How do you become a programmer?

Computer Courses to Become a Programmer

Finding The Best Way to Learn Programming Technology is a part of our everyday existence. It can positively affect our lives and our productivity, whether we are tracking our personal health on our smartwatch, having an online e-commerce business or stream the latest 3D animation film. It is an ever-evolving industry where we are used […]

17 Aug 20218 minutes reading time

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Computer Programming for Kids

Coding for Kids is Code for the Future Computer programming for kids is a hot topic given the importance of the digital landscape today and the impact that it will have on our future. Think about it, children of today will be responsible for the greatest technological advances of tomorrow, so why not equip them […]

20 Jul 20217 minutes reading time

How can you learn to code at home?

Teaching Yourself to Code

Learn to Code With These Tips and Resources Computers and technology are here to stay. South Africa’s mobile penetration surpassed 90% in 2019 and technology has become an integral part of our future. Maybe you’ve seen some recent advancements around artificial intelligence, experienced how apps make our lives easier or you’ve seen first-hand how software programs […]

9 Jun 20218 minutes reading time

Computer programming is becoming an increasingly popular career path for young professionals.

Coding and programming have great earning potential, and there is a huge demand in the job market for candidates who possess these skills.

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