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Introduction to Law in South Africa

Introduction to Law Perhaps you are considering pursuing a law degree once you complete your matric year.  You need to be working towards getting an admission point score (APS) of 43 points. You may have already started working on doing well in the mandatory subjects like English and Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.  The University of […]

7 Jul 20217 minutes reading time

You can study law anywhere in the world!

Where to Study Law

Where in the World Can You Study Law? Law studies are timeless: indeed, the earliest international universities, called stadia generale, made law studies a cornerstone of their charter. Not just the law; those institutes could teach medicine and/or theology, and had to include art studies in their curriculum in order to qualify as a stadium […]

26 Oct 20187 minutes reading time

Use our suggested resources to get ahead with revision.

Law Revision Resources

Getting Prepared For Law Revision... Yes, It's Time! Just when you think you can sit back and relax after having found out your GCSE grades over the summer, you're back to college and having your education ethics tested... straight into discussions about your mocks, the final A-Level exams and university courses! Yet, regardless of whether […]

4 Oct 20187 minutes reading time

Do You Want to Study Law?

Becoming a lawyer can seem like a daunting goal, but thanks to our excellent law resources and talented tutors, you could look forward to obtaining your Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB). 

Get help in all types of law, including Commercial Law, Civil Law, Financial Law, and Criminal Law, and learn more about the general principles of the South African legal system.

Whether you’re pursuing your LLB, are taking a few law modules as part of another degree programme, are about to sit professional examinations, you can get the help you need from one of our our law tutors. Take face-to face or online law lessons that fit in with your schedule.