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Math and BAC PREPAS HIGHER Mathematics in Saint Martin d'heres (38400)

Coaching for those who want to succeed. a method that guarantees progress and results. Bac prepas and higher you are in scientific terminal? organize your itinerary now.

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Prof. English ENC Paris (background: MBA + M.Ed, USA) More than 20 years of experience and American universities gives English courses at my home Antony prépas all levels up.

USA educated University level Professor gives English lessons and tutoring, homework help for all grade levels in my home. I live in Antony city center. I ill also tutor preppies students, HEC, etc... and BTS.

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Dynamic school reinforcement for children and teenagers! All subjects of Literacy until the age of 11!

Class with games, dynamic activities and content observed by the MEC. I am not very traditional and I try to give a more lively and playful class to the students, so that they do not get tired and learn better. Also, in Portuguese and languages ​​- Spanish and English, I work with the written part and notebooks.

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Student in double cursus economics-sociology as well as psychology at the university Jean Jaurès de Toulouse

My name is Pierre I am 20 years old I study in double course economics-sociology as well as in philosophy and I wish to give courses on Sens and surroundings. I have been babysitting all year and given homework help. I love helping and seeing the student get the results he wanted.

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Student in Mathematics at the EPFL motivated and teaches maths, physics, programming in Lausanne and surroundings

My teaching method is based on the understanding of simple examples, giving a conceptual mastery to reach more complex problems without ever feeling lost. I am happy to teach gymnasium and bachelor level students in any faculty or school orientation.

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Master student in International Relations! Experienced academic writer in the areas of Sociology, Politcal Science and IR.

My teaching-style is relaxed and interactive. I find the input of students the most important factor within my classes. I’m used to standing in front of the classroom and I like to challenge people to reach their full potential.

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Tutoring for homework and after school. Matters like English, and mathematics will no longer be a problem.

"TAILORED" LESSONS. In my teaching experience, the path has always been realized and studied together. We make a program based on your needs. We address deadlines accurately and without anxiety, to get the best possible result for you.

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Homework Help - School Support - Primary; Middle School ; First & Second / Photography Courses, Information, Post Production - AUBAGNE; Student License 3 Cinema SATIS.

Hello. Currently studiying in License 3, SATIS Aubagne. I graded A-Level in Physics Chemistry with honors in high school, and then obtained a BTS in Audiovisual, Imagery Technique. I had the opportunity to coach in a sports club (Fencing), from young boys and girls up to middle / high school.

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Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted academic skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

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Psychology student gives courses in mathematics, statistics, biology, English and French

Tutor for a year (at a rate of 2 to 5 hours per week), I make myself my exercises to precisely meet the needs of my students. My methods are also used to review the concepts that would not have been acquired.

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Help with homework and support, all subjects, primary and secondary school in Nice and surroundings

PhD in Management Science with many experiences in teaching, helps your children in their homework (all subjects, college level). Moves or gives home lessons. 15 euros per hour. Experience in school tutoring and mathematics education in college. Experience in university.

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Highly experienced, excellent former journalist, lawyer and English teacher offers bespoke tuition

Every student is an individual: my methods depend completely on how each student understands the particular subject they are studying

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Second master degree in Finance proposes help with homework from elementary to middle school in Paris

Hello, my name is Jihane, I am 23 years old, after having obtained my Baccalaureat in Business Administration in 2013, I've started a french business school where I followed the program BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) in Nice. Currently, I am a student in M2 Finance specializing in Management Control and Audit in Metz.

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Lycéenne in literary class offers help with homework in the Parisian region

My teaching method is based on the consolidation of the student's knowledge: the courses of a sequence will be reviewed several times but I prefer more exercises and training to ensure that the concept studied is well mastered.

Ana carolina
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Student in Bachelor of Mathematics teaches school reinforcement classes for disciplines of the exact areas in Pnheiral, Volta Redonda and Region.

My teaching methodology is not standardized, it goes according to the need of each student. I enjoy working through content review in a complete and detailed way, but not all students can keep their attention for so long, so if I need to, I can prepare a more dynamic lesson.

Cuevas del Almanzora
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LEARN AND HAVE FUN: marine biologist and ambientologist gives classes of all levels =) !!

My teaching method is to create a good environment of individual work in which I involve the students so that they not only learn, but also enjoy the subjects, teaching them to schematize and synthesize the syllabuses, so that they learn little by little to study in an independent way. I am always available 24 hours so that my students can make any questions or doubts.

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Young law graduate gives tutoring classes at all levels in Redon

I am a law graduate (Master of business law + Attorney Certificate got in 2017). I also hold a Scientific bachelor degree, specialty Mathematics, obtained in 2008.

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French courses offered in Paris by a student lawyer, former student of class literary prépa

Hello ! Currently student lawyer at the Bar Training School of Paris, I followed after being graduated a literary training in preparatory class. Since, I regularly give private lessons in literary subjects. After obtaining my Master of Law, I decided to go to England to teach French (grammar and civilization) for one year (from primary to A Level, in group and individual).

Los Angeles
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Native Arabic and English teacher for both kids and adults with 7 years of experience in teaching in both schools and colleges located in Sylmar, LA, CA. Offering lessons online or sylmar public lib

I am an English teacher. BA and MA in English linguistics. Ready to teach both kids and adults English and Arabic online or a public library. I believe in practicing the language skills as much as you can with a native speaker or instructor. Encourage reading and listening to improve language and vocabulary. I love listening to my students giving a lot of time and effort to convey the message .

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Khâgneuse teaches philosophy, literature, history, geography, and tutoring (college, high school) on Paris

Currently prep school student, specialized in philosophy in Paris; and holds a tray with honors, I offer private lessons in philosophy on the fundamentals in the B.Ed program, emphasizing the importance of the methodology of the test (either for the essay or commentary text). I also teach courses in literature, history, geography, and to the level of BAC.

Paris 20e
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Student in international relations at Paris gives language courses (English, Spanish, Arabic) for PC, college, high school and tutoring for primary and secondary school.

Second year student of Bachelor in International Relations. I give tutoring classes for children in elementary and middle school, very capable in languages ​​I also provides language courses (English, Spanish and Arabic) for students in elementary, middle and high school.

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Professor, highly educated and experienced, bilingual, offers courses in English, French, and school building, all levels, adapted to children as to adultsult.

Training in written,expression, spelling and grammar for all levels. School support and reinforcement for children and teenagers for all subjects up to high school. Preparation for BAC and Post-BAC exams, written and oral. Upgrading training adapted to the professional world for adults, tutorial lessons for writing in English or French, speaking in English or French.

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Private lessons, tutoring, homework help and experienced music teacher

- Mathematics (elementary, middle, high school) - Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology (primary, middle and high school) - English (college) - French (college) - History and Geography (college) and Music: Guitar acoustic & electric, saxophone, music theory, music composition (beginner and advanced), with good experience and a good relationship, I suggest appropriate courses and teaching, with...

San Sebastián
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Intensive Reinforcement of Mathematics for Christmas in Irún and surroundings! Merry Christmas ;)

My teaching method is to follow the material given in class, and add exercises and key observations to complete and deepen the topics addressed in that course. At the end of the class, I send homework to the student for the next day, seeing the weak points and if he has really understood the concepts.

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Student, in medical electroradiology in Toulouse gives courses in Spanish, Portuguese, Physics and Chemistry, Life Sciences and Earth, and help in other subjects, from high school to high school.

My learning method is mainly about listening to the student, to perceive what he did not understand. In addition, the latter translates into explanations and applications of the courses to allow the student to move forward and better understand but above all so that he can progress.

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I am a Student in Montpellier Business School, specialized in marketing, economical sciences, and literature .

I am master at Montpellier Business School. Baccalaureate graduate ES specialty thorough mention Economy Although I'm used to provide academic support classes such as literature (18 tray) and economy. Eldest in a family of 4 children, I base my approach on listening to the child, to carry it with patience understanding that will facilitate learning.

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Experienced tutor offering 11+ exam preparation in maths, english, reasoning and interview technique

My background is in theatre so I am experienced as a drama teacher as well as a tutor and so I am able to find new and unique ways to make the syllabus engaging. I am good at adapting and tailoring my approach to each individual child as I believe this is the best way to make the most out of private tuition.

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Expert trainer in possession of the Master's Degree in Teacher Training and the Trainer's Certificate of trainers, with extensive experience in teaching from beginner to advanced level, with a

I work the subject in a structured way, enabling the students to use the languages ​​in an adequate and efficient way. I plan the classes, I elaborate the material and I animate each class to make it easier and fun to learn. In addition, I have taken a master's degree in Search of new methodologies for teaching at the UB.

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A professional school teacher offers online math tuition to students from 4th to 12th Grade

At the beginning of each lesson, I create a thought provoking situation and motivate the students to cooperate fully with the entire learning activities. At the end of the lesson, I make sure that they achieve something new from the lesson.

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Outstanding Qualified Primary Teacher with enhanced DBS offering Maths and English Tuition

Please watch the Youtube video below for the methods I use to teach Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension and Maths across all Primary phases.

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