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Coral Springs
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Educator of all ages, Elementary and High School teacher, tutor for three years.

My method to teaching is to find each individual learner´s best way or style of learning. Fron there, I can construct personalized lesson plans that best suit the student. This allows for me to get the best results when I am working with each student because we all learn in different ways. It benefits the student to work in a way they are comfortable with to learn.

Albissola Marina
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University student of chemistry offers lessons in English, Italian, chemistry, history, geography, French in the area of Savona

My approach to the subject is free, interactive and engaging. The passive methodology, in my opinion ineffective, will be avoided. In particular, as regards languages, dialogue will be proposed exclusively in the language studied. The methodology will be based on the exercises rather than on the exclusively theoretical study, in order to verify the knowledge and progress.

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Gupta classes for 8 to 12th class students for tuitions in Maths and Science

My teaching methods are pedagogical which call for strict punctuality and discipline in the classroom. My classes are meant for 8th to 12th standards of Indian students in Maths and Science discipline only. Ideology of student and teacher relationship has to be respected by both.

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I have a professional Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with an MBA HRM and Ph.D. Degree from NWMDIU, SA university, and PDC from IMA, India, Subject: Mentoring, Personality Development Trai

Conceptually will make the student very confident, Classes can be online or classroom. The methodology will be with more of case studies & examples. I will make the students to think & work or implement what they have learnt.

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Postgraduate delivering Physics and Chemistry sessions for GSCE and A-levels students in person and online.

I am a Chemistry lecturer/teacher professionally. I adapt varied teaching methodology based on a student ability to grasp. My overall teaching sessions for a particular chapter of a subject is divided into small learning subtopics distributed over certain sessional hours. I believe to build fundamentals on each subtopic first, followed by deeper explanation.

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Certified teacher offering lessons in any subject including reading, math, writing, etc.

My teaching strategy is based on hands-on learning. I believe students learn through a variety of methods and that there is no one-size fits all style for helping a child learn. Students will be challenged to try different methods or strategies if they are having difficulty with a subject. I am a very patient and compassionate tutor.

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Etudiante française en psychologie donne cours de français jusqu'au bac/DEC et aide aux devoirs jusqu'au secondaire

Etudiante française en psychologie depuis plus de deux ans (en reconversion), je détiens également un master en web-marketing. Grâce à mes nombreuses années d'étude et à la rigueur de certains de mes cours, je sais aujourd'hui qu'une bonne méthode de travail est essentielle pour avancer et progresser.

(1 review)
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Quality knowledge from experienced teacher in Kolkata. Class 6 to 12 , bcom & CA, CS. THINK EXPERIENCE AND RETAIN.

Teaching is my passion. It gives my inner strength and happiny.Today i am in this position because of my students who are moreover my friends. I have an unique style of teaching which can only be proved or judged when a student start taking classes. In this competitive field or whenever i see students of today's generation though they score 80% but their knowledge is baseless.

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Want to Perk up your (or your child's) interest to work on creative English Assignments? Am ready to help you out!

You can't deny the fact that too much exposure to visual media reduced the imaginative and extrapolatory skills in kids (students) leaving them with subtle and pinched interest for learning vocab and language study. So with an idea to get by this I offer this service.

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Special education teacher specializing in autism spectrum and behavior disorders for over 10 years.

My teaching methodology is a collection of technology and hands-on activities. The core component depends on assessing where the student is and where he/she needs to grow and delivering the material in various methods that are engaging, age-appropriate, and challenging to be sure student growth and retention is achieved.

Reedy Creek
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Somerset College Graduate Student offers after school pick-up, babysitting and homework help

I believe you need to work through every step of a question with the child and have them practice repeatedly. This is the only way that they will be able to remember and fully understand how to solve a question.

Aberfoyle Park
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Qualified Primary School Teacher in Adelaide, to help with extra study over the holidays!

I believe that building respectful relationships with children is the first step in being a successful teacher/role model. I am able to quickly build positive relationships and work hard to understand the needs of my students so that I can best support them. I also believe that it is vital to support the creativity and imagination of every child.

Ciudad Apodaca
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International Economics student with minor in Education tutors elementary / middle high / high school students in Monterrey.

I like to teach in a way that my students are involved in every step of their learning. Each activity has a purpose and I avoid only passing down information to my students, to avoid having students forget the content once the exams or assignments are finished.

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Business and English Lecturer, lecturing in New York, 10 years of experience.

My teaching method is learner-centered where I show the student the way to go and he or she does by himself or herself. The key thing here is making sure that the student has understood the subject matter and he or she can work on his own without my presence.

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PhD student in history offers rehearsals in humanities and foreign languages ​​in Bologna. Also available for homework help!

Mine is a living methodology, cut out on the pupil or on the students who address me: I try to personalize the method drawing on both my and my student's experiences, perhaps using diversified supports. Videos, podcasts, even songs, as well as lyrics. I have worked and worked with high school and middle school students.

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Special Education Teacher & Set-Tutor in the Motion Picture Industry. Experienced and passionate about helping students with language based learning differences.

My teaching method varies depending on students' strengths and perceived weaknesses. There are dozens and dozens of different methods & tactics I've researched and implemented throughout my career. I find listening to be the first step in creating a successful strategy to maximize results.

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Experienced in achieving outstanding Board Results for Class XII Commerce and CA foundation subjects.

Students are encouraged to give practice/mock tests to find where the lacking is. The preparation is exam oriented and students are encouraged to solve questions on their own which helps them in increasing the confidence while giving their final exams.

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Professor and doctoral student offers methodology courses, exam preparation and homework help

I propose to help you in the organization of your revisions, the preparation of your exams (patent and baccalaureate), in the methodology (dissertation, oral speaking ...) but also help you in the realization of your homework. In short, everything that seems today complicated, insurmountable and makes you drag feet. In reality, it's all about methodology and organization.

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Australian National University Master of Engineering student tutoring students in math subjects

I modify my teaching method based on the student's learning style. With math, I like to base it more on learning through practice and solving problems. I like to cover a single topic at a time and move to the next only when the previous one is completely understood.

Sant Cugat del Vallès
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Third year student in chemical engineering at the UPC of Barcelona. I have experience as a private teacher.

My classes are adapted to the level, needs, interests and pace of each student. Depending on the class I am teaching, I also like to teach students to organize themselves and prepare their homework or exams so that they already have a defined method and studies can be facilitated. In English classes I also have teaching materials, books, cd's for listening and more, depending on the level.

(3 reviews)
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An amateur astrophysist, here to share my knowledge to help u become the same or even better

My basic teaching strategy is to broaden the horizon of knowledge by clearing the basics concepts regarding a particular topic and then moving on to tackle further doubts of my students.

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Architecture student gives after-school lessons for Elementary, Medium and High School in Florence

I'll try as much as I can to know the inclinations of the student and to create a shared learning path, not impositive, that pushes to search within himself the reasons that drive to the study. I find it useful to use games and music, even for high school students, in fixing the concepts and making them applicable.

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Social science expert teaches social science to students of std 8-10 in Dahod Gujarat

My teaching method is based on text book with real time examples facts figures, I use internet, images, videos to understand the subject or topic. I can explain as per the understanding of student. I believe that every student is unique and they have their own abilities and capabilities. They need an opportunity to grow and develop.

Brigadier vinod
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BE(Hons) in Electrical Engineering . All subjects of 10th class & Physics for class 11th & 12th

My teaching method is that the fundamentals are embedded first in the students to give a strong base upon which the details are built up step by step.Classes are for all subjects of class 10th & Physics classes for 11th & 12th.

Virginia Beach
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Teacher offers tutoring in reading, writing, math, study skills and social skills

I base my teaching on what the students' levels are. For reading, I will use assessments such as the DRA or the DSA for spelling. I start on the level they are preforming on, not just the grade level.

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Experienced teacher and former assistant principal helping your child succeed and enjoy learning at the same time!

I base my classes and lessons on the needs of each student and approach topics in a fun, engaging way. I truly believe that every child has the ability to learn and succeed. I enjoy teaching and tutoring children from the ages of birth to 3rd Grade. I feel that both my knowledge, ability to engage the students and experience make this the age group that is the right fit all around.

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I teach Basic Accountancy for Pre University students at Kengeri Satelite Town, Bangalore, Karnataka.

I approach the topic by keeping the background of the student in mind as to from which discipline he/she has come from. The chapters will be bifurcated in parts and made easily understandable manner. The classes focus on the Pre-University students. The knowledge of my working experience will be an added advantage in making the learning a fun.

Lyon 2e
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Student at EM Lyon (School of Management) ready to provide homework help

My method depends on the subject taught. But I prefer to understand and assimilate the course before doing exercises. To learn, I prefer to install a discussion, that is to say that the student explains himself what he understands of the course by rephrasing with his own words.

(2 reviews)
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Hey, I have done my masters in Nano technology,. I can teach all branches of science with easy conceptual methods. Be it physics, chemistry, bio technology and Nano sciences you get ample knowledge wi

I teach for school students, degree level and for people who wanna learn the basics. I have my own style and way of teaching. My goal is learning is fun. By being happy all that you do is successful. Do what you love and love what you do. And your doing becomes a Icon. I teach with ease , simple and effective.

(3 reviews)
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Done my Chartered accountancy from Delhi University. Taking tuition classes for maths and English

I first analyse the students knowledge and grasping power regarding the said subject and then proceed to teach them accordingly.

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