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The Movements in Art You Should Know

Art Movements to Learn From "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." -Pablo Picasso  Whether you are an art expert or are new to appreciating it, there are many periods in art worth learning about. In fact, in studying famous artists, it is important to study the era […]

31 Mar 20226 minutes reading time

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Studying a BA Degree in South Africa

Everything You Need to Know About Studying at Art Schools in South Africa How to become an artist can be a complicated process – from finding your area of expertise or concentration area to how to best express yourself.  Those who choose to do any form of art have endless choices when it comes to […]

15 Jan 20207 minutes reading time

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Everything You Need to Know about Sculpture.

The History, the Famous Sculptures, and the Most Influential Sculptor Artists: Essential Knowledge about Sculpture Sculpture, as an art form, is one of the more wide-ranging, diverse, and surprising in western art. Ranging from the monumental figurative sculptures of ancient Greece to the abstract sculptures of contemporary art, the figurines of prehistoric civilizations to the […]

20 Aug 20197 minutes reading time

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Highlights Of Contemporary And Modern Art

Discover Art Movements Art movements have always been full of change, expression and often communicate the way that people perceive the world around them. Here we present you with 6 different artistic styles and give you some highlights of the Artistic movements for you to understand them. The Highlights Of Pop Art Began Late 1950’s […]

30 May 20198 minutes reading time

A Guide to Learning Art and Design

The arts have always been recognised as playing an important role in the development of creativity, critical thinking and personal development.

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