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Lyon 2e
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Fine Art classes - drawing, painting, sketching, collage etc by professional artist

Drawing, sketching, painting, photography, initiation or improvement course. My teaching method is based on my experiences at the Fine Art Academy og Saint Petersburg and the contemporary approach of the Fine Art Achool TALM in France. Classes are always adapted to students' goals and age.

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Student (18 years old) with a literary profile offers classes in drawing, manga, comics at home

I base my classes on a young and dynamic transmission. The goal is to progress quickly while fixing very good bases of design applicable to any style. Of course if it's about talking manga, there is the possibility to expand to the Japanese culture that contextualizes the methods of this particular art.

Paris 12e
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DRAWING classes (perspective, light, color, framing, proportions) - Graduate from ESAG Penninghen -

Hello ! I would like to share my passion with you. I will teach you how to draw in perspective, understand the light, the colors, the frames and scales. We can work on different subjects such as still life, architecture, portrait, body. I can give you courses graphic design software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effect.

São Paulo
(6 reviews)
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Hi how are you? Teacher of Photography and Photography Individual or group lessons

The formation of photographic consciousness Photographic consciousness involves several aspects and is the main objective of the Photographic Look Course. As for the study and mastery of photographic technique, we can say that it is fundamental. But at the same time, it is not enough. In terms of photography we can say that today it goes far beyond a simple technical knowledge.

(3 reviews)
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Art classes: 101 foundations of art. Illustration, anatomy, perspective, light and shadow. Poblado Zone -Medellin.

My teaching method is linked to practical technical workshops in the different areas of art, directed for people who are interested in learning The bases of drawing and illustration how to create the human figure with the correct proportions as well as the use of different materials for illustration.

(2 reviews)
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Private classes are offered to primary school children from 5 to 12 years of age. Madrid center.

My teaching method is based first on making contact with the child and after having established a minimum of confidence, I ask which subjects are more difficult and which ones he likes the most. Then from there I can start working, from the flexibility of making games from time to time to make the work and study lighter.

Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
(3 reviews)
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French / English / German speaking student in Master Film I offer drawing classes in Lausanne.

I have a pedagogical, social and creative approach, I adapt to your desires and commit myself to help you express your creativity and / or reach the level you want. I know how to adapt to all levels, all ages so no fear we all started somewhere.

Greater London
(4 reviews)
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Fine Art Professional Classes for beginner to advance student in West London

I'm an Italian artist with more then 20 years of international experience I had the opportunity to instruct a diverse kind of people and as result I have developed a good teaching techniques and instructional methods that allowed me to educate all style and age of learners and promoted art appreciation and developed creativity.

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Workshop graffiti, drawing and painting - on fabrics, furnitures, rooms, canvases, etc. - Veigy 74140 FR

I teach the basics of drawing, painting and graffiti: How to replicate an image, a movement, an emotion. How to use the shadow, the light to give the effect of dimension. How to replicate colours, what effects to give, how to perform them. How to make stencils, as well as the different effects that can be given with a spray.

(4 reviews)
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Interior designer and painter of many winds, gives courses of drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting but also in interior design, CAD program, photoshop, perspectives ..

My experience includes teaching in Chinese universities as well as specialized seminars. I had a lot of fun sharing my passions with my students. These two subjects are very personal because of their artistic nature. My method is to let the student find his/ her style and guide him/ her through his/her approach.

Andressa camile
(2 reviews)
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Fashion Designer of the Classroom of Illustrations with Watercolor and Colored Pencils in Fortaleza.

My methodology is based on the teachings I had within my full superior training as a Bachelor of Fashion Designer and three semesters in Licentiate in Visual Arts. The techniques used are mainly in Watercolor and Colored pencils (watercolor or common).

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Drawing lessons: initiation & improvement - studied at prep Gobelins and actually studying in video game school / cinema 2D - 3D

Hello, I am Morgane, 19 years old and art student. I offer drawing lessons for all levels, but especially for beginners seeking to improve or introductory courses in drawing and creative arts (help in plastic art also) for younger people.

(1 review)
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Learning to draw is like learning to express yourself in a medium where you don't need other's to help you.

My methodology is to make the basic concepts of art clear. Teach drawing after teaching how to visualise anything before you put on your paper.

(3 reviews)
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Art Educator and Artist with 25 years experience teaching art to all ages in Portland OR or online.

My lessons are clearly explained step by step. I base my classes on foundation skills, art history and your personal expressive goals.I use a lot of visual examples to learn from and inspire. Progress and successes always happen if you try :) My teen student have won awards and scholarships.

(2 reviews)
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Teacher of drawing, sculpture and artistic anatomy. E. Art Academy - The art academy for all and all ages. We have more disciplines, ceramics, illustration, art history, naked model and much more.

Although I do group lessons, I believe that each person has his or her own pace of evolution, so I adapt the program of my classes to each student. Being my formation and all my artistic course turned to the human body and its anatomy, naturally the program of my lessons goes to the same theme. Always trying to practice the drawing by observation.

(2 reviews)
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I am an artist offering tuition in painting and drawing in various media

My method of teaching covers all aspects of learning to draw and paint in various mediums, with a kinaesthetic approach, the learners having a hands on experience along with visual learning in the form of technique and 'how to' demonstrations and aural explanation.

(5 reviews)
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Engage your children once a week in Art and Craft classes to enhance their creative ability, decision making skills and improve their hand-eye coordination in Brisbane!

I believe every student has a different learning ability. I prefer teaching art and craft from the scratch that is start by drawing straight lines, curved lines, scribbling etc. This helps children to become more flexible. If you are clear with the basics, I am willing to take up advanced courses like acrylic painting and water coloring.

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️Step By Step creative Drawings️| Easy to draw | Easy to learn | Easy to paint

Who doesn’t want to learn how to draw! Grab my step by step drawing for kids, beginners and everyone else! My easy tutorials all come with a super handy directed drawing printable and are perfect for all ages. You will learn to draw all kind of cute, cartoon like and even realistic characters and our collection of lessons is always growing.

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Student of graphic design of last semester teaches drawing classes in Bogotá

My classes are entertaining and playful, they start with basic theory, however I give priority to the practice since the strengths are exalted and the errors are corrected, I am very patient and I adjust to the rhythm of the student. I teach classes to people of all ages.

(2 reviews)
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I teach how to draw and painting techniques, in Bengaluru near hebbal

I teach according to schedule and process from the basic, I base my class on mediums and techniques, I approch the topic by subjects like landscape, portrait, nature study, object study, still life, features, character study, anotomy, from drawing to painting skills

(2 reviews)
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Laureanda in Belle Arti offers in Bologna and Cesenatico area / Cesena lessons in Painting, Drawing, Portraiture and Plastic Ornamental

My approach to teaching is based on a free methodology: lessons are practical, but at the same time you can face discussions, specific explanations or deepen certain topics required all together. Each is followed individually and the course will be based on the qualities, abilities and tastes of the person based on his requests.

(2 reviews)
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Visual arts major with 6 years of experience teaches drawing and painting online.

My teaching method is similar to a focused exploration class structure. I base my classes on both the basics of visual arts as well as my personal experiences. I approach a lesson with both an organized plan as well as with an open mind and flexibility. I am willing to adapt the lesson based on a student's individual needs.

(1 review)
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Art student who is looking to teach and provide support for others!

I tailor each class to the student with no specific regiment, never forcing you to learn anything you dont want. I can help yoh dveelop you skills, eling opportunities and sketchbook development for Alevels or GCSE’s too.

South Shields
(5 reviews)
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Pencil Drawing Master class, where creativity knows no bounds... unveiling the greatness in you..

I employ a very practical approach to teaching. I'll show you how by doing, and urge you to put in some practice. It will be fun and exciting.. You would get to understand working with basic inexpensive materials to produce great pieces..

(1 review)
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Ex fashion designer now college art and design lecturer at bolton college gives lessons

Starting my PGCE M Level in January 2018 Bolton University working across the BTEC art and textile department valuable experience for my PGCE M Level in January • Covering and leading BTEC classes while tutor was absent • Assisted in marking and unit assessment criteria for IV • Ranging from level 1, 2, 3 and sub diplomas and adult Classes Devising creative learning & teaching • c

(1 review)
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Artist, Ph.D student and Tutor in London and Hastings // Drawing / Painting

I am a practicing artist and passionate about encouraging students to learn artistic skills and explore their creativity. I offer tailored individual and group art lessons, portfolio guidance for students working for GCSEs, A-levels and also for art schools/universities applications.

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Art Teacher in Bangalore for IGCSE and A Level Art and Design curriculum

My teaching method is to identify a student's strengths and guide them accordingly. A major part of my classes is art history and theory. Another aspect of Art and Design is getting comfortable with art media Classes will be focusing equally on skill building and idea development. Brainstorming is a regular activity in art classes.

(3 reviews)
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Studied bachelors of fine art at sir jj school of art.Can teach caricaturing, figure drawing and painting, portraiture, still life , landscaping and much more.

I wish to teach on a one to one personal base, and mostly I wish to see good interaction from my student. I always try to help them out with the execution of their own ideas rather than binding them with any rules.

(2 reviews)
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Graduated from the Art School, I offer lessons in artistic drawing, watercolor and murals.

Addressing one topic / technique at a time, both theoretically and practically, from the bases to the specific knowledge, to achieve skills in all fields and to apply them according to your own taste. The lessons will be shaped on the student, on his abilities and his interests so that everyone’s personal expression can be freed.

(1 review)
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Student of Engineering in animation and visual effects, who teaches drawing, illustration, animation frame by frame and 2D character creation

I like to teach as dynamic as possible, I am against boredom and monotony in classes. The basic is the essential, it doesn't matter from where you know, i can help you. Everyone's opinions count, and I always try to include them and respect them.

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