Camp / Masterclass) in HH

My drawing lessons and offer are especially designed for companies that want to use current creative techniques (eg Design Thinking) to generate innovative ideas.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Architect who gives classes on drawing in AutoCad, photoshop and corel for beginners

According to each student, the focus can be different, always based on the guidance and support, but not on the complete realization of the objectives. My motivation is that they manage to highlight their projects from their own ideas and achieve the goals they propose.

1st lesson offered free !

Illustrator with a bachelors of Fine Arts offering art classes (traditional or digital) online for beginners.

The class is aimed at beginners. Please send a sample of past art works (1-5) if you have any. We’ll discuss your goals and expectations to see if we’re a good fit. I offer step by step lesson plans, break downs and constructive feedback.

1st lesson offered free !

BA Fine Art Graduate, sharing skills in oil and acrylic painting and drawing

I love to offer a fun and productive environment where students can see their skills improve each time. I start off with the basic methods of shading & mixing paint, and then move on to forming a image.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

“An Artist is not paid for his labor, but for his vision”.

I like to connect with my kids and wxplain them what our agenda for today is and from that i gradullay teach them and complete the agenda:)

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1st lesson offered free !

A professional illustrator, cartoonist, story board artist who wants you to discover that you can draw anything you set your mind to.

Depending on your passion and goals my approach will vary but no matter what, I will always work to establish firm foundations for technique upon which a greater creative freedom can be built over time.

1st lesson offered free !

Online classes for Drawing and painting. Choose your convenient time and attend the class

Choose your own timing and attend the class. Special time table for working and senior citizens. Best camera arrangements for better learning.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

UAL Art & Design Student based in South London offering lessons and idea development classes in art for sixth form or GCSE students

My teaching is based on idea development classes, integrating contemporary art and themes into my teaching requires a shift from predominantly technique-driven instruction to idea-driven instruction. Many artists do not work in a single medium or technique and instead try to explore an idea, event, situation, or question through multiple media and visual strategies; I encourage this methodology.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Art student at university who would love to teach others who are passionate about art! Or willing to learn

I have a hands on approach with art. As we draw anything and everything I focus on weakest areas such as technique and style and poportion whilst also making sure pupils have the best time. Art is about creativity and that comes when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself- no need to be boring but no need to be overly strict.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Award-winning visual art student offers drawing and painting lessons in Loughborough and Leicester

I believe that the right teaching approach does not only come in one specific form. Because we are all different, we also learn in diverse ways and at different paces. My goal is to find out what the most effective learning technique is for my student, and then establishing a plan from there.

South Melbourne
1st lesson offered free !

Visual Artist and children Art Teacher, with a background in art therapy

I always try to personalize my classes according to the student needs and interests. I usually start the class by analyzing some artworks or artist related to the subjects. Then I encourage and guide the student to create its own art. Students can choose the art technique and art style they want to learn or practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and enthusiastic Fine Art teacher in Oxfordshire available to teach all levels of ability

My teaching is entirely student-led. Once I have been briefed on what the student wishes to achieve in the lesson, then we can plan it together - whether that's simply to gain pleasure from creating art, preparing for an art exam or preparing for entrance to art school/university. I am able to take into account personal preferences, learning styles and abilities.

Darling Heights
1st lesson offered free !

Visual Arts teacher give art lessons to primary and high school students

my teaching methodology is use the tools, methods and techniques that can be used in making art works. I want to teach students that want to learn the basics of drawing, painting and printmaking. Usually, this means looking at using the various media and techniques to make individual artworks.

1st lesson offered free !

Visual development art student offering lessons on drawing and visual development art.

My teaching methodology is through practice and application. You will learn visual development and drawing by taking on small projects and following a structure which will expose you to different ways of exploring ideas and expressions. You will learn to draw through practice, guidance and feedback, constantly training your mind and eyes to recognise the fundamentals.

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