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Biology student, I help with homework and I can take care of children

My teaching method varies depending on the subject, but usually, if there are many problems with that subject we would explain the basis, or if the failure is concrete, we would focus more on it, reviewing the rest of the subject.

1st lesson offered free !

Gold Medalist providing TUITIONS and CLASSES to students of CBSE upto CLASS -10 and Coaching for Competitive Exams like SSC, Banking, CSAT (ENGLISH,GEOGRAPHY AND GS).

1. I start by clearing the basics of a subject. I dig deep into the topics in a simple yet lucid manner & make students have a command on the fundamentals. 2. I help my students in problem solving and try to let them develop an eye for solutions. 3. I provide notes, practice papers, help them with answer writing, and carry out bi-monthly assessments. 4.

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An IAS aspirant will share her knowledge which is up to date and constantly improving as is in touch with academic books as well as the best teachers of different subjects.

I don't believe in rote learning but understanding the concepts. My method of teaching is making a student understand any concept by a practical or a real life example. Student can get expertise in Mathematics and English Grammer especially which they fear from early schooling itself. For now, I can teach best to the students of classes 3rd to 10th.

New Delhi
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Engineering Student from IIT Delhi willing to teach all the school subjects near Karol Bagh area.

I strongly believe in learning by practice rather rote learning. As long as the foundation is not clear, the concept over it can never be strong. I always approach every topic right from the basics and then build it up for advance learning. This helps students to actually understand and learn rather than simply remembering.

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A teacher very interested in teaching school children and help them grow... I can teach all subjects for primary school level and Math, physics and English for higher school level.

My teaching methodology is mainly based on concept development with reasoning, be it core subject or language. With this the children mainly understand why they are studying it and a detailed approach for the same. And anything learnt with proper reasoning can never be forgotten which is very essential as compared to learning by heart.

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Engineer gives tuition for students upto 8th class in all subjects with focus on career planning

My teaching method is based on the students learning style and holistic understanding of the subject so that the students are clear with concepts and can apply them to any problems. The classes are more practice and easy to comprehend.

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A school teacher with 10 years of experience providing home tuitions for all subjects

My teaching is based on syllabus completion and clearing fundamentals, and giving extra time to cover up weak points. My area of focus is on the fundamentals rather than mugging up things. The test results are 100% satisfactory with the highest level of grading.

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Psychology student and senior technician in audiovisual realization gives classes at primary level, ESO and Bachillerato

My teaching method is the one learned in the career: understanding is the best way to learn. Children must understand what they are doing to be able to retain it in the future. I also offer study techniques such as: mental maps, diagrams, cards ... Classes may be in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. During exam periods may be extraordinary weekends.

1st lesson offered free !

Study from the future Engineer and be complete your academics and be smart and intelligent

My teaching methods are basically Orthodox. Proper Environment with the child is my biggest concern. And all the focus is on students understanding.Because student satisfaction is my prime objective. All the techniques and methods are very easy and children friendly.

New Delhi
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Specialist in Arts subjects like history, Political Science and I.P. as well..

My teaching is quite simple, a teacher approach towards must be based on students behavior and student must be comfortable with the environment with the studies and must not feel like he is studying at all, overall he must enjoy his/her studies like the way they enjoy their sports.

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Teacher with 12 years of experience offering academic tutoring to students of all ages!

I approach each topic based on the needs and ability of my student(s). I believe it is important for students to have a connection and purpose to the material. The use of examples especially to the student's life is very important.

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Sociocultural Monitor gives refresher classes and homework help for primary school children. Child care too.

Classes directed to children in primary education. My teaching techniques and methods are cognitive and cooperative, so that children learn in a fun way and always participating in activities, so that children perform the task and then play games derived from it.

Belmont South
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Hi, I am a primary teacher with 4 years experience. Upper North shore

I teach a variety of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies that are intended to address the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds of individual students. I give explicit feedback when needed. I enjoy teaching and learning about individual needs.

Jardim Nova Alianca
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Graduated in Engineering with experience in Bilingual School and courses giving classes in mathematics and English.

In case of school reinforcement, I approach the content seen in the classroom in different ways, always trying to associate with things that the student identifies to facilitate learning and interest, making revisions and maps of knowledge. I always choose to teach the student how to think, not to memorize things.

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Cambridge science graduate primary behaviour school teacher offering a range of tutoring options at all levels

My teaching methods are very individual to each tutee; some will respond well and be most comfortable with a workbook, where others will be made very anxious by this so will need a less formal teaching method. I aim first to figure out how the tutee learns, and what makes them most comfortable with the task.

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Eager Elementary Teacher in Florida ready to ease the homework burden blues!

Hi there! I use your needs to drive my teaching style. Every student learns differently, have varied things they struggle with, and need more or less guidance. Tell me how I can help you! I prefer tutoring students in grades K-3 as this is my area of experience. Homework can be brutal and way different than when we grew up.

Doncaster East
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High school graduate with an ATAR of 93.5, specializing in Media Studies and Business Management tutoring.

I believe every person learns differently and requires different approaches to understanding. This is why I adjust my teaching methods to suit those of the student(s). Furthermore, I offer a legitimate passion and interest in improving the education of my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Student at the University of Biology (in CMI) of Poitiers offers tutoring (maths, physics, svt, languages, history / geo, french ...)

To give lessons, I try to explain in a simple and if possible playful way. I am very helpful with schemas and understanding as the basis of learning. I also want to give children the pleasure of learning and the means to love a subject.

1st lesson offered free !

Pre-college student who would love to share what she has been taught

I approach my subject in a free way. After seeing the type of student I am dealing with, I would come up with specific ways to learn better. I would always look for new learning techniques, always anticipating the best use of time. Willing to help not only in biology.

1st lesson offered free !

A graduate from KC college and a CA aspirant giving private coaching to higher secondary and junior college students in Mumbai.

I believe in concept-based teaching where students get to know the importance and a purpose behind inclusion of the particular topic in their syllabus. My ways depend upon the ability of a student to grasp the knowledge. Looking for a higher secondary school and junior college students to help them with their studies.

1st lesson offered free !

Architecture student teaches elementary and high school students about any school subjects in Cuiabá

The approach is free and contextualized with the student's difficulties. Because each one has a unique learning and memorization process. So the lessons consist precisely in finding a simple and assertive way of getting there together. Communication is essential in this process.

New Delhi
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I teach Political science around west delhi, I've been teaching this subject since 2015.

I believe in teacher student connection while teaching. I'm teaching mainly higher classes like 11th and 12th and upto graduation. My methodology to get good marks is bit conventional by taking tests regularly. My relation with students is like of a friend and that's missing in our current school system.

1st lesson offered free !

It is magic until you understand it, and it is mathematics thereafter..

My teaching method is, helping students step by step, first asking to students about the concept formula and next step about solving the problem, if student is not sure then give a hint,even not sure explain with example.Asking a student about the concept ,formula help them to recall.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced qualified teacher specialising in Primary Education and Teaching English as Foriegn Language.

I believe people of all ages and abilities should have the right to an education. I have the ability to comprise lessons that suit individuals or groups and have the flexabilty to adjust a lesson accordingly. My experience enables me to teach and differentiate a variety of lessons which can support those that find learning a challenge and challenge students with high academic ability.

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An excellent CBSE experienced teacher for 20 years ,is ready to take tutions for your child

My teaching methodology is I update my knowledge with the world so that I can give them examples from.the surrounding.

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PE university student offering PE and Sports lessons to GCSE/A-Level students in Cambridgeshire!

I adapt the way I teach to the needs of the students, asking them what they do or do not wish to be included in sessions. Lessons are enjoyable and informal to create a more relaxed environment. Lessons will start with questions from the previous lesson, followed by LOs and the main lesson content.

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London academic tutor with 10 years' experience in early child development and primary education

I am a teaching assistant and freelance editor and proofreader. I have taught a range of ages and currently work in a school for children with special educational needs, primarily autism and Down Syndrome. I mainly teach children of primary school age, but have worked with older children too.

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I am a Degree Student and gives physics chemistry and maths tutions to school going kids upto SSC in pune

I teach students according to their understanding capability and techniques whichever way the student responds positively. This will be a both side discussion process which will help the child. I believe students will relate more because of the friendly bond.

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High School Graduate in Tracy CA offering help in Math, Science, or English.

I am a recent high school graduate and I want to tutor students in grade school, middle school, and high school, focusing on Math, Science, or English. I approach each topic by familiarizing myself with the basics concepts, deepen my knowledge of that certain subject, and apply the knowledge that I have obtained in my daily life if necessary.

Rink n
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Excellent classes A complete coaching Institute for your Child's Future in Virar

Excellent Classes was Established in 2015. We provide tuition classes for students from 1st std till XIIth std for all Maharashtra,CBSE and ICSE board.We are located in Virar East and Have our second branch in Virar West too. We also provide training in Spoken English both offline and online.We provide coaching and training at a minimal price compared to all other training institutes.

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