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Learning Afrikaans

Learning a foreign language without the help of a native speaker will never be a truly genuine and in-depth venture into the language, its roots and the supporting culture. Immersion is the ultimate way to learning a language like Afrikaans, as it would be for a language like Japanese. You would learn so much more […]

8 Sep 2020 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

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Learn Afrikaans: Improving Your Language Skills as a Non-Native Speaker

How much time is needed to speak a new language, like Afrikaans, really well? What would be the recommended way to go from speaking a word, phrase or two to conducting full, intelligible conversations? The answer to the above questions would lie in your reasons for wanting to learn Afrikaans in the first place. Your […]

4 Sep 2020 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

Find Afrikaans Language and Literature Support

Our tutors are here to help you master this local language. Whether you need to improve your Afrikaans speaking and writing abilities for work, or your children need language and literature support in order to excel at school, you’re sure to find what you need here.

Superprof’s Afrikaans tutors cater to all levels. Check out our Afrikaans tutor profiles here.