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East Melbourne
1st lesson offered free !

University of Melbourne Master's student gives computer programming, assembly programming, school subjects teaching to all students of the school, high school, and Uni.

I first meet the students for the very first time, then after I understand them because all the students are not the same. Further, I start with my sessions on the very same day if time permits or else in the next class. Finally, I conduct the doubt sessions and exams at the end of every course if they have any.

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Student in double degree of law makes school support for high school students

I approach the subject freely according to the needs of my students. I come back to the course by making sure that the main points were well understood and I come back to vaguer notions. With rigor, I make sure that all the notions of the course are well learned and understood and I come back on the methodology and the elements that can bring back some more points.

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Bachelor of Biology gives classes in science (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology) ESO level and bachelor

Procueo to use practical examples when teaching the different subjects always using as a thread the agenda to be prepared. I try to make my classes enjoyable and fun and above all participatory. I like that they ask me and try to make the student feel comfortable while we are in class.

New Delhi
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Concert, experienced and qualified teacher of science Nd maths from 4 years gives tution from secondary to senior secondary level in Delhi at students home

My teaching method is creative . I have the ability to involve the student totally in that Nd teaching style is easy Nd according to student level ...

1st lesson offered free !

11 yrs of teaching experience. Love helping kids to learn and grow.

I base my classes on hands on learning and developing more than one strategy to solve problems. Kids learn differently. I love to use mini whiteboards where my students have plenty of opportunity to work things out in a way that best helps them, whether it is words, numbers, drawings or symbols.

1st lesson offered free !

I love to teach all subjects from school to engineering. My passionate domains are Maths & Science. I am an Aeronautical Engineer, NCC Cadet, Aero-modeller, UAV Pilot & Defence aspirant.

Practical knowledge is the best way that I mostly concentrate so that my students grasp quick & easily. I love to teach students from school to engineering level. Real life examples, practice tests, fun oriented learning, revision & other unique ways based on my student I innovate and make them grow.

New Delhi
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Discipline, interaction and care create a perfect environment for learning. Backed by knowledge and some experience I can guide the aspirants to their respective goals.

Interaction is the key. Students should feel free to express their problems. Spoon feeding is not an option. Every student learns at his/her own pace and I will aid them accordingly.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in Public Health offers tutoring for elementary school and secondary school on Cayenne or Rémire

My courses are for primary and middle school students (CP to 3rd) who have difficulties and need help and / or motivation to learn. For my classes, I first rely on the student, his abilities, his deficiencies, his methodology (if he has one). I watch and listen, and then give advice on how to work. I will see with him the points of the courses which were not well understood.

1st lesson offered free !

Teacher 27 years offering math, science, social studies lessons to any and all.

My teaching method is centered on differentiation (each child learns at their level). I'll use every method I have in my teaching shed to help you succeed. There are no barriers, fences, or mountains I can not climb to achieve my objective to help students prosper and succeed.

Boronia Heights
1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Primary Teacher giving primary homework and general school lesson support in Logan area, QLD

I base my lessons on areas that students are struggling with at school. I like to work one on one with my students in order to enhance their learning potential and understanding of content. I teacher students from prep to year 6 and am willing to set up lessons specifically catering any areas of concern at school, as well as helping with set school homework activities.

1st lesson offered free !

Currently a student in engineering college. Give maths tuition upto 10th standard.

I very well understand that to study harmoniously, it is important that the student and the teacher are on the same page. That's why before starting a topic I like to take a short quiz regarding the topic we are going to study.

South Brisbane
1st lesson offered free !

QUT Engineering Student offers tutoring for High School Students in the fields of MATH, ENGLISH, GEOGRAPHY, BUSINESS and PHYSICS

I believe in practice makes perfect as well as adopting a practical lesson scheme, however with physics and math this is almost impossible. I achieved an OP of 9, have multiple qualifications. I guarantee that I will match your enthusiasm and effort towards the lesson and tutoring session.

Kebon Jeruk
Nissi taruli
1st lesson offered free !

21-year-old student with 10 years of teaching experience. Already graduating more than 7 elementary school students with satisfying grades. Can teach for children with limited speech / hearing impaire

My method is with a communication approach. Communicate with what is students's difficult. If there are difficulties, discuss the solution. For me, there is no solution. All with the right solutions must exist with good and with proper communication with students.

San Miguel de Tucumán
María josé
1st lesson offered free !

Law student offers classes in History, Geography, Ethics and Law for Secondary students.

The approach to the subject will be agreed with the student. It is a commitment between both of them, from my part to provide conceptual pictures and explanations of the subject, and by the student to study and perform the agreed tasks. We can arrange the schedules.

Conjunto Presidente Castelo Branco I
1st lesson offered free !

Graduated in International Relations, for more than 8 years teaching tutoring classes for children and adolescents, as well as specific classes. I am a didactic person and looking for the best method

Accompany the student so that he / she feels safe in the range of options to learn, remove doubts and difficulties and put into practice the learning in the subjects. In addition, I am a professional that I respect very much for the rhythm of each student and I invest in customized strategies that respect this rhythm.

Weeki Wachee
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Introspective Author BA/MFA educator, guides students in reading, poetry, essay, creative writing and innovative ways to gain new perspective,through therapeutic reflective writing.

Introspective and kind educational professional that creates individualized lesson plans based on students strengths and desired areas for improvement. With over 20 years of experience, working with grades from kindergarten to college, students are guided in areas of literacy from reading to writing using a variety of methodologies.

Grogol petamburan
1st lesson offered free !

Guidance and Counseling Study Program students! Learn while knowing psychology! accept PR, English & Mathematics

I gave special lessons to kindergarten, elementary and middle school. My learning method is fun and relaxed. I do not stick to a rigid target. Gift giving is a way to give strength to children.

1st lesson offered free !

First year engineering student does math, physics and language classes for secundary students.

I teach by reviewing the basic concepts of each subject, then take them to practice and exercise. I use many schemes and objects to explain how they relate and work together. The idea is to understand how we can use them in our ordinary life.

1st lesson offered free !

Managing Engineer with many years of experience in repetitions, offers private and / or group lessons

My approach to pathology and scientific subjects is methodological. I strongly believe that a lot of exercise is the first rule to become experts in a subject. My lessons consist of 15/30 minutes of theory and one hour of practical exercises.

1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic university student providing tailor-made Maths lessons, specialising in exam preparation (SATs or GCSEs) based online

My first lesson is free and will consist of going over all foundational topics before building up to, and perhaps above, the current key stage level of my student(s) to gauge confidence and ability. This will provide me with a basis in which I can create a unique learning plan to improve their skills and understanding, and to highlight any topics that each student specifically struggles with.

1st lesson offered free !

Fonoaudióloga with experience in learning processes fhor cildren (reading and writing, study methods, school support). Bilingual. In the city of Bogota

My teaching method is aimed at: - Individual intervention aimed at children, focused on the development and increase of thinking skills, reading and writing processes and learning processes. - Individual intervention directed to children for the development and acquisition of phonemes and improvement of the articulatory process.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in Political Science gives tutoring course on Lille, from primary to high school (in particular literary subjects, languages and human sciences)

My teaching method adapts to the needs and desires of the young person. I mainly rely on the methods of work that I used to prepare the baccalaureate as well as competitions and which have been proven. We will work on ways to organize working time and learning methods.

1st lesson offered free !

High school student in "Première" (European English class) , offers homework help, Lille and surroundings.

Regarding my teaching method, I adapt to each child so that he is as interested as possible in the lessons taught. Whether in the form of games, drawings, activities or with more conventional methods, for older children, I can adapt to all needs.

Dr subash chandra
(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

MD(Medicine)made easy clinical exam tips.Attitude towards external examiner.confidence and communication skill helps

Microteachimg,PowerPoint presentations. Select expected theory &practical questions.take questions of students. Smple answer. Repeat. Focus on recent advance .

1st lesson offered free !

Mathematics, Physics for 9, 10, 11, 12 Classes. Only online coaching will be provided with real life examples.

Most of the classes will be presentation based and will be online classes only. Will work extensively on numerical, and examples. Comfortable in teaching classes from 9th to 12th mathematics, and physics. I can give coaching to Engineering subjects also such as Basics Electronics, Analog classes, and Physics.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduating in languages and cultures for mediation proposes repetitions and help tasks of literature, history, geography and humanities in Cagliari and neighboring cities for middle and high school st

I am young and middle and high school students will have the pleasure of confronting with a peer, my approach to study is open and engaging and the lessons I propose are flexible and can last from one to two and a half hours with an intermediate break . my lessons are aimed at all those who are looking for a suitable study method, a help with homework or simple repetitions to prepare for the tests.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduated in Administration, English level basic / intermediate, teaches in the area of administration and mathematics

I try to find ways to explain the matter in a way that the student understands and learns. I believe that there are different means of learning for each type of person and that a good relationship between teacher and student is necessary so that there is freedom to ask questions and discuss ways to better execute classes.

1st lesson offered free !

Secondary Education English and Arts student can teach English and basic math lessons to all ages.

My teaching method revolves around the teacher being the facilitator, I attempt to make each lesson fun and engaging no matter the content. I will change my lesson plans and teaching style to suit each individual students. I believing in allow the students time to explore and reinforcing that it is okay to make mistakes and not know the answers.

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