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I'm a fine artist with 5 years of teaching experience in Austin, Texas

I think the most important thing as a teacher is being abled to adapt to my students and understand that we are all different, have different talents, and are abled to learn at out own individual pace. I am very discipline and expect students to be discipline enough for their age, but I also want them to have fun and enjoy their lessons.

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Learn how to draw and imagine your creativity and strengths with me

My student are small kids from nursery to till class 8th mostly. I teach them how to draw and how to colour it in different way. Also my drawing depends on imagination also.

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An AKI ArtEZ final exam candidate as a creative sparring partner (for hobbyists / students / entrepreneurs / companies etc.) Brainstorming together!

I want to be as independent as possible for other creative thinkers and creators. During my training I noticed that this can be very helpful and can 'speed up' your process. My teachers also agreed, especially when they talked about the other activities in their creative career. Because I am a student myself, I can fully empathize with the mindset of pupils / students / young entrepreneurs.

New York
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20 years teaching painting, drawing, spanish and ️loving it, located in New York City

Letting my students have a voice on what interests them is very important. Encouraging them to create and seek what they like. I try to be as open minded as posible to help my students and always respect their style and decisions. I raised 5 children and two of my boys love to paint even studied art.

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Self-taught artist offering art lessons in Houston with 3 years of experience.

I like to start out my lessons with black and white drawings/paintings. I teach individuals what you can do with only two colors. After that, I add a color a time. I also allow students to choose what they would like to learn, any topics they're struggling with, etc.

Ciudad de México
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Plastic art classes for children all ages. Introduction to drawing and painting. CDMX

The basic techniques and methods of drawing and painting are taught. Various techniques (pencil, pens, acrylic, watercolors, collage ...) at the student's choice. Recreational approach or basic introduction to art. Classes are planned according to the student's experience, technique and style (landscape, portrait ...) chosen.

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College Painter who gives love and enjoyment for every stroke of each brush to create beautiful masterpieces.

My teaching method is to get the young adults/ or children to express their inner creativity and embrace their emotions. Creating peace within themselves, confidence and passion for what may potentially inspire them to do in life and become.

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Young artist offering a wide variety of drawing lessons in South Essex

My teaching methods are very practical and hands on, always encouraging growth and creativity with every lesson to ensure each student leaves with better skills and knowledge than when started. My lessons are aimed at people of all ages and backgrounds. Each class is approximately an hour long and however many weeks the student wishes.

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Professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer gives tuitions in Drawing, Illustration and Graphic Design to students of all ages and educational backgrounds

I believe in teaching methods that are interactive and are not adhering to the old-school teacher-student hierarchy. Making drawing interesting (as it should be) is my motive. I achieve this by trying to generate curiosity and observation skills in the student and teaching them ways to look at the world from a visual arts perspective.

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Quirky art teacher with a DBS, training for PGCE. Artist by trade.

I like to find out why the student might be struggling first. This is often due to the fact that the teachers in the educational establishment are not spending the time with the student to understand why they may be struggling. I then build upon this.

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Art Rules Us All.........Without It, The Entire World Would Truly Stop Turning!

Have you ever imagined the world without any artwork? If not, try to do so. How would you feel? How do you think the world would fare without artwork? Do you think we as a whole would be just as progressive or regressive? Art is extremely important when it comes to our daily lives. Therefore, it is imperative that all students learn the wonderful world of artwork.

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Illustration Graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University looking to teach all types of painting and drawing skills

my teaching methodology is allowing the student to express themselves and do what they enjoy, when the student finishes the artwork, i'll then help them to reflect on what they could of done better and give them homework to work on to improve.

Plympton Park
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Experienced Art teacher and artist gives watercolor lessons to beginners in south Adelaide

I have taught a whole range of budding artists in the last 10 years, from 6 to 90 years old: some were experienced artists, some were complete beginners; My classes are flexible, confidence building, fun and effective. Some anted to improve their drawing, some wanted to discover watercolour.

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Curtin University third year undergraduate gives painting, video and photography lessons from home.

My teaching method is based upon the students personality and lifestyle. I find when a student works within this perameter the student is able to be comfortable and therefore will focus more on the task at hand. This will create a open relationship so that the student feels free to learn.

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Visual Arts Graduate from San Bernardino with a focus on painting offering lessons in Fine Art

My teaching method is to start with a small activity as an opener. The opener is related to the lesson and it is just a fun way to introduce them to the lesson. From there I introduce the lesson and provide a visual aid to introduce them to an artist and different art styles.

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Graphic designer, visual artist graduated master in Fine Arts in Toulouse gives courses in drawing, painting, all levels

During drawing, illustration, graphic design and photography. Preparation for entrance exams Fine Arts, graphic design schools, design, photography. Highlighting your personality and your style. I am a graphic designer, photographer, artist. A graduate of Fine Arts in Toulouse (DNSEP + 5 years) in communication. honors.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Graphic Design Graduate offering Illustrator, Photoshop and Design Lessons in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am pretty flexible with teaching and will accommodate my lessons to the student. Adobe products are not simple to use but I will break down the basics of the main three programmes (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) and allow the student to approach a focus on an area.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
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Classes of illustration and digital drawing, basic 2D and 3D animation techniques and comic

Journalist, writer of fantastic and dystopian novel, digital illustrator, cartoonist, 3D sculptor. The learning courses: Pencil drawing, ink, watercolor, digital drawing, illustration, comic, 2D and 3D animation, perspective, creation of characters. Basic (without any knowledge of technique). Introduction to any topic.

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo
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Fashion Designer gives lessons in illusration, painting and drawing, via online .

if you want to take classes with me in a private way, you know that my classes are extremely relaxed with a discussion of various themes and very practical, since the drawing, the painting and the illustration are anyway and is a way to find out if this is what you really want it or not for your future.

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I can teach to my student each and every professional aspect of fine arts

will be based on theory and practical assignment which i will provide and guide together to my students who willing to learn from me i will give my best to them so it can defiantly help them so they can become a successful artist

Bronx County
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Love drawing? Want to learn how to draw and have fun doing it? Tune in and learn from home

My teaching style is a simple and step by step process. I start with a written lesson, present you with the finished art and guide you from start to finish on how to draw it step by step.

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Comic artist and illustration, offering a art drawing, comic and illustration classes

Artist in Barcelona, with studies in Art grade in Madrid and Comic and illustration in Barcelona. I'm offering classes of art, comic and illustration. If you want to learn anatomy, perspective, photoshop, comic, manga or just improve your art contact me.

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Would you like to learn how to illustrate a book? I can help you as a professional illustrator.

Together we set a goal and we work towards it. This can be the design of a logo, but also for example designing your own book characters. We create these in Inkscape and I teach you how we can easily export and use your illustration in a book.

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Offering Drawing / Painting Lessons for Kids in the Montreal Area! Ages 4-17!

Young psychology graduate and artist I paint and draw mainly with acrylics, watercolours, markers, pens and pencils. I love creating engaging projects while incorporating technic and methodology. ART LESSONS FACEBOOK PAGE: (concealed information) INSTAGRAM: (concealed information) My background includes animation, posters & commercial boards, live painting and tutoring kids.

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Business Administrative with years of experience willing to teach online classes in Ga

I have worked in the school system for about 10 years as Assistant. I received my MBA in 2015. I am willing to assign particular assignments to complete along with the reading portion. I enjoy helping others to learn achieve and grow.

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Animation student offering and lessons on layouts and different ways of drawing with 7 years experience

I am a motivated ambitious teacher and learner, with experience with the different techniques and layouts on drawing, with the passion to learn and teach others about what I am capable of doing.

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Textile designer and Visual artist giving fine art lessons to all ages. A 3 year experience as a graphic artist for social mobile games and a 2 year experience as a textile designer.

I have an MFA in Visual Communication from University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. A BFA in Textile design from National College of Arts, Lahore. I have been studying art since my O-levels and Al-levels. I am available to teach all ages and help art student including elementary, high school, undergraduates and graduates with their art portfolio, development of new skills and art assignments.

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Artist offering painting/ drawing and special effects makeup lessons in Southall, London

Being a self taught artist almost all my life has benefited me as i've always had the opportunity to find clever ways of developing my style of art work. I will be teaching my students this very same way of thinking in order to find their own unique style and develop on that to produce amazing art work at the very best of my students abilities.

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Fine Art graduate who currently studying an MA in Printed Textiles :)

I like to begin by finding out which area the person(s) are struggling in, in order to help them maximise their skills. Discovering their own interests and relationship with the subject area will help towards narrowing down where the student want to strive to be.

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Former student of fine art having obtained the DNSEP ready to assist you in your projects

It all depends on your project and your wishes of realization. All possibilities are open, to us to glimpse, to seize and to undertake together what you wish to succeed! "Those who think it is impossible are asked not to disturb those who try.

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