woman using sewing machine

Resources for Learning How to Sew

Human hands were replaced by sewing machines over a century ago and today with robotics doing the job too, industrialisation has been further up-scaled by digitisation and artificial intelligence. In days gone, like many mothers and daughters of old, a young Joan of Arc would spin her thread as she kept another eye on her […]

22 Jun 20218 minutes reading time

Yesterday's sewing tools might work well with vintage patterns

Pattern-Making Basics for Fashion Design

There is simply no way around it: for humans, clothing is essential. So is looking decent – not that your Superprof is deeply concerned about appearances but, in these times so dominated by social media influencers, looking shabby is looked down on. The idiom The clothes make the man has never been truer! Doesn’t that make […]

23 Dec 20197 minutes reading time

How can you embroider?

Introduction to Embroidery

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” - Leo Burnett There are hundreds of thousands of blogs dedicated to DIY and arts and crafts. They’re very popular amongst 30-somethings looking to make their houses a home with handicrafts and embroidery. These blogs can help […]

28 Nov 20196 minutes reading time

How can you embroider?

Useful Embroidery Techniques

“I think art is the only political power, the only revolutionary power, the only evolutionary power, the only power to free humankind form all repression.” - Joseph Beuys Arts and crafts are making a comeback in the digital age thanks to social media like Pinterest and Instagram. Knitting, sewing, interior design, etc. are all manual activities […]

28 Nov 20197 minutes reading time

Want to Learn How to Sew?

Sewing is a creative outlet and a relaxing pastime.

The craft of sewing has many branches, including traditional hand stitching, embroidery, quilting, and fashion tailoring. Above all, sewing is a useful skill that is worth learning for practical reasons as well as for creative expression.

Many people think sewing is too difficult to learn, and rely on others to sew for them. With sewing classes from a private tutor you will be able to master sewing in no time at all. Learn to love your needle and thread with sewing lessons either at home or online.

What types of stitch are there?

Fundamental Sewing Techniques

“I think art is the only political power, the only revolutionary power, the only evolutionary power, the only power to free humankind form all repression.” - Joseph Beuys Embroidery, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, etc., arts and crafts are becoming more popular with the younger generation. It’s the end of tired clichés. Year on year, the number […]

28 Jun 20196 minutes reading time

Learning to Crochet

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous.” - Bill Moyers Studies have shown that knitting and crochet reduce the risk of cognitive impairment in later life. Knitters have healthier brains and better memories than those who don’t knit or crochet. But you don’t need to be 75 to start knitting or crocheting. Making […]

28 Jun 20196 minutes reading time

How can you make your own clothes?

How to Make Your Own Clothes

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” - Yves Saint Laurent How many Brits does it take to change a lightbulb? This isn't a joke... It might surprise you to learn that fewer and fewer brits are actually capable of sewing on a button and other basic household tasks like replacing a fuse! However, stitching on a […]

25 May 20186 minutes reading time

You can embroider boxes and bags.

Learn to Embroider With These Sewing Resources

What sewing enthusiast hasn’t stood in awe in front of a 13th-century embroidered cope or richly-decorated Chinese court dress? Who hasn’t stared at the elaborate designs of 18th-century coats and admired the needlework? Not everyone who learns how to sew is interested in learning to embroider. Some are daunted by the variety of stitches while […]

27 Feb 20187 minutes reading time

The fashion world is much more than dressmaking

A Beginners Guide for Learning How to Sew

What is a zig zag stitch? How does it compare to a blind stitch, a slip stitch, a backstitch or any other kind of stitching? In this article, we would like to clear the air – give you the straight stitch, as it were, all about needlework and topics related to the notion of sewing. […]

18 Jan 20189 minutes reading time

Find a sewing teacher online to learn sewing.

Sewing Tutorials for Making Progress with Learning to Sew

"Really I don't dislike to cook, but what you cook is eaten so quickly. When you sew, you have something that will last to show for your efforts." Elizabeth Travis Johnson Just like picking up your granny's cooking tips, what could be more beneficial and motivational for a beginner than learning to sew from an […]

8 Jan 20188 minutes reading time

Learn how to sew from sewing teachers online and from home.

Learn to Sew Like a Pro

Life is much better when you learn how to slow down. In his book In Praise of Slowness, Carl Honoré explains why it is important to slow down in our world that is always going too fast. Sewing is a great way to slow down and take some time for yourself. Because you do not learn how […]

5 Jan 20187 minutes reading time

Sewing Lessons are For Everyone

Would you like to save money while also making your own unique style?

Learning to sew is both practical and an interesting way to express your creativity. Anyone can learn to sew!

It’s never too late to learn; as long as your hands can hold a needle and thread, you can learn to sew.

So Why Should You Learn to Sew?

  • To express your creativity
  • To save money
  • To be more green
  • To meet people

Now you’re ready to learn how to sew!