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Blender and Maya tutor gives lessons in modelling, sculpting, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting, rendering, and more.

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One of our best tutors, with excellent credentials. Joshua offers Basic computer skills lessons of the highest quality.

About the lesson

My approach to teaching and lesson planning is customisation. Every lesson is tailored to the individual student or group, whatever their current skill level and experience is in Blender 2.8+ or Autodesk Maya. From no prior knowledge to advanced but in need of refreshing, the structure of every lesson will be from the ground up, configured by the students' needs.
My teaching philosophy is patience and prudence in all things, that no one is a failure for not understanding something, and that help is to be always given when asked for.

All areas are covered, ranging across hard surface modelling, environment art, Grease Pencil, character creation (including modelling, sculpting, grooming, clothing, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting, and rendering), scene layout, cinematography, compositing, object and camera motion tracking, and video sequencing (note the last three are only possible in Blender, not Maya).


  • Basic computer skills
  • Software
  • 3D Animation


  • English


  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • GCSE
  • +12

    AS Level


    Adult education










About Joshua

I graduated from JMC Academy over two years ago, with a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Game Design, and spent my time there mastering the entire production pipeline in Maya for not only myself, but to volunteer in assisting my fellow classmates and other undergraduates along the way. Solving problems and troubleshooting became something I did for anyone and everyone who needed help, and teaching while doing so simply came naturally thereon.
Over the past year or so, I've also been deep diving into Blender 2.8 and up, in order to thoroughly acquaint myself with its rather extensive pipeline. In particular, its node based shading and compositing editors for procedural texturing and post processing, motion tracking and video sequencing suite, and modifier stack for procedural/non-destructive modelling.



  • 5h: R2327
  • 10h: R4489


  • R499/h


Last minute cancellations are fine, just please let me know at least an hour before the lesson or travel fees (if applicable) will still be charged.


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