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Outstanding Qualified Primary Teacher with enhanced DBS offering Maths and English Tuition

Please watch the Youtube video below for the methods I use to teach Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension and Maths across all Primary phases.

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LAw and History offering reasonable prices for young students to motivate them to do better!

LAw and History offering reasonable prices for young students to motivate them to do better! LAw and History offering reasonable prices for young students to motivate them to do better! LAw and History offering reasonable prices for young students to motivate them to do better!

Paris 16e
(1 review)
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Student in Terminale ES at Franklin High School in Paris, I can teach homework help / tutoring

During the first class I spot the difficulties of the student. Then I adapt the rest according to that, first of all I work methodology, how to approach his work and how to work effectively. Then I do exercises adapted to the student.

Coombe Wood
(13 reviews)

An experienced tutor offer schoolwork support and help with Personal Statement writing!

Flexible approach to suit the student’s needs, my methods include using past paper practice, taking direct questions from the student, explaining new topics, reviewing old concepts as well as teaching tricks and shortcuts. I prepare students for Wandsworth Year 6 Tests.

(4 reviews)

University student, Physiotherapy student, offers to take care of children and help them with their homework

I am a Physiotherapy student, I speak several languages, wide availability of hours, guaranteed passes, extensive experience in re-teaching and extracurricular reinforcement, among others. I am a Physiotherapy student, I speak several languages, wide availability of hours, guaranteed passes, extensive experience in re-teaching and extracurricular reinforcement, among others.

Horningsea Park
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TEST PREP NAPLAN Year 7 & 9 in Liverpool Area by Secondary English Teacher

My teaching methods are based on evidence-based techniques that are widely used in high schools across Sydney. Each lesson provides core activities that are delivered with supporting or extension variants to mold to the student's learning profile.

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Graduated in philosophy, with a specialization in philosophical anthropology, offers lectures in humanistic subjects for middle and high school students

I have worked with different age groups and different problems and this has allowed me to acquire flexibility in adapting teaching tools and methods.

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Contact me if you are looking for a place to actually understand Science and Physics in Bangalore.

I generally like to teach students the fundamentals of any topic first so that they understand the concepts better and problem solving becomes easier. Do not stress on memorising. Will gauge their understanding level of the topic and teach accordingly.

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Student gives primary school support lessons and high school support in Alcoi

My teaching method is based on positive reinforcement and knowing each student well. Basically at the beginning of each class I ask you to update me, I ask your doubts to influence more there and we give a review of the agenda in general.

La Seyne-sur-Mer
(1 review)
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Experienced teacher dispenses homework help. Benefit adapted to the profile of your child.

Teacher in an alternative school, I offer homework assistance in small groups of less than 6 students or individually. I work not only school knowledge but also the cognitive skills associated with an explanation of mental procedures and the implementation if necessary new learning strategies adapted. Intensive courses during the February holidays on site at La Seyne sur Mer or online.

(3 reviews)
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Private lessons for homework (maths, French, English ...) in the vicinity of Montpellier

I am a student of law degree I give courses of primary level, secondary school see high school if need (Bac STMG); I am a very patient person, who likes to help people who are experiencing difficulties on certain subjects. I have experience in this area, I want students to learn and do their homework with pleasure while adopting a good method of reflection.

Paris 6e
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A graduate of philosophy and former khâgneuse gives courses of letters and philosophy in Paris and suburbs

My name is Julie and I teach philosophy and literature courses but also methodology and organization for students in college and highschool. After an initial evaluation of the level of the student and his relationship to the subject or school work in general terms, I work with him to improve his method of work and understanding of the requirements of each discipline.

(1 review)
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Secrets of potential Manager, Coaching and reinforcement for a guaranteed SUCCESS

I am an engineering student in the 5th year at ISEL, I offer my services to help your children with their homework. Having obtained a first class honors in my Bac, i admitted preparatory classes and built a large engineering school, I can help them in French, English, Spanish, Literature, History, Geography, Maths, Physics, industrial design ...

(2 reviews)
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Humanities classes in Sanremo. Moderately priced, even at home and on call

I am a student of the school of humanities who has done some work experience and teaching experience even in the CRI and other any other business associations. In a few words, who you are you and who are turning the lessons (diploma, degree, class, specificity, etc.

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100% adaptable to your own needs, I'm listening to you and warranty to track your progress

Trainer in French lycée in London and businesses for over 10 years. I prioritize listening to the public's needs and constantly adapting my training. I guarantee the intensive monitoring of the student (regular interaction with the student being between 2 and when the need arises), planning a revision program to help all that methodology.

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French, speaking, homework help and tutoring, exam preparation, competition.

Drama teacher for over ten years CNSMDP and important actors Parisian schools offer courses around the French language. Elocution and diction, presence and confidence to succeed in speaking. Recitation, oral presentation, presentation, taking the floor ... In all actions of school life and active life the interpersonal skills will be an asset for life.

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Experienced teacher and teacher gives over all matters and all levels up to college.

Hello I am an English teacher for several years, I became more experienced in tutoring. After getting a BTS, I continued my studies in London, then in the US. I continued my studies at the university in parallel in Science Education and Foreign Languages. I work for different school support organizations: Acadomia Legendre ... I am currently working.

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Teacher gives classes in French and English, college-level, high school, university and adults, preparing and French BAC BAC

Students and individuals at all levels for school support, reset levels BAC preparation or university letters. The courses are based on the theory and practice.

(12 reviews)
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I am an assistant professor in engineering college and provides tution to school and college students

I teach students in simple way and clearing concepts by relating the topics with real life applications and by clearing the essence of the topic.

Recreio dos Bandeirantes
(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

History, Mathematics and English classes for Elementary School 2 and High School

I use a lot of summaries that focus on key points of the subject, many worksheets, ideas of movies and music, I also like to use examples from my students day to day life, from the moment I know them better.

(4 reviews)
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Teaching Candidate gives language tutoring for Elementary school children in Orillia, or via webcam

I believe that learning is individualistic–no two students learn the same, and thus they shouldn't be taught using the same methods. My techniques are based under Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, meaning my lessons can be adapted to any learning style.

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Hello, I give courses of support on the area Ile de France, flexible and available, I have a bac + 5 in Management and a diploma of English, I am pedagogue, serious and trustworthy.

my method of teaching is based first of all on teaching aids and put in place a fun form on a case by case basis to teach a subject, example to improve the level of English to Rayane (a student in 4 th) was interested in RAP his favorite style of music, or for applications of algebra we used real application, video games promo, how to apply the promo to know how much we bought it (basic...

Paris 11e
1st lesson offered free !

Help with homework and French courses and English elementary, middle and second

I'm Esther, a student in the first literary euro option. I propose for hours of help with homework but also private lessons all materials to the 4th and English courses and French to the first. I am in possession of a secondary school certificate with honors and graduated from Cambridge B1.

1st lesson offered free !

Secondary / University / Higher a problem math / physics / chemistry / science? I HAVE THE SOLUTION ! Engineer giving course with 10 years of experience.

I adapt to yourneeds. Depending on your level, I rely more on theory or practice. I often leaveexercises so I can work outside of our interviews. I am generally available to answer any questions that may arise to resolve these.

(9 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Law student gives courses in Paris - Homework help, tutoring, French, philosophy, math, languages ​​(English, Arabic, Spanish) - primary / high school

I am currently in L3 of law at the University Panthéon Assas (Paris II). I got my L1 and L2 in my same university. Before I got my Bac ES mention fine French Lycée Lyautey of Casablanca in Morocco, which allowed me to get very good academic foundation and gain practice of literary Arabic, orally and in writing.

São Leopoldo
(5 reviews)
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Graduated Letters Portuguese / English minister classes of reinforcement and teaching of the English language. I have been teaching and learning the language for 5 years. I live in São Leopoldo RS. I

I prioritize the teaching and learning of students in a contextualized way, aligning language teaching with the culture, customs and customs of English-speaking countries, thereby encouraging them to face challenges and the hindrances of learning a second language. Media facilities, such as Kahoot, Learning British Council, among others, always with a view to teaching and learning the language.

New Delhi
(2 reviews)
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Architecture student currently in final year passionate about teaching and grooming young minds

Simple, holistic, communicative and personal based on every student's level of understanding. Each child has a different way of understanding and grasping information, it is the teacher's responsibility to help them reach greater heights and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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I'm student of engineering who can teach you the acadamics in various subjects like Math , Science and languages till 10th class without making you bored with boring lectures instead learning having f

I usually go along the syllabus which is being taught in the schools. I select the topic that has been taught in the school on that particular day and re explain the concept following up with solving problems so that.it will become easy for the students to co-operate with both the tuition and school with out being confused or facing any sought of burden.

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Private and small group tutoring in French, English, Maths and Marketing. Supporting students, organisational skills and preparation for exams.

After 15 years valuable experience working with Acadomia, I give courses in English, French, Maths German, Commerce, Marketing in private lessons and / or groups of similar levels. I also organize refresher courses during holidays. i teach at primary level, high school and university for few subjects. I regularly follow up with my students and have a chat after each session with the parents.

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